Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Time and the Decorating Is Easy

It sure seems like summer time here in East Tn today. Temperatures have been and are in the 90's. We have already broken records. It is nice and cool Through My Back Door and I am glad you stopped in. Instead of coffee today we'll have a glass of this.
Heavenly tea. It is so good on a hot day like this. I hope you like it. Lets sit and talk and enjoy the AC. I want to thank Adsgram for reminding me of the name of the song about the tree, in my next to last post. The name was Honey and Bobby Goldsboro sang it. Thanks Lynne.
I love summer because decorating is so minimal. You don't need a lot to make your home feel summery and fresh. For me its geraniums that do it. I also love flags. It seems a lot of us do. Is it a prim thing? Could be. We primmies seem to like the same things. I have been trying hard to do less is more. Here is my table. It is very simple and I like it.
I really like the large measure the geranium is in. Of course if its wood I love
A shelf in the bathroom. Another geranium.
 Another shelf in the bathroom.
The front door. Really simple.
The 100 year old smoke house. I love this old tobacco basket.
Debbie's back porch table. I like this. Do you? It is so much fun to decorate so simply for the summer months. When fall comes I will be ready to do it up big. How about you. I want to show you my latest pinkeep from Deb Peterson. I love her work and told her I was addicted to
Isn't this the neatest? I love it.
Before I leave to day I want to share a surprise birthday gift. If you haven't read Thru Nana's Window blog, please do. You can find it on my sidebar. Angela Phillips is one of the nicest people in blogland. She has a daughter and a granddaughter and writes a lot about their adventures. She is an excellent craftsman too. I was so surprised to find a box from her after I had posted about my birthday. She sent me a wonderful felt candle and some hang tags for every season. I was shocked. What a nice surprise. Here it is on the mantle.
I am enjoying it so much. Thank you Angela.
While we are at the mantle,lol, I'll show you my dream house. I would need one a little bigger though. Well a lot bigger!
This a Claire Murray bird house, designed after the one she grew up in on Nantucket. It was a surprise birthday gift from my s-i-l(it was his idea) and Deb. I could live in a house like this. couldn't you? It will be going out in the yard soon.
Enjoy these carefree summer days with those you love and love what you do. Life is too short not to.
I am so glad you came Through My Back Door today where life is good.


  1. Betty,
    I will be right over for a glass of that cold drink. It is hot here too in Ohio. But, better than rain. I love decorating in the summer also.
    Can't go wrong with flowers. And yes, less is more. Geraniums are my favorite flower. Your birthday gift from Angela was a nice surprise.
    What a good blog friend.
    Enjoy your evening
    Country at heart

  2. I, too, decorate with geraniums and flags -- and other smaller americana items. I have always been a doll person -- I have waaaaaaay too many, but a few americana dolls here and there are always in order for me!
    Your decorating looks wonderful!

  3. You truly are blessed....Wonderful displays - and wonderful gifts from wonderful friends. I'm happy to be able to come "Through Your Backdoor..." Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! I've been trying the simple is more thing too,hard to give up what your used to but once it's gone and you see the pieces you love it's such a releif.I'm a geranium and flag girl too.Love your sweet gifts.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Love your summer look ! In my opinion you just can't go wrong with flags or geraniums. What wonderful gifts you have been blessed to receive from your friends and family.It is hot here in Kentucky .Enjoy your evening ,Jen

  6. I love it Betty! Yep~ I think us primmies love the flags for a variety of reasons! I love the geraniums too! I found some of mine cleaning the garage! Perhaps I can find a spot for them!
    Enjoy your week!

  7. Your geraniums are simple & pretty. I decorated with them for the first time just a few weeks ago. So bright & cheerful. Blessings!

  8. Hi Betty ... wonderful things! I have some nice patriotic stuff I should get out to decorate with, wherever it is ... lol! Like I said, we never really settled in here so a lot of my things are still in boxes. I'm sure I will find many surprises when I finally finish unpacking : ) I love your dining table! Is it old? Blessings, Shirlee

  9. Yes Shirlee about 1850's. It is a two board walnut. I feel very sure it is an East Tn piece.

  10. You displayed that pinkeep so nicely Betty!
    Thanks for sharing the photo!

  11. I am working on the less is more. I can't get it done everywhere but I am making headway! I love the geraniums. I bought my first silk ones this year at Hobby Lobby. Looks like you are ahead of me. I have so many more things I need to get rid of!

  12. Beautiful table and geraniums. The iced tea looks heavenly Betty.
    Love all the sweet decorations and your birthday birdhouse. You are a lucky girl.
    Have a wonderful day
    Granny Trace

  13. Your summer displays are just beautiful! I too love that measure on your table, looks perfect with the geranium in it!

  14. Hi Betty, I love geraniums, my favorite summer flower, I just put some in a basket on my door. In the summer I like less fuss. I usually close all my cabinet doors, so you just see the cabinet. I love using lots of blues, and reds, very laid back. Now when fall comes, my favorite decorting time of the year, the house gets full. I love the pinkeep and the candle really nice. Love Debbbie's table. Take care, stay cool. Vicky

  15. Good evening Betty, Love all your summer decor. We always have real geraniums on the porch but this year I went the easy route and bought silk ones. Hard to tell the difference. I have placed a few in the house as well. Love Debbie's tablescape. The wooden box with the bottles is too cute. Does she have a blog also? Thanks for the kind comments and got your sweet card in mail today. Thanks for being a great blogger friend. Have a good evening and stay cool. Temp. here reached 98 today. Needless to say I have stayed home and inside.

  16. Dear Betty,
    Happy Belated Birthday. I just love coming in through your back door and seeing all of your pretty things.I love the way you have redecorated. You and Linda have inspired me to do some redecorating too. It is not prim.... but it is different. Hope on over when you get time and see how we have redone our family room.

    Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

    Have a great week.


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