Monday, July 27, 2015


Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. The coffee is on and you can have a cookie, well you can have all you want, not just one. Let me say I love Mondays. I have never dreaded them and I think they get a bad Also I am enjoying my new coffee pot. Dodd and Renda got me this and I am lovin' it! It is a Grind and brew!
I even found Kona Beans! Yes I did and I am having the best cup(s) of coffee every morning. It was larger than the Bunn so I had to move my old box of goodies and I am fine with that.I have found it isn't much slower than my Bunn. You all know if you have been visiting me very long, coffee is important Through My Back Door. Now when you come to visit, it may take a minute longer to make, but it will taste oh so good.
I have had a wonderful summer. God has blessed me in so many ways, I cannot name them all. I am grateful and will always be. I have often said, this is NOT the way I expected my life to end, but it is the life I have and I am so contented. Today would have been Curtis birthday. I look back at the Nursing Home years and think, God was preparing me for a goodbye for 6&1/2 years. He was with me the whole time,even when I would drive into the lot and yes, this is crude, but I wanted to throw up. It was so bad. However, he had to be taken care of in a safe environment and I couldn't supply that. Never criticize someone who has had to have a loved one go into a nursing home. Remember their heart is broken and be kind. I had no intention of getting off on that tangent, but I
Anyway, I love summer. I love jumping up and putting on shorts and a tee and having my coffee out on the porch. I used to go out in my gown and have it, but they are building a house across the road and I can't anymore. Now I don't know how I feel about that
It will be nice to have neighbors that can see over here, but no gown and coffee for a while.I know I can always throw on a Too many workers over there. This is my new porch furniture. I took my old to the deck.
Now don't look at the stacked lumber on the porch. It will be out of here when they finish the rails on the deck. I love the storage bin because I don't have to store all my cushions in the house. I haven't decorated the porch yet either. Waiting on lumber  This will all be done one day. I am just blessed to have the guys be able to do this and I don't have to pay labor. Unless you count feeding
This is the deck.
Last week I finally gave in and went to see Ryan about my shoulder. He would say, (when I would whine to him) "Grandmom I can't do anything until you come see me and we X Ray it." Well, I admit, I am a bit stubborn and I dislike going to the doctor. I love my Family Practicioner but don't like to go see Anyway, it got so bad I went and now I am feeling much better. He is magic!lol I have been pain free for about 5 days and the first time in months. I always say I am blessed, because Clay keeps my car going and Ryan my
Last week was a week fun. After the visit to Ryan, I met my friend Sandy and we went shopping and to dinner. We don't get to do a lot together as we are both busy, but we had a fun time. I am all about the fun! I did buy a dress like one she has, but she didn't care. We said if we showed up in them at the same time we would just laugh. Actually we both bought another dress alike. No we are not in middle school. Just have the same taste. My friend Dottie and I have had this happen too. It's what happens when you and your friends like the same
On Wednesday three of my friends in my card group and I went to Rogersville to Hale Springs Inn for lunch. It was built in 1824 and Presidents, Jackson, Polk, and Johnson had stayed there. I had been there a couple of times and really enjoyed it.
Regina, on the left is the one we went to see. She is part of our card group and moved several years ago back home to Rogersville. She doesn't play every week but always goes on our outings. We have played for 32 years! I cannot believe it. Linda on the right is the youngest in the group and I am the oldest(of course)lol
On Friday Deb and I left for Pigeon Forge for the weekend. What fun. We went to Paula Deens and ate lunch. Lots of food and it was good. I do have to say my peach cobbler is better than hers!lol Deb and I went to the outlet mall and let the record state we didn't do a lot of damage. That was a good We stayed at the Inn at Christmas Time, a place we all just love. We try to go up and  stay at least once a year. 4 of the girls from the card group and I go every September. If you are in PF and want a neat place to stay, try it. Especially if you love Christmas, as so many of you do.
 I wish I had some pictures w/o us in them but I don't. Next time .
We had gone up to go see Lorrie Morgan and Pam Tillis in concert. I have to say it was one of the best ones I have ever gone too. They entertained for an hour and a half or two hours non stop. Playing off one another and singing. We loved it. If they bring their Grits and Glam show to your area go. After the concert they signed autographs. I told Deb I wanted a CD and so did she, so we got in line. You know you meet the nicest people in lines. Have you ever noticed that? Well we got our CD's  and books and lo and behold they signed them! Now I love Pam Tillis' song, Betty Bought A Bass Boat and she didn't sing it that night. When she asked my name to sign the book, and I told her, she burst into the song! I must admit, I loved it. I did a little sash shay and Deb, of course got a picture.I should be too vain to post it, but here goes.
Well I have kept you long enough but thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good
PS: Earlene I know this post will drive you nuts it is so But I wanted to share all that is going on.
PSS:You know I am so thankful Deb and I have such a wonderful relationship. I wish it for all Mothers and Daughters
PSSS: Hopefully I will a field trip for us next time


  1. LOL friend!!!!!! Long posts are great when they are worth reading from a friend!!!! also yours are always positive and fun! I know I told you this before but you always wear the cutest clothes.
    Your porch furniture is gorgous and you will love the new back deck too.

  2. Hi Betty! I so want to go to PF just to stay in that place! I love Christmas. Sounds like a great concert too! Your porch furniture is so cute. Happy Birthday to Curtis who is celebrating with no pain and clear headed in heaven. What a party that must be! Is your house still on the market or did you decide to keep it? I just love visiting with you!
    Love and blessings!

  3. Oh have I've missed you my dear Prayer Buddy Girlfirend.
    Boy do I wish we were neighbors and I could sneak over and sip coffee on your porch.
    You are a joy.
    You are blessed and our GOD is great and He truly gets us through those really yuck parts of life
    Ive been so overwhelmed with working again and the busy-ness of summer.
    But He has given me His strength again and again.
    Thankful my life is in HIS hands!
    Woolie Love & JOY


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