Tuesday, July 14, 2015

All Things New England

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. Yes we have a new one. It isn't completely finished but I can show you a picture. Grab a cup of coffee and a cookie, chocolate chip, and sit down. It is pouring the rain and it is a wonderful day to visit.
So it will have to be painted and the new siding stained and then I will show you the finished product.
Today I want to talk about New England and my love for it. I am not sure when I realized I loved the Cape. Long before I ever got to visit. I really think it was because I fell in love with the Stillmeadow Books, by Gladys Taber. If you have followed me very long, you know I love all of her books. My bucket list contains a visit to Stillmeadow. Then along came Murder She wrote, set in a little New England town. I was hooked. Now don't get me wrong, I love where I live. I used to say if you removed me from my mountains I would wither away. Granted it would take a while as there is a lot to wither.lol Anyway, I love New England. I remember the first time I went across the bridge to the Cape, I was teary eyed. Silly I know, but I was. I couldn't wait to sit by the water and eat seafood. (NOW that is another story that my son in law loves to tease me about today.) I will just tell you now the first place we ate, was Pizza Hut!!!! Not my choice.lol Again that is another story.
I love Southern furniture and try to buy only Tennessee pieces. That is just me.
Anyway it is raining today and I was looking at what I needed to do and decided to share my few New England pieces of furniture with you
My Nantucket Basket was gift from Deb a few Mothers Days ago. That is a shadow on it, not a stain.
My cabinet I use as an island in the kitchen came from New England. We have a man who brings things from NE here at an auction and we got this piece there.
My desk, you remember was a Christmas gift from Dodd and Renda, bought in upstate New York? Is that considered New England? I don't know. The chair from the same auction company the island came from.

My shoe foot table bought in an antique store. It is pegged and the top is one board.
My 5 board blanket chest. It is also from the NE auction. It has some repair on it and I adore it. (I spy a coffee cup)
Another 5 board blanket chest from Rockingham, Ma. It was so funny because one of my card group friends was from Rockingham. This was the last piece of furniture Curtis was able to buy. It is cherry and I want to have it stripped. He thought he would be able to, but wasn't.
My green firkin I bought in Maine, with cotton from Georgia.
I love all my New England pieces, and think they blend well with my southern pieces. I have to add some of my New England treasures are not "things". They are the friends I have made on FB, Blogging, and the decorating groups I belong to. I think we blend well too, and I think I am blessed when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS One of my high school friends, lost her son this week. Will you say a prayer for Kathleen?
PSS: Lets continue to pray for our men in blue.Also our women, as my friend Audrey reminded me. I didn't mean to not include them I just think they are one.
PSSS: I hope everyone has a wonderful week. It is summer time and the living is easy.


  1. And let's not forget our women in blue and all of our armed forces no matter what the color of their uniforms. I think the reason your NE pieces blend so well with your southern ones is they all were created in the same era vs location.

    Dang tablet is not smarter than a fifth grader. When I put a period after the vs it keeps capitalizing Location.

  2. I also have a love for New England, still meadow books and "murder she wrote"! I also love your blog and home! Prayers for your friend!

  3. Hi Betty, I love your cozy home, your decorating style too. Beautiful New England pieces,Blessings Francine.

  4. Betty ! LOVE LOVE LOVE your cozy welcoming home and.....that new door!!!!!!!!!
    Summer has been wonderful here.
    Hugs sweet friend!


  5. Saying a praye for Kathleen. I so love the covered bridges of New England. Our family once took a trip through Vermont and New Hampshire just looking for the bridges and Maine was gorgeous too! Would love to go back some day. Your furniture pieces are awesome! Janice


  6. Don't you just love home improvements Betty? Love the new back door and the deck. A vacation to NE is on my bucket list. I would so love to visit the area. Love all your special pieces. A girl's trip is long overdue. Maybe in the fall. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  7. Hi Betty. I live in New England and I just love your home. It is so beautiful and cozy. I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love the thought of NE also...I love watching Cedar Grove on Hallmark channel and if there is a book that looks or says it is set there I will read it, haven't read the ones you mentioned so I am looking for those next.
    All of your furniture pieces are beautiful. I love getting little glimpses of your place, it is always makes me feel so at home and comfortable! Great to see a post from you!
    Be blessed,


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