Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thank You Does Not Seem Enough

Oh goodness, come in and grab your mug and have a cup of coffee. It is pumpkin spice and I hope you like it. That Door County coffee sure is good. Thank you for coming by tonight, but thank you even more for all the prayers this last week, since I posted. Amanda said she could feel them. It has been hard, but the out pouring of love,not only from people we see, but you in blogland have overwhelmed us. I appreciate all of your comments and e-mails. As I said, thank you just doesn't seem enough. She had her mastectomy last Friday. Today was her visit to the oncologist. The lymph nodes are clear. She will have chemo, but for now we are so grateful. Again thank you seems so inadequate. Please continue your prayers. I wish I could sit down with each of you who have prayed and have  a cup of coffee and give you a hug.
I want to share some other things with you. I had a nice surprise last week. (Had a not so nice one too), but I was at the Hen on Saturday and lo and behold, Patty Sumner, My Mountain Blessings, came in shopping! She is so cute and so nice. Her sister Sue was with her and she was a delight. What is it with bloggers? When you meet a fellow blogger it is like meeting an old friend. That is the way I felt with Patty. She had come from Kentucky to shop at the open house. I know we will meet again. I didn't have my camera, so no pictures. Go over and read her blog. I also met Angela, from Through Nanas Window.She had come up from Georgia. She was a triple delight, because it was her, Holly,her daughter, and Darbee Rae, her beautiful granddaughter.Darbee Rae had to have her own shopping basket and she won a door prize.She is a 4 year old prim lover! What a fun time that was. Again, no camera, but she had hers so visit her blog later to see pics. Again it was instant friendship. I have been blessed with meeting so many bloggers and I don't know why. But I am truly thankful for the opportunity. Here is a couple of Christmas pictures from the Hen.
This is in her livingroom. Isn't it beautiful?
I also had another nice surprise yesterday. Marchel, the Bama Planter,blogspot.com, sent me some egg gourds. I love them! They are so nice. I have never had any before and I can't tell you how excited I am to have them. I put them in the old egg basket Curtis' great grandmother, made of willow.
What do you think? Aren't they the neatest things? I think so.
Before  Amanda was diagnosed I had begun to decorate a bit for Christmas. I just love Christmas and can't get enough of it. This is one  little corner. I am ready to cut some greenery and get it going.
See the dish towel and the candle?
Gifts from blogging friends. Sue,Prim Sue's Heart and Home, gave me the dish towel. Angela, Through Nana's Window, gave me the candle. When I see them I feel so fortunate and blessed.
Well thank you for coming by this evening and having coffee and listening to my chatter. I love it  when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
ps: For my not so nice surprise. Last Friday night while Amanda was having surgery, somebody decided to burglarize my home. Dasko was there, but think maybe he was tasered, or hit when the door facing fell. They only took all of my good jewelry. Remember the necklace that "grabbed"me? It is gone too. Oh well. Would you do me a favor? Would you pray for them too? 


  1. Hello dear Betty, You and your family have much been in my thoughts and prayers this past week. Yes, isn't is really amazing about blogland buddies. I met one at a shop the other week too, such special connections... Oh, I do love egg gourds too, well, ok, all shapes and sizes of dried gourds. What a shock to read about the burglary! It is so just like you to say that about praying for them too. I suppose it makes one think, though, how perhaps they needed that necklace more than you did. Take care all,

  2. Hi Betty...my thoughts and prayers continue for you and the family!


  3. Never seen or heard of egg gourds. I like them. Looks good in your pretty basket. So sorry to hear of the burglary. Kind of you to ask for prayer for them to. Our heavenly Father would want this. May He shower you with blessings. Have thought of Amanda & prayed for her this week. Prayer lifted. Blessings!

  4. You know I will continue to pray for Amanda.... I am so happy to learn that her lymph nodes are clear -- that is such good news in an otherwise bad situation. I have read on TPP about her unwavering faith... and between that and all the prayers being said for her, she is sure to make a full and speedy recovery!!

    Love the Christmas decorations you have out.... makes me very anxious to get mine out, too! I must say that I do keep a few favorite Santas out all year... in rather inconspicuous places, but where I am able to get a glimpse of them from time to time. Your egg gourds look great -- how nice of the person to send them to you. And how perfect they are in a family egg basket!

    As always, it was nice coming through your back door and chatting... Blessings to you and your family.

  5. God Bless you Betty, we will keep Amanda and you, in our prayers.

  6. We will continue praying for Amanda. I will be praying for the burglers, too. I am praying they regret what they have done and return your things.

    I wish I hadn't missed the open house!

  7. Hi Betty.....what a relief to hear that Amanda's lymph nodes are clear. Continued prayers for her and for all of you.

  8. I'm so glad to hear that Amanda's lymph nodes are clear~I will continue to pray for her to have strength to get thru the rest of her journey & for all of you as well.
    Sorry to hear your home was robbed~I know they will get what is coming to them one day.
    I love the pics of the open house ~ lovin the stockings on the trees especially! So very primtastic!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week! Take care!

  9. Praise be to our wonderful Father. God is so good and still hears and answers prayers. What a great inspiration Amanda will be to others as she shares her battle and her faith in God thru her testimony. Hugs to all of you.

  10. Hugs to you double friend!
    So happy to hear Amanda is doing better. I will still keep praying for You,Amanda and Family!
    And the meanies who disrespected you, your home and Dasko.
    Blessings Trace


  11. First of all,I am so happy that Amanda's nodes are clear. Thanks GOd that is a good sign. I will be praying for you and your family. I never seen or heard of egg gourds until today. Today, you are the second person that have a post about them.They looks great in the basket. Christams trees looks awesome.

  12. I had such a wonderful time visiting with you and the ladies at the Speckled Hen. You are just as wonderful in person as you are in your posts. Praise our wonderful Lord for his watchcare over Amanda and I pray He continue to bless her with his grace and quick healing. We will have to visit again soon (in person). I love all the Christmas decor......Blessings to you and yours. Lord, bless the one who broke into Miss Betty's home. I pray they find you and the peace and contentment and forgiveness that comes with your Love....

  13. Good for you for having the attitude to pray for the burglar. Poor Dasko must have been so shaken up. I will continue to pray for your grandaughter and I will ask that the burglar(s) feel conviction and remorse for what they have done and that the Lord shows mercy and grace toward them. Kendra

  14. Betty I am so glad things are going well for Amanda! That is wonderful news that her nodes are clear! Yea!!!

    How fun to run into blogging friends.

    And ohh how scarey about the burglary. I am so glad you weren't home at the time!


  15. Praise God that Amanda came through her surgery & her lymph nodes are clear! I will continue to lift her up in prayer. How exciting that you got to meet some blogging friends but how sad that your home was burglarized : ( Will lift those thieves up in prayer as you ask ... & will certainly pray for you as well. (((HUGS))) Shirlee

  16. What a testament of faith and hope - and love - you are Miss Betty....So grateful to hear that Amanda is on her journey to recovery - although my prayers for full healing will continue. And you, my friend - how frightful to have your home burglarized - and your dear Dasko traumatized...Our vehicle was once broken into and I know I felt so defiled and victimized - I can't imagine that happening to my hope....Bless you for your kind heart to ask for prayers for the sorry scoundrel. I'll do my best (promise!) ;o) Love your start of Christmas - I'm still stuck at "boo..." Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  17. oops....meant "home..." as I'm sure you know! ;o)

  18. I am so happy that Amanda did well with her surgery. I can't believe you were burglarized. How insulting. I hope your dog is fine. I am sorry to hear about your jewelry. On a lighter note. You sound better yourself. What fun to meet fellow blogger friends. I am happy that you got that opportunity. I bet it would be like meeting an old friend again. The Hen looks beautiful. I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas. Your start looks pretty good:) Can't wait to see the rest. Take Care. -Steph-

  19. Hi Betty, So glad to hear Amanda came through her surgery good and it had not spread to her lymph nodes. I know she will have more to go through, so my thoughts and prayers are with her and your family. It has been 5 years since my sister had her breast off, she is doing fine. Love the egg gourds and your santa's. I don't know what it is with bloggers either, they are the most kind and loving people I have ever seen, they took more interest in things that were going on when Oliver was in the hopital than people I had known for years. I feel blessed to have come to know them. Take care, hugs Vicky

  20. Hi Betty...yep, it's me!
    Sorry I haven't been here in absolutely ages - and I have to apologize that I didn't have you on my sidebar blog list...I had lost the list a couple of times (due to my stupidity! lol) and didn't get you put back on...BUT TODAY I ADDED YOU SO I WILL BE VISITING MY FRIEND!

    I am so sorry about Amanda...I have been keeping up with her progress on the forum. I will continue praying for her and your family....and poor Dasko...he certainly was a victim too wasn't he?

    Goodness the 'Hen' looks like a fantastic shop...Maybe one day I will get to visit you and see the Hen as well.


  21. Beautiful photos~ Wonderful gifts from friends~
    Thinking of Amanda & the entire family~ sending my hugs & prayers~

  22. So glad Amanda is doing better Betty. Yes if we pray for the thieves maybe they will bring your things back.


  23. Betty, I am so sorry for all you and your family have been going through. I rejoice with you about Amanda's good news and continue to pray for her. Your sweet spirit and positive attitude are an inspiration to all of us. Wish I could be there to give you a hug.


  24. It is good news to hear that your Amanda is doing well and her lymph nodes are clear. That is so good. I will keep up my prayers for her.



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