Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sunshine On A Gloomy Day

Wow is it gloomy outside this morning! But come on in and have a cup of DD coffee and I promise you it isn't gloomy, Through My Back Door. All of the trees are up and decorated. I have them all on this gloomy day and I love the glow of the lights.I am going to get out my Christmas dishes this afternoon so next time we'll use those mugs. Today it is the trusty old Redware. I love Rick Hamelins redware, and to know every piece is done by hand. WOW! Anyway, another reason it isn't gloomy in here today is Amanda's genetic testing came back negative. We were so grateful for that. She is doing well and will start chemo after Thanksgiving, so please continue to remember her in your prayers. The doctor even said they worked, but we all know that. Don't we?
I always wanted a fireplace to decorate. This year I have one and just can't get it the way I want it. Here is what it looks like now.
It is subject to I have tweaked this several times too.
My feather tree got broken, Michael fixed it and I keep forgetting to buy brown tape to wrap it. I don't know about you, but I find beauty in imperfection?lol
Another vignette. I love feather trees, can you tell? I would love to have a larger one. Maybe one day.
I won't bombard you with anymore pictures today. It was important to share about Amanda because I know you all have been praying. I have received e-mails telling me so, and by your comments I know it too. I also know a lot of you I haven't heard from are praying. It is what we in blogland do, isn't it? Thanks for coming Through My Back Door, where life is good.
PS: Enjoy these gloomy days by spending them with someone you love. It makes them so much brighter, in the gloom.


  1. Goodmorning Betty~ the home looks pretty!!!
    Glad to hear Amanda is doing well~
    my hugs & prayers~

  2. Oh my gosh, I have been gone some the last couple weeks and am just catching up on more blogs and I just read about Amanda! I am so glad she is doing ok!...So glad you have had bloggers praying for her.....I love your trees and Christmas decor.
    I didn't even get my inside decorated for Fall,
    so I will start on Christmas one of these days.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. Very very Pretty! Inspired!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Love all your decorating, Betty, and your feather trees especially!
    A gloomy day here in NJ, too. Makes me want to crawl back under the blankets and take a nap!
    Wonderful news about Amanda.... Hugs and continued prayers for you all!

  5. So glad to hear Amanda's testing came back negative - but, of course, I will continue the prayers for her - and the family. Love your trees and other holiday decor Miss Betty - oh, I'm so hoping I'll be able to get fall/Halloween down and at least a little Christmas up....I would truly miss it if I don't, but these next weeks are going to be crazy. I actually love a gloomy day here and there...I love sunshine too, but sometimes too much of it makes me weary and I just need to recharge in the gloom. There's something cozy about it.....Have a wonderful Wednesday....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. What wonderful news for Amanda!! I giggled over your "imperfection" comment. My sisters, Mom, and i do a lot of scrapbooking. One sister is so precise with everything..her pages are beautiful. I however..don't have the patience for such measuring..I always say, the imperfection in my pages represent the imperfections in my life! And I wouldn't have either any other way!!! Katie

  7. Wonderful news! Still praying! Blessings ~Sara

  8. Great news! My prayers continue. Love the Christmas pics. It's sure getting me in the mood!

  9. Awesome news about Amanda.GOd is good. Love your Christmas decor, simply perfect.

  10. Hi Betty, So glad to hear Amanda's test come back good, will keep her in my prayers. Nice christmas decorating, love the feather trees. I started some today, I know it takes a lot of tweaking for me too. Take care, hugs Vicky

  11. Your home is inspirational as always. I am celebrating with you about Amanda and her wonderful report. Praise the Lord. Be blessed and have a great day!

  12. What good news about Amanda!
    I love your fireplace- I think it looks great!

  13. God is good! It is good to hear of the good report & know Gods hand is moving. Together we will just have to keep Amanda covered in prayer. Your fireplace looks nice just how you have it. I know we are always tweaking to improve. Blessings!

  14. YES! This is wonderful news Betty! Thank you Jesus! I love all your decor~yes,there is beauty in imperfection isn't there? Than why am I so perfectionist minded? LOL! I like your mantle, I do agree they can be a challenge to do. I don't have one in my house, but had them in the shop, it was hard to do them.
    Anyhow, I will get my tree out sometime next week, and we'll see how it goes. Thanks for visiting me!

  15. I am so happy that Amanda got good news. Yes, we do know that prayer works... and Amanda has been in mine. I love your pretty decorated house. I am slow this year and just finished getting my house decorated for thanksgiving.... which is a shame since it will all come down next week.... oh well... I try.
    Happy thanksgiving. Hugs, Lura


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