Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Back Door is Still Closed

This is a quick post to let you all know, my Back Door is still closed. Thank you for all the e-mails and comments. I just want to clear up, the skunk did not come into the house, but got under the house into the crawl space. The people that are cleaning have assured me there will be no way to know that skunk invaded me.
Several people were under the concept the skunk came into the house, just wanted to clear that up. Thanks for caring.
I would suggest if you have a crawl space, be sure there is no way one could get in. The space mine came in was about the size of a man's fist.


  1. Oh Betty! I can smell it now! How awful. We had a skunk in our garage last fall and our garage is under our house. Our 2 cars were in it and I was petrified he'd spray and then the house and cars would be unbearable. Thankfully he got out.

    I pray you can get back in soon. My heart goes out to you!! Big hugs!

  2. Somehow it is better to know that that darn skunk didn't go into your house, although the smell is no doubt just as bad as if it did!! Good luck with the clean-up -- I wish you the best!!

  3. Oh my...the little rascal must have really wanted in to squeeze through that tight of a space. Glad it really wasn't "in" your house but under.


  4. We just don't think about something like that until it happens to someone,. I am so sorry this has happened to you. Hope you will be back in your home soon. I'm sharing this with hubby and ask him to check ours. Thanks for sharing with us. Take care,, I am missing my visits and my coffee. Hope to be able to visit with you soon.

  5. Oh Betty,
    How awful...Our dog got sparyed years ago and when he got wet we would smell it again. What a nasy scent.

  6. Seems like there are a lot of skunks out and about, this year, I do hope they get rid of
    that awful smell, soon!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. I hope things are "clearing" up! those nasty little critters can squeeze through anything. Blessings and I miss you!

  8. Aww, Betty, that's awful about the skunk! They sure do create a bad smell. I remember the time when we rented a house and a family of skunks made a home under the kitchen area that didn't have a basement under it. It took months to trap those things and we couldn't go out in the yard a night. The smell would fill all upstairs. I hope you get your home back to normal soon and get some nice fresh air in there!
    Many hugs, Trish

  9. Love your Website Mamaw and Im Glad you got your house to smelling better! love you


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