Monday, April 25, 2011

Prim Lamps and a Little Easter

Good Monday afternoon everyone. It is such a beautiful day after Easter here in East Tn. Yesterday was beautiful too. Come on in, we going Through My Back Door on out to the front porch. It is so nice lets have a glass of Heavenly tea instead of coffee. This is a family favorite and we have it for all special meals. Today is special because you are here so lets just sit back, relax, drink our tea, and talk. I hope each of you had a wonderful Easter. We did. My granddaughter and her husband, Andrew and Mollies mama and daddy, had us for dinner on Saturday. Dodd and Renda took me to lunch yesterday. So it was wonderful. I'll show you Amanda's table.
This is Andrew sitting at his special table.
This is the four generation picture.Deb,Mollie, me and Amanda.
I just wanted to share a little of my Easter with you.
We all know you have to have the right lamps to get the prim look. Everyone's taste is different, so my ideas of prim lighting and yours may be complete opposites. I'll share a few of mine. Okay?
This is one of two that was converted from kerosene. Remember the other one was from my great aunt? I have had this one forever.
This little one you can put anywhere. Right now it is on my grandmothers pedestal at the end of my little hall.
This one is truly an old whiskey jug given to me 45 years ago by a friend. She knew the history behind it and I treasure it to this day.
This one is from an old saloon in Knoxville's old city. I'll show you up close.
Patrick Sullivans is still open down there.
This one sets on my old pie safe and lights a nice little glow.
This one of my favorites. It just says prim. Don't you think? Well I am not going to show anymore today. I don't want you to have lamp overload. You just can't have too many though, can you? Next time I'll share a few more with you if you like.
I was over at Picketts Place blog the other day and she asked the question, "what moves you?" She was speaking of things she sees that reminds her of wonderful memories. Well it got me to thinking about what moves me. There are so many things that do, but I will share this one today.
My dad was a water well driller. They drilled wells in the cold weather as well as
warm weather. He had a little silver building on wheels he took to all his sites and in that building was a little bitty laundry heater stove. He also had a little cupboard where he kept his lard, coffee, salt,etc. I have it on the wall in a bedroom. When I see it it moves me. I remember going to work with him and feeling the mud oozing between my toes in the summer time. I remember going in the winter time huddling by that little stove to keep warm and eating the best ever fried eggs and ham. I'll share it with you today.

This moves me. What moves you?
Thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter. We did too! What a great family photo - a treasure to keep for years! Love all those lanterns!

  2. hi, Betty
    The table so cute~ love the photo~ you all look like you are having so much fun!!
    The lighting is all beautiful!!!
    Oh, the cupboard is just so pretty & what a nice memory, then to add~ mud oozing through your toes( I am a barefoot gal!!! & love that!!)
    Love this post~ memories, family, & prim goodies~
    thanks for the tea

  3. It gives us a warm cozy feeling inside to own a special piece that may mean nothing to someone else, but holds such special memories to ourselves. Love the story behind the cupboard in your bedroom. How sweet.
    So glad you had a great Easter. The picture of you and your family is great. Such a pretty family. THe baby is so sweet. The tea was delicious. Would love the recipe. Have a great evening.

  4. What a wonderful way to spend Easter! I really like all your lamps. I wouldn't mind a bit to see more!

  5. Hi Betty, Love your primitive lamps, can't have enough of them. The story behind your little cabinet that was your dad's was very heart warming. I know how you feel, working with my father growing up in his antique shop brings back those memories when I look at his shop sign I have hanging in my hallway. Thanks for sharing, Vicky

  6. Great lamps, Betty. I especially like the last one. I think I have a lamp fetish. I like the little glow the small lamps put off. I'm glad you are having good weather. It's rainy and cool here again. We'll get some sun soon and I will really enjoy it! The picture of you girls is really good!

  7. Awesome lamps!!
    Looks like you had a great Easter!
    I am looking forward to gardening weather! We have our cold veggies in now and bought out tomatoes & pepper plants but can't put them in yet!

  8. Love all your lamps -- I'd love to see more! They are so much nicer than all the new bright recessed ceiling lights -- we have many of them in this house that I try my best not to use. They give me a headache.....
    We will be downsizing soon, to my grandmother's homestead, (no recessed lighting there!), and that really moves me!
    Love all the family Easter pics, too -- what a beautiful family you have!

  9. What a wonderful Easter :)

    I LOVE your lamp you said, you can't have enough. To be honest a girl can't have enough of any prim/colonial decor ;)

    I LOVE the story behind your little cupboard. I have a platform rocker that my grandfather bought me when I was 6. I still have it today and my girls used it till they out grew it. But when I see that rocker, it brings me back to the day he purchased it for me. I was the most proudest little girl ever. It is so fun to go back to some really special memories like that...Thanks!

  10. Hey glad you had a great Easter...loved seeing the pic of four generations...what a beautiful blessing..loved the lamps and oh my word...sooooo loved that little cabinet of your daddy's and all the memories it holds for you..I'd sure love to sit on the porch with you and tell stories girl...have a great ya sweetie....Picket

  11. Beautiful family her Fiesta on her table for Easter. Love your lamps, will look forward to see more of them. Your story about your Dad is wonderful, those memories are so special to us. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Betty, LOVE all of your lamps! Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter.....Thank You for sharing...

  13. Betty, it sounds like you had a wonderful Easter with family - love the four generation pic. You have some great lamps - I love the converted kerosene lamp.


  14. What a wonderful post! I loved the picture of you with the girls! I also enjoyed seeing all your lamps! Love the lamps! And sharing the story of the cabinet your Dad used, what a nice memory!
    Love that!
    I enjoy all your posts Betty.


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