Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Loving These Holidays and Making a Decision

Good morning you all and come on in Through My Back Door. I do have the coffee on and  there are some cookies to nibble on, lets just sit here by the fireplace and have a good visit. There are some things I really need to talk to you all about. Take which ever chair you want.
I am loving all the things going on right now. There has been parties, luncheons, I went to the Nutcracker with Beth, Amanda,Deb, and Lindsey, then out to dinner. What a good time we had.Went to  Fantasy of Trees and watched Mollie dance.What fun. If the Fantasy of Trees doesn't get you in the Christmas mood, nothing will.I went to Renda's play, It's A wonderful Life, and it was just perfect. Have been shopping with friends and  Deb and I have shopped and had lunch, so all in all I have enjoyed every day of December.  I am loving these holidays. There are a few more parties next week and friends coming for dinner. It is so exciting, Christmas is.
My shopping is done, not all wrapped, and I have made only one batch of fudge. Have to get going on some for gifts, later. So I am just sitting here today enjoying myself. Listening to Carols and just being.
I will share a bit of the decorations Through My Back Door.
These are just a few of the decorations Through My Back Door. I hope you enjoyed the little tour. I always enjoy our coffee and your visits.
Now what I wanted to talk to you about. I am thinking very seriously of closing my Back Door. I think blogging is dying. FB has opened other door and means of communicating, so I am not sure how many people actually read blogs. I know by my dash board I get a lot of hits. People don't comment like they used too. I am guilty as well, but anyway I am seriously thinking about  this. I always felt like blogging could be a good witness, but as Eccles says, "There is a time for all things".So many of my good blogging buddies have quit. So I will pray about it and make a decision the first of the year.
But for today I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good
PS: I was so happy to see my blog fairy had been by. She has made me look good for several years and I am grateful
PSS: Everyone isn't happy during the holidays as we may be. Lets lift them up in prayer
PSSS: I know we don't have to be reminded that Jesus IS the real reason for the season


  1. I didn't know you kept a blog, nor what a wonderful writer you are! I vote to keep it going. FB is great, but this page has so much more character. I like your idea of posting on FB when you have blogged though, as a way to alert FB friends there's a new post here.

  2. I sincerely hope that you do not close your back door! I enjoy visiting you there so much! I even come looking for you some days when you are not there and so glad when I see you have returned! I also do Facebook but its just not the same as blogging friends!

  3. I love your blog and hope that you keep it up. I always get excited when I see a new post from you. I have been very busy getting ready for Christmas great family times.

  4. I love your blog and hope that you keep it up. I always get excited when I see a new post from you. I have been very busy getting ready for Christmas great family times.

  5. Betty I will hate to see you close but I understand. I have your e-mail address and your phone number so we can stay in touch.
    I won't do Facebook.
    Love your pics!

    ***Hugs*** Merry Christmas****

  6. I always love the photos you share! Thank you. :)

    I have facebook, but I am finding I don't like it more and more, there's so much drama there and my heart doesn't handle it very well. Sharing on facebook isn't the same as blogging, posts get lost in the newsfeed or people just *like* stuff and don't communicate.

    I do love your blog! I know I don't comment, but I will do better if it helps keep you here! But I will understand if you do decide to close down. I hope that you won't delete your blog if you decide not to blog anymore. So many deleted prim blogs get picked up by spammers, I hate seeing that happen. It's best to let it sit.

    Happy December & Merry Christmas!

  7. Betty, I have been very lax about commenting, but I always enjoy reading your posts and keeping up with what is going on in your world.

  8. Betty, I have been very lax about commenting, but I always enjoy reading your posts and keeping up with what is going on in your world.

  9. Betty,
    NO don't close your blog. You do such a great job. I so enjoy your coffee and cookies.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  10. I also always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your photos. Follow your heart. I will follow you here or on FB. :)

  11. Thanks for the visit Betty! Coffee and cookie always tastes so good at your place:)
    I haven't been on for some time but I really do always enjoy your posts! Your decorating is impeccable ! Everything looks so inviting, cozy and warm! Have a very Merry Christmas and all the friends and family time too.
    Hugs. Marg xo

  12. Just so lovely and welcoming as always. I actually did not for over a year.. My last post was in September 2014 and I started back a few weeks ago. I agree with the idea that not many read blogs anymore. It seems people view them more like magazines. Looking at all the great décor pics. I had to really think about coming back. My hubby have a dream to begin making furniture and using our farmhouse as a retreat/refreshing ministry.. I am going to use my blog basically as a venue to introduce who we are and as a record of our dream for the Foothills Farmhouse...I have also started a Facebook page for Foothills Farmhouse too. Maybe you could start a Facebook page as "Through my Back Door"...keep your blog and write your post as a record of what's happening in your life....upload to your "Through My Back Door" Facebook so your Facebook friends can read and enjoy without going to the blog. Just a thought.. I will keep up with you regardless as I am your Facebook friend too.. Blessings my Friend!

  13. I don't do Facebook and would hate to see you many blogging friends have went to Facebook. Bob and I will be leaving for Florida soon and plan on stopping in Clinton TN the first night. Can you reccomend any of the antique stores in town? Love your christmas decor. Janice

  14. Hi Betty
    I can say I'm guilty of not getting on blogs or facebook for that matter. I said I would never do facebook but so many blogs have shut down. Blogs made you feel like you were family. There are so many haters and drama on facebook. I usually only get on there to look at a group I joined to look at all the creations that can be made with a vinyl cutting machine that I have. I love your decorations and your beautiful home.You made me feel like family the first time you accepted me as your friend. If you do decide to close your wonderful blog I will still be on facebook. I wouldn't miss chatting certain friends on there for anything in the world.

  15. Evening Betty, I always love to see your cozy home decorated for the holidays, so warm and cozy.... I am sad your leaving, so many friends have left since I started... Merry Christmas,Francine.

  16. Hi Betty, I love all of your decorating pictures. I am saddened to read that you are thinking about closing your blog, I always enjoy my visits here. I do understand though. I know when I do a post I hardly get any comments or visitors and it is like writing to yourself but I still do it now and then. FB just isn't a very close-knit place for me although I will follow you there also!
    Enjoy these days before Christmas, it is a time to rejoice, not stress!
    Be blessed,

  17. Hi Betty, I have always lover your blog. So warm and interesting. Merry Christmas!

  18. Hi Betty, I have always lover your blog. So warm and interesting. Merry Christmas!

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  20. No, please don't close your blog. I love it! I live close enough to visit in person, but I still love to read your blog.

  21. I hope you keep your blog. I love to read it. I am sorry I don't comment as much as I should but know that I am here reading it. I am not on Facebook so I would not be able to read your stories and see your beautiful home.

  22. Looks like you'll be very missed if you go. I always enjoyed my visits and miss alot of the regulars in blogland but I don't do facebook. Too much drama and very impersonal to me. Warm Blessings!~♥Amy

  23. Oh Betty, judging from the many comments, you would be very missed in blogland! You can count me among those who would mourn the loss of Through My Back Door and hearing/seeing all you have to share! Obviously, it is a decision only you can make, but know you provide a very happy, wonderful spot in the blog world. Blessings to you! Jane


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