Sunday, November 27, 2011

'Twas the Month Before Christmas

And Through My Back Door the coffee is on and ready for company. We can drink from the Christmas mugs and have a piece of red velvet cake. So come in, get your coffee and cake, and tell me about your Thanksgiving. Ours was wonderful and every moment was enjoyed. It is so much fun being with our extended family. My only sister in law, my two nieces and my nephew and their spouses as well as all of us. We have a total of 5 babies now,Andrew is really not a baby, he is five, but I am counting him. We went for years, 16 in fact without a little one, so we all have so much fun with these. Anyway on Saturday Debbie, Amanda, Andrew, Mollie, and I went to Fantasy of Trees and out to lunch. We had a wonderful time. We have been doing this since Amanda and Beth were babies. Now we are taking Amanda's babies.
My Christmas decorating is finished. I redid my mantle, but haven't had time to take pictures. I will. I have enjoyed looking at all the blogs, FB, and forums showing their homes decorated. My some of these people can I just drool when I look at their pictures.
One of my favorite decorating tools is Christmas books. I love displaying them. This started when my children were little and has carried over with my grandchildren.My granddaughter Lindsay always loved the book, The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree, by Gloria Houston and illustrated by Barbara Cooney.It is beautiful.  She loved the horse, Old Piedy., as well as Ruthie. I recommend it. Another of my favorites of course is the Polar Express,by Chris Van Allsburg.
He is an essential part of Christmas in all of my grandchildrens' homes now.
You can't have too many Night Before Christmas books, because the illustrations are beautiful. Every illustrator does them differently.
I think I told you last year, one of my favorite writer/illustrators is Will Moses.
This is another adult Christmas book. NEVER do I tire of reading this one. The Christmas teapot was given to me by a friends mother. I treasure it.
Next post I have a couple more of our favorites to share. I just love Christmas and everything that goes along with it. Today the candle of Hope was lit at church and it is just a beautiful beginning.
Last post I showed you outside looking in my window. I took this looking in my storm door.
I thought this was so much fun.
Another picture or two. This is my favorite Nativity.
My Daddy's bible and my Mothers glasses, with my Byers Carolers.
You can see my beautiful Olivia's picture behind them. I wasn't aware of She looks like an angel looking over their shoulders. Well I think so
This is a busy week for me. I host two of my groups I belong to. One tomorrow night and one on Thursday. I am looking forward to both of these events. But Wednesday is a very important day. Andrew is coming to make Christmas cookies. I don't know who is more excited, he or I do know I'll be sweeping sprinkles for days to come! I will have to show you pictures, as he will be cutting them out and icing them.
Well we have started the month before Christmas. What fun!
I am so happy you came Through My Back Door today, where life is good.
PS: If you will, please continue to pray for Amanda as she goes to the oncologist Tuesday to set up her treatments. Could you say a prayer for my friend Carol too? That her bone scan will be good tomorrow.


  1. Red velvet cake you say? Yes - I'll have an extra large piece please!! (Was that rude?? Hope not - I just LOVE red velvet cake and haven't had it for years....) What a wonderful collection of Christmas books - I haven't gotten mine out yet - and never have been able to have the room to display them individually as you have (not enough room)....don't know how much decorating, if any, will happen this year (the first time in my married life...sigh) - but I will bring my books out. I don't know if you saw them, but I did post some of my vintage Halloween children's books when I was a guest blogger at dreamingincolor back in October....Oh how those old books tug at me. And, of course, I will continue to pray for Amanda - and add a prayer for Carol. I would welcome a prayer too for my son and his surgery tomorrow....Have a wonderful week Betty....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Wonderful post and beautiful pictures!
    I will pray for Amanda and Carol. Take care of yourself too!

  3. Will sure be praying! Your home is looking so festive, what special pieces you have. Have a great week, especially decorating cookies. We made and decorated gingerbread cookies today with the grand kids and I think I will find sprinkles for a while. Blessings ~Sara

  4. I will certainly be praying for Amanda & Carol. Betty, your home is so lovely! Don't sell yourself short ... you do a beautiful job of decorating! I love the book display. I like to do this too. I also like to read the books but this year it seems I barely have time to look at the covers! Have a wonderful week, dear friend! Blessings, Shirlee

  5. Beautiful decorations. Have a Blessed day.

  6. Love all your Christmas decorating, Betty! I also have several old Christmas books I display -- they are out but not where they will end up.... I'm just beginning my decorating....
    I noticed the photo of your Olivia behind the Byer's Choice carolers right away.... she is beautiful... and looks cute looking over the shoulder of the gentleman caroler!
    Continued prayers for Amanda, and I will add Carol to my prayers, as well. Have a wonderful, fun week...

  7. Oh you silly friend..I DROOL over your decorating...and red velvet cake, lol! I have cinnamon sugar cookie coffee on...and fresh baked banana bread!

    I had to laugh about the too many Night Before Christmas books. I always put my Christmas books away with my decor. So when I pullled everything out Kaden and I had to start reading. After the fourth Night Before Christmas...I asked K if we could pick a different book, lol!!! Have you seen the Mary Engelbreit version? I love it...however Kaden things the "house is a mess" in it, lol!

    Do you have an actual Polar Express live..We do..Kaden went last year with my oldest son. The kids can wear pajamas..and they take a real train ride and the story is told on the train. After is snacks with Santa. It's very cute..and booked months in advance!

    I still call Kaden my baby too..and he is five like Andrew. In fact...would you like another five year old to decorate cookies with? This is on our list for this week too!

    I love reading your posts Betty! So much fun! Gods Blessing to Amanda! Katie

  8. Love all your decorations...I bring out the Christmas books each year too. My grands enjoy them....I especially love the sweet nativity set.
    Send up a prayer for your request...blessings on your week.

  9. Betty, Couldn't help but laugh when I saw the books on display. The top of my roll top desk has Darbee's favorites and one of those was Holly's when she was Darbee Rae's age. All three of us love books. You remember the smell of a new baby doll at Christmas? Well I love the smell of a new hardback book. Always have, always will. Love the picture looking in your great room. Went back,, don't know how I missed your last post. Those pictures are wonderful looking thru the window. Such a neat idea. So cozy. Enjoy hosting for your friends. You are going to a social butterfly this week. Have fun! Coffee time so I must run. Tonight it is regular columbian as I have an apple pie to eat with it. Hope your evening is a good one

  10. I love books at Christmas, too. Betty, I appreciate you so much. Blessings to your family, prayers for Amanda.

  11. Betty,
    Your home looks so beautiful and festive! Praying for Amanda and I hope Carol's scan went well.

  12. I think the Polar Express is one of my personal favorites. Your home looks lovely for the holidays. -Steph-

  13. Oh my. Red velvet is my favorite!! Would love to join you and chat a while. I am so glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I know you and Andrew had a BLAST making cookies. Can't wait to see pictures! Darbee Rae and I have a "mommy Darbee date" tomorrow night as hubby will be out of town. We are making Christmas jello and a Christmas tree cake. I can't wait. Have a good weekend!


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