Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Memorable Christmas

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. The coffee is on and have a ginger snap cookie. I love them, do you? Here, you sit over here and warm your self by the fireplace.
Last night was our Sunday School department Christmas party and I was asked to share a Memorable Christmas. Well I thought every Christmas I can remember was memorable. lol You know how your life goes in stages, and I loved Christmas as a child. I have shared I was an only child and an only grand child on my Mother's side, so I was a bit spoiled, I suppose. (I hate admitting that and hope Carol Sue and Verleen don't read this)They were my cousins on my Dad's side. Any way I would always write a list to Santa and a list to Grandma Wright. I would always add on her list, "and a surprise". Then you get married and that first Christmas is memorable, and when the children come along, more memories, and then the grands. Well anyway it was hard for me to come up with one in particular, but this one just kept creeping in my mind. I thought I would share with you.
My grandparents lived in Ohio and we alternated years going there or them coming here. This one year I was probably 10 years old, and it was Christmas Eve when we traveled. There were no interstates then so we went state highways, through beautiful towns, all decorated for Christmas. I can still remember how  secure I felt in the back seat of the car riding and looking at all those lights and decorations. Anyway, it was late when we arrived and after some down time, and my opening a couple of gifts, we went to bed. Around 2:30 A.M. we were awakened by someone Caroling on the front porch. It took a minute for Mom and the grands to wake up and then I heard my Mother say, or I should say she yelled it,lol"It is Aunt Cleona". Well she lived about 3 hours away and had caught the bus to come visit. The bus had gotten in around 2 A.M. and she had walked the 8-10 blocks to my grandparents house! It was cold too. After she came into the house, someone said, "Cleona, where is your suitcase?" To which she replied, very calmly, "Oh I didn't bring one. I just wore everything!" And she did! She had on 4 days worth of clothes! I thought that was cool. lol Let the record state that when she left there she had a suitcase with her clothes in it and was taken to the bus station! I  will always remember that Christmas.
She was a precious woman and quite the musician. She was also a preacher. I will never forget her.
So that is one of my Memorable Christmases. It is always memorable when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Let us all remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas
PSS: I was blesses to sit at the table with Nick and Kayla Cancemi along with Marilyn Hall last night. We had some wonderful laughs. Didn't know they were so much fun
PSSS:Why don't you take time to think of your own Memorable Christmas. It was fun


  1. What a love fun love filled post.
    Your Aunt sure was a hoot.
    Thank you for the yummy cookie.
    Warm Christmas Blessings

  2. Good morning Betty.... Just finished my coffee and cookie:)
    Christmas is a busy time, but also a time where most memories are front and centre. It is always fun to catch up with them.
    It is nice and warm by the cozy fire.
    Hugs Marg

  3. Forgot to mention...I just LoVe the header on your post. It's the way I like to celebrate the season.

  4. What a neat story! I always leave here wearing a smile! I love your posts so!
    Be blessed,

  5. What a wonderful memory.

  6. What a fond memory of your aunt. Janice


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