Tuesday, December 23, 2014

May Your Christmas Be Blessed

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. Get yourself a cup, yes the Christmas cups, and lets sit and visit for a while. I just want some quiet time before the cooking starts tomorrow. I am so happy, I will have all my family except for Curt and Lindsey here. Only happens once a year, but it thrills me to have them. Like everyone else, we are missing someone dear and we think how he would love seeing the great grand children. We only had 3 when he died and now there are 6. But this is not a time for sadness, but pure joy. The birth of our Savior. The only thing that equals that is the Resurrection. Everything is done here except the cooking. I will actually do most of it Christmas Day. Some will be done tomorrow, but today is for just enjoying. It is so peaceful to sit in front of the fireplace, Christmas lights on and Carols playing. I hope each of you can do that at least for a while. Let the hustle and bustle fade away and just enjoy. I will tell you I have enjoyed every visit you have made Through My Back Door and hope you will continue to visit me. I will share some of the Christmas here as it will soon be packed away until another year.

My Mouse house Deb made over 33 years ago.

I hope you enjoyed a little Christmas Through My Back Door as much as I have enjoyed your visit. Merry Christmas and and may it be blessed.
PS: I am excited. A fellow blogger is visiting Sunday
PSS:The picture of the wool, is from Audrey at Tombstone Tidings. Mollie loves the black wool and always has to touch it
PSSS: Lets say a prayer for all of our friends who have fresh losses this year, Several of my friends have lost children this year,


  1. Simply so beautiful
    Merry Christmas my dear x

  2. Your house is as charming as always. Christmas in Tennessee has got to be lots of fun. Marshel in Alabama

  3. Morning Betty, coffee is yummy in the Christmas cups :) Your cozy home is filled with many treasures, love all the prim displays. Wishing you a cozy Christmas, Hugs Francine.

  4. I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a joyous new year. Your blog is so lovely and so are you :) Maggie

  5. That is what my day today was also Betty, a me day to rest up for the next couple. Love your decor as always. May you have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.

  6. Inspiring decor. Makes me want to drag a few more items out. No, better quit & concentrate on the menu now.

  7. You are truly blessed and I loved the pictures especially the santas. Merry Christmas

  8. Hi Betty, I haven't been on here much but wanted to say hi and wish you a Merry Christmas! I always love looking at your blog!

  9. Betty, wishing you the best of 2015!!! Hugs my friend! So I see you are meeting Earlene! Hugs! We got to met this fall and she is such a sweetheart!!! Enjoy! OLM


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