Saturday, April 2, 2011

Decluttering, and Not Just My Home

What a beautiful Saturday morning here in East Tn. I was looking at the sunshine and thinking what a day to just live in the now. Welcome Through My Back Door and I am so happy to have you visit. Of course the coffee is on and I certainly think we are good enough friends that now you know to choose a mug of your choice, redware or crockery, pour your coffee and come settle in. My friend Sandi, better known as DayBreakPlace, has a quote from Jimmie Dean on her picturetrail. It says"I am drinking from my saucer, because my cup runneth over." I am not sure I have quoted it exactly, but it is close.How many of us are doing that and not even aware of it? So any way, I digress, my thoughts today are on decluttering and drinking from my saucer.
I was thinking about all the posts I have read recently on decluttering. My house is too full, but I wonder if my life is more cluttered than my house.
Look everywhere you look there is something. Yes I like it all, but it is cluttered. I need to change that and I will. More importantly I am going to change some other things. I am going to rid myself of negative thoughts. I am going to throw away self doubts, I am going to toss away words if they aren't good ones. Opinions that don't help any one are going into the trash as well as judging others. If I can't help I don't want to hinder.I want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I feel better already, just decluttering a little bit. Now I think I will start on my house. It is funny how much easier it is when your load is lighter.
I wish everyone a day of decluttering whether it is your house or your life.Please drink from your saucer  and thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good. Even better now that I have decluttered.


  1. I like your attitude, Betty, hope it rubs off on me! It is a beautiful day here in Oklahoma also. It's so nice to see sunshine!


  2. I'm with you trying to let go of stuff even though I love it.My house was so cluttered but now that I'm downsizing I like being able to enjoy the freshness and noticing the pieces I really love.I have tried to be kinder in spirit as well.I've always been quicker to judge myself than others though.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. It's so funny how certain people come into your life at certain times...for amazing reasons. I happened to notice your comment on my blog...Perfect timing...I'm unfortunately going through some very hard things right now in my life. Pretty much sitting here...thinking woe is me..because honestly..I really do have some woe happening! And I read what you wrote..and WOW you are so right..I do have an amazing life...with these amazing boys! God has most certainly blessed me! THEN I of course had to check out your blog..and again I just had to say ..WOW. Perfect timing! Thank you so much for checking me out. I wish could make beautiful prims like many, lol..but yea..I'm much better and buying...and then decorating! But I do have some pretty funny things going on around here from time to time! Thank you again!

  4. well betty what can i say , you know all my serects i tell no one ealse life is good i wake up each day and will tomorrow i have woe's too but i will not let them hold me back or depress me in any way , i declutter my mind but my heart and spirt are with god , he will lead me to any path i take bless you betty for just begin you

    PS i can not declutter my house as you know i keep bring things in to it but that is ok as long as it all fits on the truck when i move to ky lol

    this time i will be the last one out of the house when the door is locked that way nothing gets left behind( but all i have been throw theses past months .)
    today we cleaned out closets and took what we never use or wear to the salvation army drop box i am getting it done one day at a time but i will get there god is leading me by the hand to where i will be happy i am sure . you are so dear to me betty crowe you''ll never know

  5. What a wonderful post!!
    I feel the exact same way.

  6. Well said Betty! Since I have been packing and moving I have found that I too, have way to much stuff. I have been redoing things and doing alot of decluttering. I love the idea of decluttering my heart and mind and attitude. Thanks for the challenge....blessings!

  7. Hi Betty. Love the quote. The Lord does bless and continually provides.

    I have just begun to cleana and declutter, with items going to consignment. It's a great way to move some items out and make room for new.

    Have a blessed day!

  8. Betty, you are a true lady! I am so happy to know you, and I appreciate your friendship. I hope that I can learn to be more like this, not let things get to me so much and the negative thoughts. It can be a challenge, but I will try! I am trying to simplify somewhat.
    It isn't easy to do, and I have so much still to do.
    Thank you for such a heartfelt post!

  9. Betty, such wonderful thoughts. Thank you! Those are good words to live by.

  10. Betty~
    Love your post~
    thank you~ so inspiring!

  11. Morning sweetie....beautiful post from such a beautiful soul...Hope you have a glorious Sunday (oh and if you are gonna 'declutter' some of that kitchen stuff....I'll send you my address! lol) Love you girl....Picket

  12. Hi Betty, What a wonderful post! I agree with you and are de-cluttering also...Isn't it wonderful just to give someone a kind word and see them smile? You asked me about the photo and yes this is out of my living room...Have a wonderful day and keep up the positive thoughts..Love your post!

  13. Betty,

    Pam and I have adopted similar feelings. Are our lives so full of things that people can't get in?

    Our home is full, our life is too, but as we age we have found that people are more important than things. Always knew that, now just admitting it more!

    Pam has enjoyed TPP and your friendship. Glad we decluttered enough to meet you all.

    Frank and Pamela


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