Monday, June 20, 2011

To Vignette or NOT to Vignette

Good Monday morning and welcome Through My Back Door. You know the coffee is on, plain old Kona today, and there is also a peach cobbler in the oven. It is smelling pretty good too! We have had a lot of rain and it is just wonderful weather this morning. It rained Saturday, yesterday and last night. Flowers are blooming and Douglas says the grass needs cutting. We really needed that rain.
Those of you who have been coming Through My Back Door for a while, know by now, I am just not good at making little vignettes. I put a group together and there is too much, or there is too little, or there is something just not quite right. I visit other peoples PT and blogs and I get so excited at the thought of maybe I can put something like that together. Then it just doesn't look right. There are a few little things I am happy with and this is one.
I got this water gourd from Pam&Frank at ShadeTree primitives. They make such neat, authentic looking items.
Now this stove board I am VERY unhappy with! It just looks tacky to me. Any suggestions?
I like this grouping on top of the old pie safe.
I don't like this one. I have too much stuff and don't want to get rid of anything. That is a
This one is okay. I would like to use the pinkeep in a better display. I love Debs pinkeeps. I have to have one for every holiday. Guess it is a prim thing!lol
I am at a loss in how to display my pears. This is the way they are now. Can't say I really like it.
Well I won't bore you with any more of my vignettes I like or dislike, but don't be surprised if one day I master it. I am working on trying to make an interesting one. In the meantime I am going to be visiting all of your blogs and PT trying to get ideas. Teresa over at Deppenhomestead has the most wonderful vignettes. She can put anything together and  it looks  awesome. Maybe I can get her to Come Through My Back Door and give me some pointers.
I am so happy I have you to vent to about my lack of  decorating skills. I am so ready to do a lot of tweaking and to make some changes Through My Back Door where life is good.
 I took Teresa's suggestion and what do you know! I like it!
Thanks Teresa.


  1. Sweet Betty~you are tooo kind to me!!! Hugs to you!!made me blush!
    Your displays are wonderful~ I think you are just picking them apart, just as we all do!!!I Loove the grouping on the pie safe~& the pie safe beautiful!!!!
    You asked~ LOL~ So I'll tell you what to do!giggle~ giggle!
    the stoveboard~ take off the flag plate~Move Uncle Sam in it's place~ push back the crock with geraniums line it & the Uncle Sam up towards the back~ then take off the small tarts & just leave only the shoo fly arrangement~ see if that looks better? You might be looking at it as too much stuff!If you don't like keep playing with it~ yep, that is what I do~ arrange~ rearrange~ arrange & rearrange~ Last night I must of moved a bowl 20 times!! LOL
    Big Hug to you!

  2. Hi Betty! I think most of us are our own worst critics. I know I am that way at times too. I LOVE your vignettes! I think less is more most of the time and using an odd number of items and different sizes.
    Teresa said pretty much the same as I was going to say. The 4th photo, if I were you, I'd take away on of the wooden boxes and put the candle stick on the one left. Or take away the candle stick and leave the boxes. The candlestick and the arrangement in the pitcher are almost the same height and are competing with each other.
    I think your display with the basket, pears and coverlet piece is awesome! Don't mess with it! LOL! Same with the pie safe. It looks amazing!
    Have a great week!

  3. I agree with Carolyn... We are our worst critic because every time I see your home, I like what I see! I will say I like what Teresa suggested and I agree with you that she has the knack for vignettes. Her home is amazing is yours! I always feel hit or miss with my vignetes and lately I miss a lot! I think being in a rush doesn't help!

    Just enjoy tweaking and playing with things until it looks good to you! And thanks for the coffee. I needed that boost!


  4. I think I would add a piece of fabric--candle mat, quilt square, something soft. Most vignettes need something soft.
    As for the basket and pears--it's all there. Try putting the basket on its side with the fabric and pears. Just arrange and rearrange until YOU are satisfied. I am no where near vignette designer that Teresa is but I try. I think you have some awesome items for display and your displays are great.

  5. Betty
    Oh,I do like it~ now girl just so you do!! giggle~ simple & you can see the beauty in the board!

  6. Oh Betty - you made me giggle inside. Giggle firstly because you are so, so, silly!! I started following your blog because I thought your decorating was so remarkable - including all of your wonderful vignettes! And giggle, too, because I can so relate to the "too much stuff" issue. However, that is what actually got me to be more creative in my vignettes - I so love my "treasures" and didn't want to have to put one away to have another, so I got very creative in displaying them ("stacking" and "layering" have become two of my favorite style terms...) ;o) But it is true what the others before me have said - the key is constant rearranging and tweaking. Plus, it helps to have a little bit of ADHD going on...I cannot simply sit and watch a tv show or movie - my eyes are constantly roving the room and thinking about changing this or that out, moving this there and that here....and so I do. And there's a lot of moving stuff back to where I had it too - but it's all worth it when you every once and a while get that "aha!" moment! The only suggestion on your above displays I have at this point is re the pears...How large are they? They seem just a wee lost in the basket - perhaps turning the basket on its side as Linda suggests - or, what I'm seeing is them in a big ol' wooden bowl with some Spanish moss and twigs.....Just have fun, Betty - have fun! Smiles & Big Hugs ~ Robin

  7. Hi Betty, What can I say about arranging primitive items together, it takes a lot of arranging and rearranging and standing back and thinking something is just not quite right and walking off and coming back, well you get the picture. But I think that is just part of the fun of primitive decorating, the tweaking, nothing stays in the same place very long in my house. I love to get ideas from others, yes I agree Teresa has great displays. I added a folded towel on top of my stove board, gave it a little softness. I think your displays always look real nice, I always enjoy visiting your house. Take care, Vicky

  8. Betty,
    I am also always tweaking and re-arranging things.
    If it doesn't look right to me I may move things at least ten times if not more. The stove board does look much better now and I agree with Linda that the basket laid on its side will show the pears better. The pitcher with flowers and boxes and candlestick are competing with each other.
    I would take off the pitcher altogether and leave the boxes and candlestick. Less is more.
    I try to remember that and display in odd numbers. Otherwise the other displays are perfect. Now if someone would help me get my house tweaked more. Some days I just want to take everything out and start over. When I have one of those I hate my house days, Then I go take a nap and sleep on it.
    Good luck, show us more of your changes.
    Country at heart

  9. Hi Betty, I love your home and think you do a great job with your displays. I agree with Teresa on the stoveboard - I was going to say "less is more". I think the items you have displayed in the last photo are perfect.

  10. Betty, I am just sitting back and taking all the advice in myself as I am not really good at putting things together either. However I have always loved your style of decorating and you have such awesome treasures. I just play until I like it and feel comfy and I just hope everyone else will be nice to me. I am no decorator but enjoy playing house. Yours all look great. I do love the stove board with less, hmmmm , maybe I need to go do some tweaking on my own. You have a great evening.

  11. I think that basket with the pears and cloth would be cute on the top of your stove with a chunky candle sitting in front of it.
    Do you like to burn candles?
    Have a great week!

  12. Hi Betty ,I have always admired you and your home.I think you do a wonderful job with your displays.Hugs,Jen

  13. Oh Betty, your home is always a joy to see! I'm really lovin the new stove board display! I read that when you are done with a display, sit back and look at 1 thing to remove and it usually works out beautifully! Display in odd numbers. Wonderful I'm craving peach cobbler too! ;)

  14. Hi Betty,
    I think we are all crazy don't you? We drive ourselves crazy about how and where to display things but OH how we love it! Isn't it fun and we normally love the results when it is finished. OR do we? ha! Love your displays..


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