Saturday, January 29, 2011

Goodbye January

Today has been a beautiful day here in East Tn. Yesterday was too and I have been so thankful.  I an so glad you have stopped by, welcome and  come on in Through My Back door and lets enjoy a little visit. Oh, I forgot, the coffee is on and I'll get you a cup. I always enjoy our time together and am so happy you've dropped by. I never knew there were so many nice people out there, and I just feel blessed to have gotten to know you.
I don't know about you but January has been a hard month here in the south. We have had cold temperatures and lots of snow. I like a little snow, but don't like to be snowed in for too long. I shouldn't complain, because when I was reading blogs today, oh my goodness I have never seen as much snow, as some of you have! Never the less, I am not feeling bad about January leaving. I hope February is kinder and much more gentle. But if not I will just have to grin and bear it!.
Today I thought we might talk about blanket chests. They are just so utilitarian. They not only look pretty but you can hide so much stuff in them. I am going to share a few with you that are special to me.
This is an East Tn walnut chest. It was made about 1880ish and is all pegged. It is full of childrens' Christmas books. Is that too much information? I have collected them for years and my grandchildren all have read them over and over. We are now starting on the greats. It sets in front of the couch and is a good foot

This is my favorite one. There has been some controversy over whether it was made in upper ET or in Virginia. I don't know. It is 1800's too and is Walnut, cherry, and has maple panels, and is all pegged. It holds out of season clothes.
This is cherry under the paint and is dovetailed. One day I will get it stripped. It is one of my two New England chest and is about 1880.  I can't think of the name of the town it is from but they called it The Rocking Horse town. I love it and it is full of seasonal decor. The drawer holds napkins and place mats.
This is my other New England one and it is a little rougher than the others. It is also the oldest by around 20-25 years.(1860's) It is cherry. I have it full of holiday decorations.
This is a small one made of pine. Could have been for a child or could have been a tool  box, but there is no place for a tray or anything.I am almost embarassed to tell you what is in it. Old magazines! Early Country Living, Country Homes, Early American Life's, and Country Sampler. Also Colonial Homes and some other defunct magazines. I am NOT a hoarder, but there is so much prim eye candy in those I just can't throw them away. YES I do get them out and read them some times.
This is not really a blanket chest, but a meal bin.It is pegged too. I hide my computer paper, the printer, and the computer in there when I want my house  to look really prim!
 I have shared all my little hiding places with you today. If you don't have a blanket chest, you need to get one. They can hide a LOT of things and are nice to look at too.
I want to show you my heart bowl fillers before you leave.  I bought these from Dolly. she has a blog I think it is called Dreaming of a Primitive Life or something like that.
I am so sorry I don't know the right name.
 These are so pretty and smell so good too. Well I hope you enjoyed yourself today. Time sure passes fast when you are visiting with friends, so thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.


  1. Hi Betty, I always feel like an old friend you have invited in for a cup of coffee when I visit your blog. I have met so many nice people since I started my blog. I love your blanket chests, I have several myself. My father had a antique shop for 40 years, so I have a deep love for old things. Love the hearts also. Vicky

  2. Wow, those are so nice! They sound like they are handy, too.

  3. I thought you said your house was small! You sure have fit alot of great things in there. I love those chests and you can never have too many hiding places! I hope February brings us all nicer weather. I'm so over snow!
    Have a great weekend, Betty!

  4. Oh, my, how I appreciated this story, thank you so much! I have an old blanket chest out in our workshop that was my grandmother's... we are bringing it in in the spring after a cleaning and polishing, for a place of honor. Yours are really something, and I really liked this story! Thanks!

  5. Betty,
    Your blanket chest are a real treasure and I wish I had just one!! that is my goal this year to find one like the one you have with the drawer on the bottom. Thanks for the sunshine update, I live in upstate NY and NEED it LOL
    Take care and I could actually picture myself sitting down with a cup of coffee aahhhh it smells so good LOL

  6. Oh my goodness!!! Another simply beautiful and amazing collection!! Betty ..I think this is my favorite far!! You have shared so many treasures with us...this is fun!!

  7. I love your blanket chests! Now when I go
    into an antique shop, I know I will be on
    the look out for one! I bet you can store
    a lot of goodies in them.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  8. Hi Betty,
    I have enjoyed this post of course! I think my favorite chest is the last one, I would have to make one, I have never seen them around here. I think they are so neat though.
    And, I don't think you are a hoarder! LOL! A gal has to have a spot for her magazines! I save mine too.
    Thanks for the brew, I have enjoyed my visit my friend.

  9. Betty, I too just love seeing all your collections. I love blanket chests and you have so many. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Betty,

    Your Blanket Chests are beautiful. You are right, too, that they are so functional. I use one for a coffee table to hold all of my picture storage and in the bedroom for coverlets that are not on display along with other linens. The one in my den is for the grandchildren's toy box and gets lots of use.

    Thanks for sharing.


  11. Hi Betty........if all of those chests could talk.........what stories they could tell, right?
    You have quite an assortment...from prim to high country. They are all so nice, thanks so much for sharing these.

  12. Betty, I love all of your beautiful blanket chests - what wonderful treasures! I have a few old trunks and I store all kinds of things in mine - and, yes, one of them is magazines that I can't part with. Your heart bowl fillers are great.


  13. Betty,
    I love them all. You know how I love to collect things. I have one blaket chest that my husband made. I actually have quilts and blankets stored in them. I keep all my old magazines too. I actually started going through them and tearing out pages and making a notebook of my favorites. You have a great collection! Blessings!

  14. Betty, your blanket chests are awesome! You have so many wonderful treasures. Hugz, Jody

  15. Loved visiting with just make everyone feel so welcome. Chests are great..I need about 10 to hide things in....Have a wonderful week Betty...

  16. Betty
    I so enjoy your blog!
    The chests are beautiful!
    enjoy your day!

  17. Betty: I love all your blanket boxes. Yes, they do hold a bunch of stuff and we all have a "bunch of stuff!" LOL I love your is so "friendly" and I wish we could get together for that coffee! I could learn a lot from you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Enjoy your day and I hope you didn't get hit with today's storm. :-) Hugs from No. CA. Joy


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