Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Is Coming

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. It is another beautiful day, here in East Tn and I am thankful for it. I have coffee made and guess what? There are donuts!!! Yes. So come in sit down and lets talk Christmas. Okay? I will bring you up to date on what is going on here. Not a whole lot, but enough. I have had you on my mind, since my last post. I appreciate so much your comments, about Through My Back Door remaining open. I am praying about it and will make a decision in January. You all have made me feel so good though. I was surprised.
I am finished decorating and ready to start fudge and cookie making. For a while I have had some painful shoulder issues. Last weekend it hurt so bad I couldn't leave my recliner, and had to cancel, not one, but 3 social gatherings.As you can imagine that did not make me I was in so much pain, I just sat with ice or heat on that shoulder. But as you know I have a wonderful Ortho(Ryan) and he has upped my meds(OTC) and I am getting therapy. So as of yesterday I am on the mend. I love the Christmas season so much and being incapacitated is not possible. It is just not me.
Debbie made this Santa and she said only a Mother would love it. I do.

Just some decorations around the house. I love this crock, that says, All Hearts Come Home for Christmas. I found my heart "going back home for Christmas".  Growing up Christmas was so exciting. We alternated going to Ohio one year(my mother was an only child, therefor I was an only Grandchild) and my Grandparents coming to Tennessee the next. I remember riding in the back seat of whatever Buick we had singing with the radio and looking at the lights in all the little towns we passed through. I felt so loved, so secure, and just so happy. Sometimes Santa came to my house early if we were going to be gone and I would think about the gift I had to leave, but anticipating what my Grandparents would have for me. I was young and presents were important. Not so much anymore, as I have everything I need and want. Well almost. ha ha
Anyway I have been remembering a lot of happy times this week. When our kids were young we had out traditions and basically still carry them through. I am not a happy person when things change, even though I know they will. I am blessed with so many wonderful memories. But with Christmas coming those memories are just popping up everywhere. I have said before my Daddy was the Christmas lover. He always got me a 5 pound peppermint stick. don't have the peppermint stick, but I do have the peppermint.
Last night I went to Mollies Mothers Day Out Christmas program. It was 30 minutes of little children singing Christmas songs and do the motions. It was bliss for me. Mollie is a rule follower and she was good as gold. Some kids were waving, turning around backwards and flapping their arms, it was precious. After that Deb and I went out to supper. I am so thankful I have a daughter close and we can do things together.
We had our 32nd card party at Frans this week. We all had such a good time. It is so nice to have younger  They keep me going. I value their friendship. Fran had just gotten home from the Holy Land and I enjoyed her pictures and stories.
I have several things going on between and Christmas that I will enjoy. I am so happy Christmas is coming and I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I wish each of you a Merry Christmas, if we don't visit before Christmas. May it be filled with, Jesus, family and full of love
PSS:  If you know someone who is lonely or sad Please reach out to them.  No one should ever be alone on Christmas
PSSS: Lets remember to pray for all our service men and women who can't be home for Christmas


  1. Hi Betty, your decorating looks great. Love that blue feather tree! Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season, and thinking of others and what we can do for them.
    Thanks for sharing, and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Hi Betty, I truly love your home. It's just me and my husband here in Mo. where we retired about 4 years ago. I get lonely sometimes since I only have him to talk too.I'm am grateful for some friends on facebook.Christmas is my favorite. Your granddaughter is adorable.I miss seeing little school plays like this. I got into a gift exchange here on facebook with a group I follow. There was one young girl who said she really wished she could get into it but couldn't afford to buy for someone else. I got her name and sent her a gift. It made me feel good. I love giving things. Thanks for the lovely pictures and you and your family have a very blessed Merry Christmas.

  3. Bob thinks we will be in town between 2 and 5. So maybe we can get to the antique store before it closes and if you are up to it do dinner with us. I will email you our phone numbers.. Janice

  4. Merry Christmas Betty! ... hope your shoulder keeps getting better..

  5. Again I have to say I love your decorating. I feel you about not being up to par this time of the year, I have been fighting such bad heel pain. I went today and got an injection so hopefully that will help. I am praying your shoulder feels better soon.
    I am one of those that commented and said you shouldn't close and lock up your back door. I would truly miss you however, if you do not get joy from it anymore then do what you have to do. It shouldn't be a chore.
    Have a very Merry Christmas Betty!
    Be blessed,

  6. i hope your shoulder get better dear..
    your home looking so cute..
    big hugs x

  7. Brings back wonderful memories of being there after Christmas last year!!!!
    ((((Hugs Betty)))))

  8. Oh Betty, so so beautiful, love everything about your cozy home decorated for Christmas.Blessings Francine.

  9. Betty, Always so nice to visit through your back door. I have been thinking of you often lately, so wanted to make sure I stopped by. Your decorations are lovely as they always are. Always have a feeling of comfort when visiting your blog! May this Christmas find you all healthy, happy and filled with joy and praise. And I pray the New Year brings peace and happiness to us all.


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