Sunday, February 27, 2011

You Don't Want to Come Through My Back Door!!

This is a short post to share what is going on Through My Back door, and why you don't want to come through it! I had an intruder of the four legged kind who was NOT invited come to visit me and left behind an offensive odor! I have been out of the house for three days and hopefully can go home by Tuesday. What did come Through My Back door was an ozone machine. It is guaranteed to remove all odors and to leave no residue on my upholstered furniture. In the meantime my Back Door is sealed! Can you believe it?
I am sorry there is no coffee and no chit chat today, but soon you will be welcome again Through My Back Door  where life will be good once more.


  1. Oh No! Sorry to hear that you got skunked! Do you know how the little critter got in? Hope the smellies are all gone soon.


  2. Oh No! It it mating season for the skunk. I just read in a magazine to make sure you had all holes and opening shut tight as they look for places to enter. Sorry! I hope things "clear" up soon. Blessings!

  3. Hi Betty............I have been keeping up with your skunk problems. Will be so happy for you when they are all fixed.
    Just when I was thinking about moving to TN you tell me about all of those nasty creatures!
    Will be waiting for your update on the house.

  4. Whew, how awful. We all can wait for that cup of coffee!

  5. Oh my goodness!! I had a dog get skunked, but I surely never heard of those little critters coming inside the house!! The odor is overpowering -- bad enough when it's outside, but when the dog came in covered in the smell, it penetrated even the things in my daughters' backpacks!! Good luck with the clean-up -- thank goodness they have that machine you mentioned to get rid of the smell. I look forward to hearing how everything goes.

  6. Oh my heavens Betty...
    Nothing smells worse than a skunk...
    Are dog was sprayed and it took forever to get the smell off of him...
    Good luck on getting the smell out of your home...
    Prim hugs,

  7. Oh No Betty, that is horrible, hope you get that stink out fast!

  8. Betty, I am sorry for you! I can only imagine! Did he do it when you were in the house? I think I would have lost it right there on the spot! LOL! Bless your heart!

  9. Oh my goodness Ms. Betty that is awful!!! I have never heard of a skunk getting into someone's house that is just horrifying!!! I sure hope that machine works and gets all of the odor out of your home. Keep us posted!!


  10. That definitly was an unwelcomed guest. I have not had that problem, but have been around were one was. I hope the machine works, I know you are ready to return home. Vicky


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