Wednesday, July 9, 2014

No Time Like Summer Time

Good afternoon and come on in Through My Back Door. I have been looking for you and have sweettea as well as Death Wish coffee.  You can have your choice. I have been thinking about Summer Time. Isn't it wonderful? This has been going on at my house

The day lillies have been blooming their hearts out. I love them. I have told you before I am NOT a gardener, but I love my day lillies. Do you see why? Ahhhh summer
Nothing like sitting out on the porch in the morning having my coffee and looking out across the yard.

I love summer! You get up throw on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and you are ready for the day. You feel free for some reason, or I do. I have been gone a lot, but I love being home too. I love being around my things and in my own surroundings, do you? Remember my philosophy is only have the things you love around you and that includes people.
A friend at church, Freda, gave me some hydranges and I have dried them. I haven't had any to dry in years.

I hope you are all enjoying a happy carefree summer. School will be starting before we know it, then football season, and wow then it will be fall! I don't know about you, but I am going to enjoy these lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer as long as I can! I am going to enjoy you Coming Through My Back Door where life is good too, as long as it is open
PS:Amanda didn't get her pix to me yet, but when she does I will They will be good for next
PSS: One of our blogging buddies and I may get to meet this week. It hasn't worked out yet, but who knows?
PSSS: Share with me, what you enjoy about coming Through My Back Door, would you?


  1. You and I have some of the same day lilies! I do love them. I know what you mean, summer is easy and the shorts and tees do help. I enjoy your yard too!

  2. Hi Betty, I love daylilies! I can't wait to add some to our new yard. I hope you can get together with your blog friend and share with us. Have a wonderful day. Mildred

  3. I love the pretty flowers so much and they all looking so lovely.
    Hugs and love for you x

  4. Morning Betty, enjoy my coffee with you this morning:-) Love the beautiful Day Lillie's, so pretty. I am enjoying summer too, Blessings Francine.

  5. sweet tea please! Yes, lets just sit and enjoy the day... I have been on the run a lot as of late... like being at home too... hugs! OLM


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