Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Hey, everyone, good to see you and come on in Through My Back Door and lets talk Simple. Get a cup of coffee and a cookie and come sit down and visit. Have you ever just took time to think how complicated your life can get? And why? When I was younger, I took it for granted it had to be that way. But know what? It doesn't. My Mother was a wise woman and no matter how hard I try, I will never be like her.Yet she never told me I didn't have to be busy or doing something all the time. She didn't teach me to love simplicity and unfortunately I never thought to teach my kids either. They are all so busy and have too much to do. That will be another I do stupid things(to this day) then wonder why. I say things I wish I hadn't. I do things I wish I hadn't, (Should have called this post, I wish I hadn't)lol But truth is, we don't have to get complicated, we just need to be simple. I belong to a FB group dedicated to simple ways, and I know I am not the only one who feels this way. Oh I like my "things" just not as many of them as I used too. (I will always like my bling, for those of my family who reads this and supplies me)lol However I am just not into things like I used to be. I am more into enjoying and just being simple. (Now some may take this simple thing too far and say I am "simple")lol
So here is what I am enjoying today. My grass freshly cut by Chris. I love sitting here
and looking at this.
See the dinner bell shadow?
Can't get much more simpler, huh? Yesterday down below my house was a young buck, maybe 4 points and a young doe. So pretty and I couldn't get my camera on my phone turned on fast enough to get a picture.
Several things mean "simple" to me. Reading a book on a rainy day. Sitting by the fireplace on a cold day enjoying a strong cup of coffee. Visiting with friends who are like family. Playing cards or dominoes. Seeing a vignette that just says simple.

An old chair, worn from years of use.

I live in a simple little house. It was built with love and I love it. I hope you have enjoyed your visit today, a simple visit Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: It is my opinion, you can't enjoy the simple things with out reading good books and drinking good coffee. They just enhance enjoyment.
PSS: Will you take my Simple Challenge and find just one thing that simplifies Simple to you? If you like share it with me
PSSS: I am still reading my Susan Branch Book, A Fine Romance. I recommend it to all of you. Also if you are seeking Simplicity, discover Gladys Taber books. Two of my friends went to the Stillmeadow Reunion this year and met Susan Branch. Carol and Georgia. I was invited but couldn't do it this year. They actually toured Stillmeadow, which would be a dream come true.
Carol, Susan Branch and Georgia. I didn't ask permission to do this, so if they care I will have to ask

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  1. Morning Betty, so beautiful, love the scenery, Blessings Francine.

  2. Having the Devil of a time trying to comment on your posts lately...trying once more...Love the pictures of the peaceful looking setting you get to enjoy with your books and coffee! So beautiful!

  3. My iPad froze......I'm getting more simple all the time but I'm afraid most of it is in my brain power . Love all your pics. Hugs

  4. Love the view from your porch, so green and cool looking.

  5. Beautiful visiting you my dear friend.
    I'm so glad to see you post again.
    I love the simple life too.
    Please pass the coffee and cookies.

  6. Betty... simple life... I need to slow down too...trying... I am pulled in so many directions these days... and just not enough of me to go around...... BUT, I am going to have to check out this book... maybe this week, off to the book store for me... a summer read... a little down time :) Hugs! OLM

  7. I understand completely, Betty. I, too, am at the stage of wanting less "stuff" in my home. I thoroughly enjoyed collecting it all, but now it's too much trouble to keep it all. We have donated or discarded at lot this year. I also like a good rich cup of coffee, but it seems hard to find one these days! I love your front porch! I bet you spend a lot of time on it during the summer months.

  8. I hear you loud and clear.....I can complicate things so easily.. one of the things I tend to do is try to do to many things at once.....when life is simple to me....sitting on my porch..taking as much time as I want to Bible...ponder on it.....just looking out on the pasture land where to big projects....or early mornings with my hubby drinking coffee and just rush.. One of the things I love about slows things down.. I love the fireplace...lowlight and sitting with a soft quilt..browsing blogworld.....nothing to do because the Weather stops Your yard is beautiful... Have a great week. Blessings!


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