Saturday, April 30, 2011

More Prim Lights and What Moves You?

Good Saturday morning everyone. It is a little cool but going to reach 80 here in East Tn today. It is always good to see you and I love reading all your comments. You have all became friends through them. You know the coffee is on. Today we are back on DD Hazelnut. I tell you I just love a good cup of coffee. I hope you will enjoy it this morning. It is a little chilly, so coffee is good.
Last time I shared a few of my prim lighting. It seems lighting is important in Prim decorating. I love lamps and have them everywhere. You know I like candles too and am absolutely in love with the battery candles on a timer. They look wonderful in your chandeliers that are not electrified, and they come on automatically. I'll get a picture when mine come on next time and show you.
This is another lamp made from a jug. The shade is made of flax linen, from Ginny curry antiques. It is the same material of all my curtains. I love the color and the texture.
This one I ordered from Ervins when I bought the lighting for the living room and reading nook, years ago. I think they call it the Betsey Ross.
This is another Ervins. I got it at The Speckled Hen in Clinton. This one and the Betsey Ross is in the kitchen-dining area. They are the same color and match the witches hat hanging lights. I still really like tin.
 Another jug lamp. This one is in the bedroom and is a Rowe Pottery lamp.
This floor lamp,(bridge lamp is the original name and they are just from 20's or 30's) make the best reading lights. I have a couple of these and really use them. Next time I'll share my collection of old kerosene lights and show you the ceiling lights Through My Back Door.
Remember Picket over at Pickets Place and her What Moves You? I did it last time and want to do it again. I have to give you a little background first.(of course I would lol) How many of you had someone in your life, other than Mother or Grandmother who influenced you? I was lucky, because I had Ila. She was my Mothers first cousin's wife. She was 10 years older than me, but lessons she taught me over the years have been valuable. She taught me to peel my first potato, biting her tongue as it whittled away to nothing.I had never peeled a potato before! She was the mother of triplett boys and a daughter. When you are 14 and 24, 10 years are a lot. When you are 24 and 34 , they are nothing. We became very close and remained that way until her death in 2001. Any way we both loved antiques and I wanted a coffee grinder. I had 3 young children and the budget didn't allow it. One visit, (they lived in Ohio, we lived in Tennessee,) when she got out of the car, in her hands was a coffee grinder! YES! I was so excited I grabbed it and ran into the house!! Leaving them standing outside laughing so hard they couldn't see. Whenever I see this coffee grinder, it moves me!
I can't begin to tell you how many laughs we had over this through out the years. To this day it is one of my most treasured possessions.
Thank you for coming Through My Back Door today, where life is good.
The devastation through out the south has been heart breaking. I didn't do this post today out of insensitivity to those who have lost everything. I did it to maybe brighten someones day. As I have said before, Prim lovers know what is important and have our priorities in order.We know it is not things.
Picket we are all so thankful you and your family is okay, there in Tuscaloosa.


  1. Smiling as I remember sweet Aunt Illa! She was so much fun!

  2. Betty,
    Love all your lamps! You have some beautiful ones!
    I don't think anyone here would think you were trying to make anyone feel badly!
    I am glad you had Aunt Illa. She sounds like a real jewel!
    I am glad Picket and her family are alright, and I know what you mean, I just feel terrible for the all the people through this devastation!
    I have had a few people in my life aside from my mom and grandma, I'll have to think more and maybe do a post about that.
    I hope that you are having a good weekend!

  3. Beautiful lamps~love Irvins!!!
    Wonderful story of your Aunt!!
    enjoy your day

  4. Good Morning, Betty! Your lamps and that coffee grinder are beautiful! Loving your DD (as I do too), I can see why you are drawn to it... Glad to hear you and your friends are OK. Becky

  5. Betty, Love all your lamps. I too love lamps and candles. In fact today I am rearranging on the carport so that I can put a lamp out there to welcome us home in the evenings. I have had one on my front porch for years. You would be surprised at the folks who have driven by at night and commented to me later about how cozy it looks. Would love to have some of the prim ones like you have shown. They would definitely not go outside. You have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for sharing the pictures.

  6. Hi Betty, Prim lighting definitely makes the house look pulled together, I have just ordered a blacken tin hanging light for my dining room and a new ceiling light for my kitchen. Thanks for sharing yours, always on the lookout for lighting ideas. Have a great weekend. Vicky

  7. Hi have some really nice lamps.
    Love the coffee mill story. As usual, always enjoy reading your posts!

  8. Amen! We are pleased that our Pickett is safe.
    Love the lamps. <y favorite pieces are ones that your ritzy folks call junk. I've always loved the old stuff!

  9. Wonderful lamps and coffee grinder. I love the story of your Aunt. Our prayers continue for those affected by the storms.


  10. Hi Betty! I enjoyed your post and your coffee grinder story. It is a beautiful piece. I have my Grandma's. You have so many nice lamps.
    Thanks for the coffee!

  11. Betty, I'm in love with the candles with timers, too, but alas I have pillars. Do they make taper ones? I just bought an antique lamp at a yard sale and went to plug it in and the thing blew. I think it would look so cute with flickering tapers on a timer.


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