Friday, June 26, 2015

The 3 M's Memories, Music, and Melancholy

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. The coffee is on, McDonalds, and guess what? There is apple pie and some cookies. I cannot give up my sweets. I guess that is why I cannot give up my 6 extra pounds either. It is good to see you again so soon, and I know you are wondering about the title. Well Olivia spent the night with me last night and we chatted until after midnight,laughing about the past, missing those we no longer have, and planning her future. Lol well, I was anyway. No seriously, we did chat about her future, which I am sure God has a marvelous plan for her. We talked about how nice it is to like our families as well as love them.
 She has a gorgeous voice and she sang for me. Well, she and her boyfriend are singing in a church in Va, in a couple of weeks, and he sent her his version and she was singing along with it. I would love to hear them after they have perfected it. BTW they are singing In The Garden.  My family was very musical, and those who have been coming Through My Back Door for a while know I was not. I probably was my Daddy's biggest disappointment in that respect. Yes, I really did throw my piano lesson money in the ditch, walking to my lessons. Yes, I really did have 4 different piano teachers. Should have had my butt busted. But I TOLD him, I wanted to learn to play the guitar and yodel! So music has and is still a big part of my life. I was listening to Roy Clark's version of "Yesterday When I Was Young", and then I head Ray Price singing "I wish I was 18 Again", and thought, great! It's all Seriously, I do love those old songs. Both Doug and Dodd, as well as Dustin, Douglas, and Curt play the guitar well. Seth can really play a mean harmonica. My
Daddy could play anything and play it well. My Aunt Annie played the mandolin and my Mother played the piano and sang. Debbie and Olivia have her voice.Olivia and I decided she and Deb could really sing well together. So music has always been and still is part of my life. I guess I have reached the age, sad songs make me Seeing my beautiful grands growing up and chasing their dreams makes me happy too. I have wonderful memories and memories are important. We have always heard they can't take our memories away, but they  can. Illness took Curtis' and it hurt us all. I have always tried to make this blog a happy place to visit. I never wanted you to leave feeling anything but good when you left. It was forever before I shared about Curtis, but I will tell you seeing your loved ones losing their memories is horrendous. Maybe I am melancholy because it was 8 years ago today he had to leave home.
The 4th of July is coming and I have happy memories of  the 4ths spent in Ohio. We would always go to the Fairgrounds and have a picnic. I remember one year, Mr Dawson, who owned the funeral home across from my Grandparents house, and his wife took my friend Ruth and me to the celebration with him. We rode in the back seat of his big black Cadilac and I felt so important. I asked Ruth if she remembered that when we talked a while back and she didn't. Well I was from the country and our 4th of July's were completely different. We made homemade ice cream, had watermelon, and oh yes people brought their instruments and made music. I remember one time the goat got loose and knocked the outside lights down. Memories. Isn't their a 50's song, Memories Are Made of This?
Well, I could add an H to this title and call it Happiness. I think memories make us happy most of the time. Beth and Amanda say they have learned a lot about me reading my blog. Life has been good to me and I am grateful. We all have our ups and downs, happy times and sad times. I try to live in the now and like Dr Seuss said, Smile because it happened, don't cry because it's over.
With this said I am leaving you with some pictures from the past that are now memories, but make me smile.
Dewey Destins
Andrew walking in the Walk For the Cure In Honor of  and with his mama

Dasko surveying his kingdom. I still miss this dog so much
Sitting on my Nannies porch swing again, with these 2 cousins. Our cousin Katrina has it now. The 3 of us swung on this when we were little. Many times we swung so high it turned over.
Oh the the 3 M's. Nothing like memories, music and feeling melancholy.
Know what else is good? You coming Through My Back Door where life is still good.
PS: Mollie had her surgery and is in a lot of pain. Please continue prayers for her recovery
PSS: Have a wonderful happy and safe 4th of July
PSSS: Next blog I can reveal who is Coming Through My Back Door



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  2. Enjoyed visiting with you Betty. Love hearing about your precious family, and you sharing special memories with us. Mr. P. 's Mother is so pitiful.. No awareness of the present at all. She still recognizes Mr. P. but her mind is gone. So sad. We all should be so thankful for our health and for all the good memories we have of our friends, and families. Enjoy your 4th. We will have our annual gathering of friends and family at Holly's. And we will be having watermelon and home made ice cream. We will enjoy the annual fireworks from the high school from their front lawn.

  3. As always a beautiful post! Happy 4th to you!

  4. Lovely post, Betty. I did not know Mollie needed surgery... many prayers for her recovery, and for your family as well.
    Wishing you a Happy 4th of July....

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