Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's Summer Time and the Living Is Easy

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. We haven't visited in a while and it really is good to see you. McDonalds coffee is on and there are few chocolate chip cookies left. Help yourself and lets go sit on the porch.
I love it when you can get up, slip into a pair of shorts and a shirt and sit on the porch to have your coffee.(In the winter time I am caught wearing my pj's half a day) I look at two fields that have horses in them and I love it. This is such a wonderful way to start your day. I also start my day with Jesus Calling. I love that book. I love my geraniums too, as you know, and I have them everywhere. They are  just beautiful this year and they came from Kroger!
Some of you know I have had another birthday. Let the record state I do not feel OLD. lol I am still in the 4th quarter and enjoying every bit of it. My sister in law and I went to Nashville to the Grand Ole Opry to celebrate  my birthday and stayed at Opryland Hotel from Friday until Sunday. We had such a good time.  Our room was by the water fall and it was so peaceful. If you remember, last year we were in Niagra Falls and went to Niagra on the Lake for the day. We both were only children and married brothers. So our families are all we have, as both the guys have passed away. We enjoy being together and travel well. We have another Opry trip scheduled. She had never been and loved it. I must admit I was surprised she did. I have a couple of other trips planned too.
I asked on the last post if I was prim. No, I don't think so. This room and the bathroom maybe.
One of the things I have been thinking about is how long it takes us to find our decorating style. It took me forever!!!!! I always had a few antiques, as they have always been a love of mine. They were family things and special.  I love looking at a piece of  furniture someone made and think, wouldn't they be surprised to see it was still being loved and appreciated. As I am sitting here doing this blog, I realize I have  no factory built furniture,except my upholstered pieces and a bench. The rest is all hand made. My German cupboards have a signature and town on them, although it is hard to see.
This last picture is an old fall picture. I have shared the story of these cupboards and they are indeed special.
My table is an old handmade two board Tn table and I love it. It is so me.
An old Pa piece that we bought to hold Watt pottery, and now it holds my Red Ware
This is my favorite piece and I have said that before. It is a North Carolina piece and so heavy it takes 3 people to move it. It was so dirty Curtis and Doug took it to a car wash and cleaned it up! Of course they used a dolly to move it around.lol When it was brought in they said it would never leave.lol
Anyway, if you are struggling to find your Decorating Love, be patient it will come. So many people decorate alike, I suggest you find your "you". Just because someone paints everything black, or mustard, you don't have to. We all have our grooves we just have to find them.
I am glad you found your way Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS I told you we would take a field trip to Debs and we will. I have not had time to take pictures. That is the truth. She has some wonderful new pieces. Then we will go to Dodd's and Renda's.
PSS: Enjoy every minute you can this summer. Take time to truly smell the roses and not just a whiff as you pass by.
PSSS: Lets still remember to pray for those that are serving our country and I want to put our men and women in blue, that lay their life on the line for us everyday, and get nothing but ridicule, at the top of my prayer list. Will you?


  1. Happy birthday and how fun to spend it at the Opry! Love reading about your treasured pieces. I always tell my customers to buy what speaks to them. Janice

  2. Wonderful post. I love visiting you. Happy Birthday and many more! Maggie

  3. The Opry sounds like a fun trip. It's so nice that you have your sis-in-law! Happy birthday to you!

  4. Hi Betty! Your home is beautiful and I feel it too, buy what you like! Looking forward to visiting again. I might be going to Florida again this winter so will let you know.
    Lots going on here and way too busy. Bad storms going through right now.


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