Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lazy Days Through My Back Door

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. It may be too hot for coffee for you, but you can have sweet tea or pink lemonade. Yes, pink lemonade. I love drinking it in a pretty glass.
 It is a bit early though. So you may want coffee. There is one piece of carrot cake and some apple pie left from yesterday, you can have your choice.
I feel the need to apologize for being a poor blogger lately. It seems I have been gone from home since the middle of March. Also I feel I have nothing to say that would interest anyone. I have stated before I started this blog to share and hear from others about our love of decorating. Well lately I don't change things nor buy anything. I did buy that Redware plate in the picture at a mall in Florida for only $20.00. Dodd and Renda share my love of redware and I love that.
We got home from Seagrove a week ago Saturday. It was the best week of laughter, food, and rest.
This is the beautiful beach we get to enjoy a couple of times a year. I cannot tell you how much I love going here.
On Tuesday morning my sister in law and I went back to Nashville and the Opryland Hotel to attend the Tuesday night Opry. That was because Carrie Underwood was going to be there. We had a good time and spent the early evening at the Plaza at the Opry listening to outside performers.
Sunday all my kids were here for a shrimp boil. Doug spent a lot of years in the Marine Corp, and some of those were in Beauforte, SC, where he learned to cook the best seafood dishes. He brought his outside cooker and we had a feast Sunday. Everyone was here except Curt &Linz, Olivia and Seth, Dustin and Ryan. I think everyone had a great time and the little ones got to enjoy the creek. Beth said the first thing AMelia said Monday morning, was "Mamaws,  The creek?" They played corn hole and we feasted on Shrimp, new potatoes, corn on the cob, green beans, pasta salad, melon, and iced tea and lemonade. We had carrot cake and apple pie for dessert.
It does my heart good to have this gang here laughing and enjoying one another.
I am trying to get inspired and make some changes. I just don't seem to have the decorating mojo. Am I alone in this? I am trying and yesterday made a couple of small changes. My house was supposed to under go some major changes last winter, and due to the weather that was postponed. SO right now I am just uninspired. I will find it I promise.lol
It is so hot here right now, I just want to hibernate. I love summer though. I love getting up throwing on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, having my coffee on the porch and just being lazy. I told Deb yesterday, I think we have just been gone so much, I can't get in the groove I am home and need to get busy. I will take pictures of her house as soon as I can. I want to share a few of her new treasures.
Dodd and Renda have opened an antique booth in a mall called 411 Antique Mall on highway 411outside of Maryville. They have some really neat things in their booth. They have some nice pieces I want to share with you in their house too. I will get to it soon.
For those of you who wondered what Olivia is doing now, she is in Graduate School at UT and working in the Maryville Mayors office 2&1/2 days a week and in the Chancellors Office at UT 2&1/2 days a week. You never know what that girl will do.
Kathy Webb I appreciate all your encouragement and kind words. You are an exceptional lady and I am glad to call you friend.
I will leave you with a few of my favorite things.
I love baskets as you know.
As  you know my family, everyone of us love history.  Usually we don't start until we are older. However Amelia has started very early. She is 2 and amazes us with how smart she is. I know so many of you lifted her and her Mama and Daddy in prayer 2 years ago and God heard. Here she is in my reading nook, sitting in my chair reading the book on Mt Vernon.lol Well she looks like she is reading it
This makes me smile. You know what else makes me smile? You coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I hope you all are enjoying your summer, as I am
PSS: I will try to be a better blogger. A lot of us are having blogging blues lol
PSSS: Speaking of blues,lets continue to lift our Officers in blue in prayer


  1. Hi Betty! What a cutie little Amelia is. Your pretty baskets made me smile this morning as well! Jane

  2. Hello Betty, love the pretty beach, lucky to enjoy it. Love having the gang over too, family, fun and laughter, good mojo. I love your baskets, all look wonderful.Take Care, Francine.

  3. Always enjoy visiting through your back door Betty. It is a hot day here as well. Catching a minute before all the girls get here for a salad/sandwich lunch. Wish you could join us. Stay cool and enjoy just being😊

  4. As always I love visiting you! I feel as though I am right there in your lovely home! You have the most adventurous life, I enjoy reading about it and your wonderful family!

  5. Betty I say just enjoy what feels right to you at the moment. If decorating is not it and you feel like being lazy, so be it! And I agree on two points... Being with family is the best, and Kathy Webb is indeed a very special lady!! Sending warm hugs across the miles!!

  6. Happy Summer! what a beautiful post. a shrimp boil, eh? Wow that sounds amazing! Love all the family photos and pics of Florida! Have a great day! maggie

  7. They say reading at a young age helps in school and children are smarter. Bob and I both love love history..maybe that is why we became antique dealers. I love your baskets! Enjoy your Summer...and I would love some pink lemonade and carrot cake. Janice

  8. Shrimp boil with family sounds wonderful Betty!!!!!
    Hope they do well with the booth. I started getting my booth ready at my daughters antique mall. Lots of fun and can't wait till she opens. We need more vendors though.
    Take care busy lady :0)

  9. You have been a busy lady! I would have loved to seen Carrie Underwood perform. How fun. I haven't been inspired to do much in our home lately either. It is still for sale and I am not so patiently waiting for it to sell. Miss Amelia is adorable. She will be reading that book to you before you know it! Stay cool!

  10. So pretty to serve pink lemonade in a pretty glass. Makes one feel special!glad you can enjoy time together with your family. Your wee one in " the big chair" reading is priceless! Always enjoy my time coming "through your back door"


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