Monday, May 11, 2015

Am I or Am I Not? Prim That Is

Good morning and come on in Through My Back Door, you know where the mugs are help yourself to coffee and a a piece of cake. If you don't eat it I will.(lol) When I started this blog, it was all about decorating. There wasn't many people I knew who decorated like I do and it was fun to connect with those of you who do through out blogs. Now so many of you have stopped blogging and so many of you don't read blogs anymore. I know everyone is busy and life gets crazy and that is okay. So many of my own friends don't read my blog anymore and I have no complaint about that. It is what it is. However, many of you have changed your decorating style and are going lighter. That too is good if that is what you want to do. I, however, haven't changed. I still love the things I did when I started this blog four years ago. My question is, Am I Prim or Am I Not? I am searching for my decorating I don't think I am nor have I ever been prim. So, what am I? I have no idea. To me Prim is bare, colorless, and make do's. I LOVE color, especially red. I have red everywhere. I love the good antiques, I don't want doors falling off cupboards, nor do I want chippy paint. True prim might only have dull red, or as it is called today, attic finish. I never heard that definition until the last few years. I love farmhouse and so many people describe that as mostly white. The farm houses I knew growing up had wall paper on the walls and mostly oak furniture, except in the "parlor"(the farmhouses I knew, had parlors) and there was the good stuff.
Do you see anything prim about this room?
Honestly, tell me the truth. Am I prim or am I not? I posed this question on a Decorating group I belong to on FB and to tell you the truth I was surprised at the comments. Kathyanne said she was high country and I liked that. I have been referred to as high country. In fact Curtis always called our house high country.
I don't think my bedroom is prim at all. I do use coverlets but they are not especially prim.
This room could be prim. The quilt is 1800's and the great wheel late 1700's or early 1800's. I don't know. I am going to try to put a twin bed in here, but Deb doesn't think I can. We will see what happens. It is actually an old rope bed. So will it be prim or not?
A firkin full of cotton, might be prim. Is it?
But is this?I agree it doesn't matter as so many in the FB group said.The style we have is our own. I have never been trendy. I like what I like and could care less if it is in style or not. The same with clothes. I am just curious. I was described as eclectic, which I would have never thought, colonial, farmhouse, and lots of other adjectives. One lady said I had too much stuff, and I have never been told that before. I have nothing compared to so many others. That comment surprised me. BUT is also made me look and I do have a lot of stuff on my wall of love. Today I am removing some pictures and redoing that wall. One person said I was Crowe-onial and I liked that! Made me think I am me, mixed with a little Colonial. Thank you Al.It isn't important what my style is not t all. I really don't have to have a name for it. I guess I was just a curious how my look was perceived. So I still don't know if I am prim or not, But I do know I love it when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I actually have done some tweaking. Pictures to come later.
PSS: I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day. I did
PSSS: Next blog will be a field trip to see Debs new pieces of furniture.


  1. I like your style whatever it is! I have noticed that the definition of primitive has changed over the years, and I don't like what it has become. It used to be plain antiques such as pie safes, dry sinks. Now it seems to be a bunch of make do things that never, back in the day, actually existed. Your style is a reflection of you! It's Betty!

  2. Oh Betty, who cares what name is given to our style of decorating? I decorate with whatever I want. A few antiques that belonged to family members, a few make do's and prim items, some farmhouse country, and a few pieces that even I wouldn't know how to describe their style. Maybe just because they spoke my name. It is our house and all these items make it a home we love and enjoy. Your home is beautiful regardless of the style. Sit back and enjoy it.!! Have a good week.

  3. Betty, I love this question you have asked.............I don't know what I am either! I think like you...... I am what I am! Love reds too and mustard, ivory, tans, blues, just not real fond of greens to decorate with except live ones at Christmas. I know I do like comfortable and cozy, all good words I guess. I still feel the need to pare down my things. Without sounding like doom and gloom I don't want my kids to have to wonder what to do with everything someday so I am picking and choosing my favorite things that I want around me. I keep saying I need to blog again, I don't even remember reading spite full, hate full remarks on blogs as there seem to be floating around on FB. Please, I have other more important things to think about like mine and my hub's 70th birthdays this year and our 50th anniversary and just staying alive! Love you sweet friend Betty and your home just the way it is!

  4. I, too, think the same way as you, Betty!! I do not know how to explain my style. I call it prim, but it isn't the wonderful 'authentic' prim look. I have many antiques, many repros, some junk, and other 'stuff' I just love. Some people come into my home and call it country. I wouldn't call it that. Country to me is a more cutesy style. It's definitely not farmhouse.... no whites at all, as I love color!! So what is it?? Guess it's just me.... top to bottom filled with things I love!
    Your home reflects you, Betty.... which is wonderful and fabulous, comfy and cozy!! I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your home. I imagine a cup of coffee on your porch, and of course something sweet to eat. Your home is a place where all are welcome and could sit and chat for hours. Restful, relaxing, beautiful, you. What could be better than that?!

  5. I have often tried to figure out what my "style" is, too, but I just don't know. I agree with you that farmhouses from years back did not look like they portray them to look in prim and country magazines. They looked more like you described. I like the way you decorate, it's homey and comfortable...and I agree--it doesn't matter what it's called as long as you like what you have!

  6. If you want to get technical, none of us are really "primitive". Primitive would be having only what you need, not having collections, and decorations on display. We also probably wouldn't have bedrooms and bathrooms too, but hey, this isn't primitive times and we need those. LOL

    I love your house and all that is in it. Mine does not compare at all, I'd love to have prim furniture and decor! I love the style vicariously through you and other bloggers who share their homes and gardens!

  7. Oh Dear Betty - you have hit it on the head the same way I feel about 'Prim'.
    I would say you are Colonial as I am as well. I have but a few pieces of Prim in my home - that I can think of anyway. They are things like bowl racks on the wall - well gosh darn, that's all I can think of LOL.
    I love your look and like you I won't change anytime soon. It's too late for me to change for that matter.
    I love the darker colors and the spark of color for accents.
    Your home is beautiful just as it is!

    I am saddened by the loss of our blogging friends that went over to FB.
    Now I will admit I'm on FB but tell me, how many people would actually read through a FB post like you have here....NONE! They would scan and then click 'like'....not for me. I want to see and read the whole story.
    I'm still here with ya blogging away and I don't care if anyone reads's a kind of therapy for me. And - I don't have friends that like what I do so I count on my blogging friends here.

    Well my friend my comment is as long as your post LOL

    Thanks for sharing

  8. "It is what it is" and it always looks warm and welcoming. :)

  9. I love your style. To me it is colonial and a little prim. I get such a warm cosy feel in a room like that. It always feels welcoming. Who wants to be like everyone else. I love things with a little history. I treasure all the family pieces That were passed from generation to generation. I have things that were my great and great great grand parents.

  10. I love your style. To me it is colonial and a little prim. I get such a warm cosy feel in a room like that. It always feels welcoming. Who wants to be like everyone else. I love things with a little history. I treasure all the family pieces That were passed from generation to generation. I have things that were my great and great great grand parents.

  11. The room with the Spinning Wheel looks Prim to me. I follow a gal Francine out of Canada who is Prim for sure!
    I think you look Colonial more than anything else...or Early American!
    I am eclectic, I buy what I like and what is comfortable to sit in. I love red too and I use it an an accent color! :)

  12. I sometimes feel the same...I have very mixed styles, but one thing is for sure - I love your style...whatever you want to call it....but...does it really need a name....the style is YOU and that's what important! You need not label yourself at long as you are happy! Enjoy your beautiful home.

  13. I agree with everyone who said you are Colonial Prim! I love your home and I am not into the all white/beige rooms. I think they are pretty to look at but they are not me. Make me feel cold! lol I love red!

  14. I think your home should be called Love filled Beautiful!
    Big ole Woolie Hugs to ya Pal

  15. A home should be filled with love and yours is. That is all that matters.

  16. I think you're Colonial...I love you're home

  17. Oh Betty, I sure hope you did NOT redo your wall because of that one persons comment.
    I LOVE your home and all the furnishings in it!
    When I moved into my home 9 years ago, I thought I was decorating in the primitive style...hence the name Primlish. I think the word primitive was way overused back then. I do not think my home looks primitive at all! Oh well, Colonial/traditionalish doesn't flow as nicely. ;)

  18. I think your home is beautiful and welcoming! It's a place where you can't wait to go visit and chat for hours. I think it's more colonial than prim but it does have prim things in it. I think true prim is more sparse and like you, I love things around me. I don't think prim has as much color. Again. like you, I love color...prim colors, but color nonetheless. You have things with history that speak to your heart and I love the stories you tell about those pieces. I don;t know what I am either but I know I love coming to visit you! Thanks for opening your home to us, whatever style it is!!!

  19. I love your decorating style, it is more like colonial to me, but I am no expert,but whatever it is I do love it and your blog !

  20. Hello Betty...and I must add a Very Happy Birthday to a dear sweet Friend too!
    I hope you have Many Happy Returns of this day! You always have so much for me to read and see what you have been up to! Don't change a single thing! I LoVe coming through your Back Door for a visit. I'd say some people are into more extreme primitive than others, but I did see quite a few pieces in your rooms I would call Primitive. I LoVe the way you decorate. It's warm and comfortable and always so welcoming. I'm just saying your beautiful home suits you to a " T " have a great weekend. Please keep blogging...I LoVe reading your posts. Hugs Marg.


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