Friday, February 4, 2011

It Is RED, so STOP and Visit

Good morning and I am so glad to see you coming Through My Back Door. I have the coffee ready, so get a cup, that's right, just help yourself. Hey, you have been here enough, you should feel right at home. I WANT you to feel and to MAKE yourself at home when you are here. Today since it is February, I thought I would show you some reds displayed through my back door. I have always loved red. The only other person I know that likes red as much as I do is Lori, the Black Crow. You will have to tell me after you leave today if you think I have too much red.
 Red chair. I love this red chair and I sit it in a lot!
Red couch! BIG Red couch! I do like it and this room is never dull. It always looks cheerful. (I would do it again)lol
Red sampler; (yes I did the x-stitch) red tulips in an early red knife box.
Red picture frame and a red pinkeep, from Deb@ Pilgrim and Pioneers.
Red baskets. (Ignore the green firkin)
Red island in the kitchen. I do like red.
Red out buildings. Oh my ! Red is everywhere.
Red porch furniture. I do hope this isn't red overload.
Red table, set for soup supper.
 Stove board with red and white towel and red fly screen.
I hope I haven't worn you out with red. It is not a color every one wants in their home. But it just makes me happy. By now you all know I am all about having only the things and the people around you that you love.
I wish each and every one of you a blessed day. I hope you enjoy it with the people you love and surrounded by things you love. Thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
I cannot close this post without wishing my beautiful daughter Happy Birthday. Here are pictures then and now.

Happy Birthday Deb. You are a blessing to so  many!


  1. I think you have just the right amount of red in your house. I love red and have a lot in my home too. Love to read your post each time.

  2. Hi all of the red.
    I think it is a great color to decorate with because it goes with every season. Love that couch!

  3. I loved seeing all your reds. I like it too, the deep dark reds. Happy Birthday to Deb too!

  4. Hi Betty, I just love dropping bye and visiting with you. I am a red lover also. My bedroom has red all in it with a williamsburg red quilt on the bed. Infact I don't know of any room that doesn't have red in it. The sampler that you did, I also have made the same one. Thanks for sharing, oh and I really loved the red couch, may have to have one of those. Look forward to our next visit. Vicky

  5. Hi, Betty!
    So many wonderful reds! Great displays, warmed me up!
    Happy Birthday to Deb!What a lovely picture of you two!

    and no I haven't started my kitchen, still trying to get caught up~~we have been busy working too too much!But still in my plans!

    enjoy your day

  6. Hi Betty, Thanks for the warm welcome on your blog. I felt right at home. And thanks for the sweet comment and visiting me. That's what friends do, right? You have a beautiful home. I love red, it is such a warm welcoming color. We visit the mountains of TN several times a year. I love Piegon Forge, Gatlinburg, and the Kinsport TN area. Here in my neck of the woods in Ga, there are no primitive shops, and prims are not so popualr. I love shopping up in that area. Hope we can visit often. Have a good and blessed weekend

  7. Beautiful home!! Makes me want to add a bit of red to mine it looks so lovely!!
    Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.

  8. Betty, just one questions, "can you ever have to much red"? Answer: No way!!! The beauty of that big red heart of yours is great too. It is apparent in your blog and your home. Happy Birthday to your Daughter. Blessings!

  9. I love red too...enjoyed seeing yours...happy B-D to your daughter....blessings

  10. Betty, you can never have too much red! I love your house.


  11. Betty, to me there is no such thing as too much red. It is absolutely my favorite color! I love all of your red - everything looks wonderful.

    Happy birthday to your daughter!



  13. Hi Betty and Happy Birthday to Deb! I must have missed this when we were dealing with leaks from the snow and ice on the roof and then we had Lili all day and night!

    I think you can add me to the list of gals who love red - from the red door as you enter, to the red risers on the stairs as you head up to the living area, to my red chair, and red cupboard and red cabinets - there is red everywhere you look in my home as well! Your reds are just wonderful! I think I'd enjoy sitting in that red chair too! Thanks for sharing more of your warm and inviting home!! HUGS!

  14. Hih Betty and a big Happy B'day to Deb...she is so cute and I loved the picture! Well, you cannot have too much red! I recently removed my red checked valances and replaced with neutral side curtains. It looks so "BLAH" to me now that I have to keep telling myself it is better, looks bigger, less busy, etc. but I do miss the red. I sneak it in wherever I can! LOL I love your home and your decorating. Prim Hugs,

  15. LOve your reds! I love red as well and have alot in my home, too! Warms ya right up! You have a gorgeous home! Thanks for sharing with us! happy birthday to Deb!


  16. Your reds are perfect in your beautiful home!! Red has ALWAYS been my favorite color and I have it in every room. I agree it does warm ya up.


  17. Good morning Betty!
    I of course, LOVE all your reds! Red is my favorite color, I cannot seem to help myself! LOL!
    I am glad your daughter had a nice birthday!
    Have a great day!

  18. I had lots of red in my house in Texas,
    not as much, here. But I do have more
    than I was going to have! I will have to
    do a post on red. Thanks for telling me,
    I missed this post, since I was gone, last
    week. I love all your red, now I want to
    get out the paint and paint things red,
    since it is my favorite color, too.
    I really enjoy coming thru your back door!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  19. Betty, I just wanted to thank you for your encouragement! I really appreciate it!
    Hugs and love,


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