Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blues Are Playing in Blogland

Goodness the skies are dreary outside, but Through My Back Door it is cozy as can be. The coffee smells so good, I know you'd like a cup with me. It makes it for such a nice visit, don't you think? I've been reading blogs and forums today and there is a lot of talk about The Blues. No not the music nor sad times but the color blue. Some of the girls have such beautiful items in so  many pretty shades of blue, that it made me look around my house for blue things. You know I had more than I thought I did.  I was surprised because I love red and mustard. When you think colonial decorating I think you automatically think red, mustard, and blue. Do you remember the houses in Country Living and Country Homes back in the late 70's and in the 80's? All that blue! Any way back to the blues here.

This was my Grandmother's blue bonnet. She made it out of feed sack. It has a hole in it where I hung it on a chair knob for so many years.
This pie safe looks gray, but it is blue.It has the original paint on it and it has faded over the last almost 200 years.

This is another blue pie safe. This is not the original paint, but Deb painted it a couple of years ago. It is the least favorite thing I have. Don't have a clue why I felt the need to share that with you!lol

This is the sink in the bathroom. It is in a new cupboard, but it too is blue.

This is my favorite blue firkin. Just a few more blues.

This is one of my favorite things. It is an early stenciled candle box, dovetailed front and back.

That is it for the blues Through My Back Door.
I posted the other day about all my hearts. Well I found some more after I posted. So I will share them

 Hey there is some blue in there too!

 Well I am so happy you visited me. I hope you enjoy our visits as much as I do, for I love it when you come Through My Back Door  where life is good.
Before I leave today I want to remind you, it is almost time for the Country Sampler Home Tour magazine to come out. A friend of mine from a forum I belong to is going to be in it. Her name is Karen Gerhart,aka CatskillMtnPrims. I think her kitchen is on the cover. If you get a chance be sure and read it. Her home is beautiful and crammed full of goodies.
I think our next visit we'll talk about childrens' things. do you love them like I do? I hope so.


  1. Hi Betty! Love your blues! I have several, too, even though I don't set out to get things that are blue. I remember the earlier CS days when everything was blue and mauve! What were we thinking? LOL Oh, and don't forget the blue geese! I love children's things, too, so can't wait for your next post.

  2. Oh you have such lovely blue things! Your bathroom sink is gorgeous and I love BOTH pie safes you have!!

  3. Hi Betty, great pictures. I see we have the same bathroom sink, did you see my little remodel yet? Great post.

  4. Hi Betty,

    Oh do I remember the blues! My house was filled with the same ones as Country Living and Country Home. I had slate blue furniture and all my stencils had blue in them. I started my stoneware collection way back then too. You might enjoy seeing some pics I added to a post quite awhile back. They were old pics I scanned showing some of my blues back then!!

    You have some GORGEOUS blues! If I had those, I would still be using a lot more blue now!!

    Your vanity and sink are just outstanding. And those pie safes... SIGH!! You always have the best posts Betty and I thoroughly enjoyed this visit through your back door again. Thanks so much for inviting us in!

    YUP, it is Karen's kitchen on the cover! Country Sampler fans on FB got to vote and a few of her pictures were in the running - how cool is that??! She is as sweet as she is talented and creative. I am so excited for her!!

    Have a great weekend Betty! HUGS!

  5. Hi, Betty,
    How precious blue is that bonnet of your Grandmothers!
    See ya had blues, I was the same way, I seriously thought all I had was red, mustard,black & more black until I looked around!
    The blue hearts oh, girl do you remember all of them, my sister was addicted to them!
    80's I had the country blues everywhere! I guess me living so close to Amish Country it was huge around the homestead!( blue geeese, blue hearts, blue cows, blue ya name it!the light country blue)
    Well with me going on & on I just should of e-mailed ya!

    Your sink is awesome! I can't wait to see Karen's home in Country Sampler, all of her posts are beautiful!

    ok I think I'm done talkin!
    Wonderful post as always I love to visit with you!

  6. Betty, I have to tell you, I recall seeing that sink before, I have always loved it! I love all of your blues, including both pie safes. All of the pieces are just beautiful! Mmm... the coffee smells wonderful! LOL!
    I love all the hearts! I am in awe at your great sense of taste. I am actually working on some things, believe it! LOL! I have to pull myself out of this winter funk that's all there is to it!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Love your posts always

  7. Betty, all the blues in your house are beautiful. Both of the pie safes are wonderful. You have so many wonderful blue things. Thank you for sharing.......Blessings and have a wonderful "blue" day!

  8. I love your blues! Your grandma's bonnet
    and that sink are just awesome! Thanks
    for showing us that it can be fun to be
    blue! I have some pottery with blue, that
    I will show, one of these days....I am
    showing my collections, here and there.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  9. Beautiful Blues.You can always send the pie safe my way.LoL..Can't wait to see your children things.I have a fondness for them too.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  10. Great blues Betty- wonderful house you have!!

  11. I just love that sink! Thank you for sharing your blues!

  12. I love the blues as well!!! love all your beautiful pics!!!



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