Monday, December 1, 2014

Welcome December

Good morning to December. And to each of you. I am so happy to see you this morning I know everyone has had a wonderful weekend and are ready for some down time. So grab a cup of coffee, yes we are using the Christmas mugs(It is December) and just lets chat a moment. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I was blessed to have all my children and theirs under the same roof. We were missing 3 grands and I always hate when they can't come. I am ready for this month. I love everything about Christmas. Everything. The business, the cooking, the baking, the parties, the eating, the decorating, the wrapping, and the list goes on. I love the Christmas carols and I guess my favorite song is I'll Be Home for Christmas. My favorite religious is Silent Night. Curtis' was O Holy Night, but I love them all. I don't like the spin offs, like Alvin and Grandma got Ran Over By a Reindeer(although I did a few years ago.Get ran over by a deer) Anyway, I am so glad you have dropped in. I have filled the peppermint jars and they are waiting  for you to come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Let us truly try to remember the true Reason for our Season
PSS: I Hope all of our NE friends have their electric back on and are rebounding from that storm
PSSS: I am so thankful my blog fairy gave me this beautiful Christmas header.


  1. Such a beautiful display! I agree, I love every part of Christmas too. I will not listen to any regular music until it is over! My favorite song is O Holy Night too.
    Have a wonderful Monday Betty!

  2. I love Christmas! I have 2 fave religious songs "Mary, Did You Know?" & "O Holy Night" and so many others like The Christmas Song and Winter Wonderland! Have a wonderful day and if I lived in Minnesota I WOULD come by for a cup of coffee! but i"m in New York on Long Island so it'll be a long drive! Maggie

  3. Love the post and picture.

  4. I'm with you Betty.... I love everything about it too!!!!
    Sweet candy jar grouping

  5. Oh I am with you Betty. Love this season and all that goes with it. Silver Bells is my favorite Christmas carol, but my favorite religious hymm is Silent Night. And I so want cold and snow for the holiday. Today is was in the 70's... Where is my Christmas weather? Love your display and your house. So inviting.

  6. My daughter had to work on Thanksgiving, soo I did not see her or my grandchildren. I wish folks would stay home on Thanksgiving so those who have to work retail could spend time with their own families. Love your header and thanks for the was good! Janice

  7. After reading what you said about Christmas I decided to pull out the prim decorations and do the house up right. What you wrote was just what I needed. Marshel at the cabin in Alabama.

  8. Good Morning
    My Christmas fun questions has begun over at my blog.
    Hope you stop over and share in the fun sweet friend.
    And guess what my question was today?
    Yep we think alike.
    Warm Woolie Christmas HUGS!


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