Monday, July 14, 2014

A Few Tweaks

Good Monday Morning and come on in Through My Back Door, where the coffee is always on and you are always welcome. It is good to see you this morning and you are in luck. You can have a piece of yellow cake with caramel icing with your coffee. Yes, it is this coffee.
I am hooked on Anyway, it is Monday and I am NOT doing laundry. This apple must have fallen a LONG way from the I will share why, you have cake on a Monday morning. A fellow blogger, Earlene, was trying to work out stopping here on Sunday.  Primitive Passion Decorating,
but it didn't work out. Weather got in the way and she had stated she wanted cake and coffee here, so I made a cake, lol , and cleaned the porch furniture so she could get her wish.
So I sat out here and ate a piece, oh yes I ate one for her too! Hopefully next time it will work out.
I did a bit of tweaking. I went over to my friend Carol's last week and I always get motivated there. She has the most welcoming home you will ever visit.
I love this picture and that is her sweet Hattie and Ginger who are no longer with us in the door. She does have 2 new fur babies that are soooooo cute. Anyway I love her coffee table arrangement and came home and changed mine. She and I copy one each other all the time, so it was
I don't tweak much anymore, so it was kind of fun making a few changes.
I have a basket of wool from Audrey on the chair. It stays there all year and is so soft.
Carol gave me this book by Susan Branch. It is basically her story of her love affair with her husband and their second trip to England vis the Queen Mary2. It is wonderful I want to go to England. I have hardly been able to put this down as she has taken her readers on tours of gardens, homes, pubs, etc.
since we are in the bedroom, (this book is on my night stand) I will show you I put the red coverlet back on the bed. I need a change but don't know what I want. any suggestions?
I never see a picture of  my bed, that I don't think of Gloria Gale when she and Bill were shooting my house for CS. He called her to look at a shot and she said,"Good grief it looks like a runway!" Of course he had to shoot a different It is a large bed, hand made in Hawkins county, Tn, mid 1800's. Dodd had a machinist make exact copies of the hard ware so we could make it queen. I have the original so the integrity of the bed is intact. BTW the little corner cupboard was made by the world's best s-i-l
It has been nice having you visit this morning, as always I hope you left feeling happy and contented. Give some one a call today and tell them you are thinking about them, I am going to. I love having you come Through My Back Door where life is good.

Amanda did this jar for the 4th of July> Isn't this cute?
PSS: Saturday Mollie and Andrew did a lemonade stand to help the children of Haiti. All Andrews idea. some of you probably saw this on FB
PSSS: Lets continue to pray for our fellow bloggers. I learned bloggers are prayers and am so proud to be a part of this group


  1. Love your tweaks, Betty! Great post too!

  2. Love your tweaks Betty.. That book surely looks neat and interesting. I love Susan Branch. Ah,, I hate Earlene didn't get to visit. The last time I talked to her there was rain as they traveled. But,,, as hard as I tried,,, didn't get a single taste of that delicious cake! !{hehe} You just made me want one. Might just do one for the weekend. Loved the jar Amanda did. Where did she find the old Cracker Jack boxes? Andrew is so thoughtful, and Molly is a doll. Hope you have a great week.

  3. Aww such a sweet post
    Sweet hugs with love for you x

  4. The tweaks are wonderful! Too bad Earlene couldn't make her visit, it's so fun to meet our fellow bloggers!
    Have a great day sweet Betty!

  5. What beautiful homes filled with love.
    Boy I could go for a piece of cake. :)
    I found a old recipe for a old fashioned sugar cake I wanna try.
    What sweet. Grands you have.

  6. Oh Betty, have a piece for me! Sounds so yummy. Too bad Earlene wasn't able to stop. Looks like they are having a fun road trip though. So much rain here... Tired of rain... sigh... Love visiting! hugs! OLM

  7. Hi Betty!!
    We made it home last night. FROZE!!! Windy and cold, the wind was so strong my neck hurts from leaning all the way.
    I am so upset we couldn't make it. We will someday I hope.
    Love your pictures.


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