Monday, December 15, 2014

The Three P's of Christmas Parties, Plays and People

Good evening  and welcome Through My Back Door. Grab the coffee and help yourself to some cookies, fudge, or what ever you want. If you prefer a glass of egg nog you can have that. I want you to be happy. I It has been a  whirl wind here the last several days. I have shared with you how much I love Christmas and all that goes with it, even though it wears me A week ago Friday night was the party I last blogged about, Saturday a couple of my friends, Dottie Luchsinger and Shirley Dowling, and I went to Maryville(an hour away) to Renda's presentation of the Man Who Came to Dinner. I cannot brag on my d-i-l enough. She gets so much out of those high school students.Have I said she sits in the audience during the performance.
Sunday afternoon I attended a luncheon given by my church for widows and widowers. It is always just fantastic, as my church has our own Paula Dean in Carol Flanary. Monday night I hosted my card groups Christmas party. Our 31st year to celebrate Christmas! Some marriages don't last that
The table was full of food. Drinks are else where.
I like this picture of Linda Y.
Linda A and Regina J. Have I told you there are 2 Regina's, 2 Linda's, and 2 Betty's in our group?
The other Betty
Fran, Linda, and Betty's feet. We always draw names and this year everyone of us had the same name we had last year. Now that was funny!
 When I was a special ed teaching assistant I was Melinda's TA. We bonded and became more like family. Amy taught 4th grade and the three of us became very close and still keep in touch. Tuesday night Melinda has us over for supper and the evening. We had such a fun time and laughed and talked for 4&1/2 hours! They are so much younger than me, that I am glad they still include I have watched both of these girls marry and become Mothers. Melinda's daughter is at UT now and Amy's in 8th grade. I have never seen two better teachers than these two. Sadly neither of them are teaching now due to the changes in education. Such a loss.
Thursday I attended a luncheon at church and I will share pictures of it later. I have not downloaded them. It was spectacular! Yes, done by our own "Paula Deen"lol, aka Carol Flanary.  She is just amazing.
Thursday night I went to my Sunday School class Christmas party and we had so much fun. Laughed so hard, ate so much, and it was just wonderful. See why I called this post what I did? Instead of doing gifts for one another, we did for a sick member. It was just a blessing.
Friday I went to Dodd and Renda's for the evening and night. What a good time we had. Olivia came home and we got to visit for hours. Went shopping for a few, she put me onto the best chap stick,(lol) went back home and ate a delicious supper Renda had made. Then we made gingerbread ornaments for their tree. Just like the Waltons.
It will not let me down load the picture of the tree, but later maybe I can get it to cooperate. (I know it isn't me)lol
Sunday after church Deb and I finished our Christmas shopping after Olive Garden. We love Olive Garden and eat there every chance we get. Sunday night Andrew was a shepherd in the Nativity play at their church. I got so teary eyed when I saw him standing there so straight as the only glasses wearing shepherd. I truly don't think it is Christmas with out seeing a children's performance. It is a special event for me and has always been. Andrew is growing up, but is still so sweet and loving.
After church I spent the night at Debs and came home this morning. I am home to (Until the next time).
I hope I haven't bored you with the three P's of Parties, Plays, and People. I love all of the activities to do with Christmas. I always have. In the Polar Express it is sad when the boy realizes his Mom, Dad and his sister Sarah no longer hear the bell. I hope I always hear the bell and I hope you do too.
Know what else I hope? That you continue to come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Remember my sweet Aunt who celebrated her 96th birthday? Will you remember her in prayer?She is in the hospital
PSS: 10 days until Christmas day. Will you hunt for something wonderful each of those days?
PSSS: Thanks to all of you who continue to read and follow Through My Back Door. Blogging is fading a bit and I appreciate each of you.


  1. What a wonderful time and 96 WOW that is fantastic.

  2. Hmmm, that plate on the right in the first picture looks like it is doing a good job of hanging on the table.

    House looks beautiful, have a great Christmas.

  3. Hi Betty, with all the P's going on I am surprised you could have time to share...I am so so glad you did though! I love blogging yet and am glad there are still places to go and share!
    Be blessed,

  4. Evening Betty, love the pictures you shared, such wonderful memories. Blessings Francine.

  5. I will look forward to visiting you through your back door for 2015. I love your blog! What a wonderful month you have been having! SO many great events. Have a wonderful day and hugs to you! Maggie

  6. Sending out prayers for your sweet aunt. Janice

  7. I always love visiting through your back door! You have a fun filled life. I enjoy reading about it.

  8. Praying for your sweet Aunt.
    Christmas is truly a wonderful time of year to make new memories with those we love and hold dear.
    Merry Christmas to you my Friend

  9. Praying for your Aunt...bless her heart, in the hospital at holiday time. Seeing your friends and bits of your! Your house is darling and your friends are so cute! (We get better with age, right?) Every time I pass a "Dunkin'" I think of you! Have a Happy Holiday season...I know you will! Love, Joy

  10. Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

  11. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Betty! I look forward to reading your posts in 2015!


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