Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Help Light Up My Life

Good Wednesday morning and thanks for coming Through My Back Door. It has been so pleasant here in East Tn the last several days, I am so glad to have you come visit. Of course the coffee is on, grab a cup and I want to tell you how you help light up my life. When you become a follower, or leave a comment you have lit up my life. I love hearing what you have to say and I enjoy all your blogs. So many of you gave me good advice when I began my blogging journey and I want to thank you. So thank you very much.
I think all of us, whether we call ourselves prim, colonial, vintage, or whatever love candles. I know I just can never seem to have enough candle So today I thought I would share some of mine with you. Like my sheep, only one or two have some special meaning, I just like them. Here are a few.

These are just a few of my many candle sticks. I think they just add to any vignette. Don't you? I like all textures. Wood, metal, tin, and pewter. I think I have more pewter than any. The red jack candle was my first really "prim" purchase many years ago. I bought it when I was doing antique show and paid 35.00 for it. Everyone teased me to high heaven, but I have always loved that old thing.
I can't let you leave after looking at the candle holders without showing you the snuffers or wick trimmers.
I hope you enjoyed your visit today. I certainly enjoyed having you. I have lots more candle holders but this is enough don't you think?
I had a great aunt,in Coshocton, Ohio who was so eclectic. She had so much stuff in her house and we all used to laugh when we went there. She might have 5 clocks in one room and none worked, or 6/7 lamps and none worked. Get the picture? Well, it appears that my Aunt Cleona is alive and well in East Tn. The only difference is I call my prim and collectibles! And they all work!
Thanks again for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.


  1. Love all the candle holders and especially the snuffers and trimmers. They look so different and neat. I am that way about lamps. Just can't have too many. Really enjoyed my visit. You are welcome to drop by anytime to visit with me

  2. Betty,
    What a fun post! Loved all of your candle holders! You have quite a collection. The snuffers and trimmers are works of art. I don't think I have ever seen any that look like the ones you have! It is so great to see you enjoy what you collect. Your home is so welcoming and warm, I love coming through your back door even if it is in the "cyber world". Take care and have a wonderful Wednesday! ~Sarah~

  3. Hi Betty, You have a very nice collection of candle holders. I have a few myself, they add a lot to a room. I don't have any candle snuffers or wick trimmers like yours, very nice collection on them, you just don't see those any more. Well I enjoyed my visit with you as usual. Vicky

  4. Hi, Betty
    Loved the visit~ nice collection of candles!
    I love the story of your Aunt~ isn't it funny all of a sudden we realize we are like them!LOL

  5. More great collections from Betty!
    Love all of those wick trimmers too.

  6. Loved the post! Funny how what we see when
    we are children, influences us, later in
    life? I love how you have such different
    candle holders...I think I need more in my
    home! I enjoyed the visit, as always! Have
    a great day...

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  7. Loved your post. You have quite the collection of candle holders. Loved the story about your Aunt. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Becky at Ginger Creme Hollow

  8. Hi Betty, you have the best collections. I love candles too and loved seeing yours!

  9. Another delightful post full of eye candy. Love the snuffers! I had one in brass and gave it away when I though brass was too "traditional" for me. Wish I had it now!!

    Can't wait to see what you share with us next!! HUGS!!

  10. Love all of your candle holders, Betty! I am always drawn to them, too. I'm about out of spots to put them, though.
    Have a great week!

  11. betty, i love all of your candles & ofcourse the best part of your's are the candle holders! you have such wonderful old antiques! love the snuffer/trimmers! :) gorgeous!

  12. I love coming for a visit! You have a beautiful home and collections! You also serve the best coffee! ;-) Sandi

  13. Wow! What a wonderful collection of candles.
    Love them all.
    Thanks for sharing,

  14. Betty, I love all of your candle holders and displays. Enjoyed the visit.


  15. Isn't it funny how the things we used to hate or thought to be junk we know love. I love all the candles and can imagine you sitting in candllight with a cup of coffee. Blessings Betty and have a good one.

  16. Another terrific post! You have the best collections!

  17. WOW I just found your blog and I am sooo glad I did, I love it and thats why I have become your newest follower, now off to look around some more! Thanks for sharing and it you get a chance stop by sometime to visit me. I am having a surprise giveaway!!

  18. Hi Betty!
    I love all your candle holders and those snuffers are so beautiful! You light up alot of lives too, you know? LOL!
    Thanks for the cheers and visiting me!
    Have a great day!

  19. betty my friend i am better late then never love, love, everything all displayed so perfect

  20. Sure do LOVE visiting your blog...filled to the brim with such prim eye candy! You are such an inspiration to others! thanks for sharing!


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