Monday, September 17, 2012

Simple Joys

Good Monday morning and come in out of the rain. Have a cup of coffee and lets just be. There are no cookies, like at my friend Carols, but plenty of coffee. She finds simple joy in baking cookies just to make her house "smell like cookies." I was over there yesterday but didn't have my camera. Can you sense a field trip? lol Anyway back to the title of this post. Simple Joys. Most bloggers are simple people.No, I don't mean we aren't smart!!!!lol I mean we love God, home and family. Simply. Doesn't take a lot to make us happy. Every one knows Trace over at Granny Trace Scraps & Squares. 
 She blogs almost everyday and is such an inspiration to the blogging world. Her love of God, family and home just radiates. Any way, after my morning devotions and after I have read the paper,(on line) I go over to Trace's. I like to start my day reading her joys for the day. This morning she was talking about Simple Joys. I want to share some of mine with you.
Sitting on my porch on a cool fall day, drinking coffee or hot chocolate looking at this.
The leaves are just now beginning to turn.Before long they will so full of color.
Another simple joy is having this fellow follow me from chair to chair or room to room. This is him this
Reading my devotion and writing in my prayer journal.
Some miracles have come from prayers, God chose to answer some in another way. Lots of names in here I am still praying for. Janie in my domino group gave us these one year. Who would think that Arthur, her husband's name would have been at the top of the list for several months? Yes, he is one of Gods miracles.
Another simple joy. Smelling apple butter cooking in the oven. Baking stack cakes for Christmas.  Looking out this window and seeing the old smokehouse and barn.
A spider web that  is so big you wonder how she did it
A certain smell that takes you back to someone you love or someplace you visited as a child. So many smells remind me of loved ones.
A song or a picture. Simple Joys. Another of my Simple Joys is  after decorating for Christmas, getting up early, turning the lights on drinking coffee and just "being."
Another Simple Joy is this old yellow bowl. You know the story.
The phone ringing and it is a friend you haven't heard from in a long time.She called just because. Sometimes in my case it is a grand child just calling to tell me they love me. Voices of loved ones that we can hear, ahhh, Simple Joy.We don't miss voices until we can no longer hear them. (They don't have to die to be taken from us, either.)
Another Simple Joy for me is Boo. We found her in the creek, remember. She is still not a loving cat but she is loved.
 One of my Simple Joys is just being. Not DOING anything. Of course it involves a cup of There are many, many more simple joys, that warm my heart. I will post more another time. One of my most important simple joys is seeing family. Sharing, laughing, yes and sometimes we cry. You know why.
Life is short, lets all strive to take time for our Simple Joys. Share with me some of yours if you like. One of my Simple Joys is your visits to my blog. Thank you. I guess I left out another one of my favorites. It is smelling the first cup of coffee in the morning. MMMMM.
I will leave you with just a few more fall pictures.
Love fall books. Especially cook books. Well thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: If you are wondering why I didn't include pictures of my grands. They are HUGH joys, not simple.
PSS: For all of you who prayed for Dale, he has gone home. God is good. Another miracle. You can still continue to pray as he gets better. Don't you love miracles and happy endings?
PSSS: As soon as we can co ordinate our schedules and get pictures taken we are going to Amanda's. Here is a sneak from Easter.
It will be a while, but so worth the wait. As her house just makes you smile..


  1. Hello Betty, touching, warm post, sat down with a cup of coffee and had a wonderful visit with you. Your home is so welcoming, looks good dressed for Fall, tis a gift to be simple. Thanks for sharing and warming my soul, give that beautiful dog a big hug from me. Blessings Francine.

  2. I so enjoyed your 'Simple Joys'. I have many, in fact, I try to create simple joys and simple moments.

    Sometimes it is a softly sung hymn or a gentle, touch on the arm.

    I am so glad to find folks on blogs who try to live simply and live good.

  3. Good morning, Betty!
    We don't have rain yet, but it is due at some point this week. Love your post today because it is just how I feel. I was sitting on the back porch with my cuppa and the Fall coolness is definitely in the air. The swamp behind our house is camouflaged with trees and vines all Summer. After the leaves fall, there is nothing to look at but bare trees and dying vines and really nothing to do in the back yard since the pool is closed, but for now the view is still pretty and the quiet is always wonderful! I plan to dress up the front yard for Fall a little today before the rain comes. Enjoy your day, my friend.


  4. Your post feels like a warm hug today. :)

  5. Trace is one of the most inspirational bloggers around. Rain we are a getting. Woke up early to a headache. Took ibuprofen laid down on the couch. Perfect day for that. Headache still hanging around. Then I remembered that the last time I got one of these I put Vicks Vapor Rub on my forehead. Ta Da headache's gone. Old time remedies really do work. I love Fall and all that comes with it:) Might need some more coffee now.

  6. LOVED your post today. Mom and I were just talking yesterday about how certain smells take you back to another place and allow you to enjoy sweet memories. Thanks for this sweet post.

  7. Betty...I so enoyed reading about your simple joys. This morning, my simple joy was watching the little hummingbirds at the feeder as the get their last drinks before they head away for the winter months.
    Have a great week.

  8. Afternoon Sweet Friend
    You just bless the socks right off of me.
    So happy to share our Simple Joys Day with you.
    So thankful for answered prayers and prayer partners.
    God is good . Oh how blessed we are.
    Love & JOY

  9. It has been a blessed joy to read your post today, Betty! Thank you so much for taking the time to encourage us in our daily lives and walk with God!

  10. Such a sweet post..I love the pictures so much.
    Trace is my sweet friend and I love her so much.
    Lots of love for you x

  11. Hi Betty, loved your post today. My simple joy today was receiving a picture text of my granddaughter with her new car she got for her 16th birthday - then she called to tell me all about it. Sharing the joys of my grands is the best.

  12. So often we tend to overlook the simple pleasures of life. Just beautiful Ms Betty. You always have a way of reminding us just to be thankful.....One of my simple pleasures is having you as a blog sister. Blessings!

  13. Hi Betty, One of my simple joys today was being able to read your sweet and heartfelt post today. You help us to see our lives more clearly and to be thankful for all the joys that we have. Thank you, my dear.

  14. I too think of Trace in the mornings and get over there first chance I get! She is an inspiration and so sincere. I often picture her singing and praying on her lawn mower! lol!

    All of your simple pleasures are such blessings. I know you get it.....just how blessed we are. I loved reading your post and it's such a good reminder to not ever take the simple things for granted and to take joy in each one!

    You are an inspiration to me! Thanks!


  15. Good Tuesday morning, Betty!
    I love your post so much. It is good to hear the reminders of things we treasure and seem to forget in this hectic life. Time to slow down and really smell that coffee. At least, it is for me. I am missing out on too much by speeding thru the days. I am going to try my best to follow your example and let it all happen, really paying attention to all I can....
    Thank you, Betty. You are a doll!

  16. I so enjoyed reading your post, Betty! I love the simple life, though there are days where my life is anything but simple!
    Your pictures are so pretty and I especially love the pictures of your pets. We're animal lovers too.
    Hope you're having a good week. :)

  17. OH I love your post..and it comes at such a wonderful time. The simple joys...and there ARE so many. One of my favorites...a six year old boy sneaking into my bed at night. He THINKS I don't know...he crawls in quietly...and snuggles in. Listening to him breath next to me...feeling his warm little body so close to mine! Definately a simple joy! Puppy kisses...that little white fur ball...jumping with joy she's so excited to see me. Picking her wiggly little self up and having her lick all over my face...because she loves me! Silly..simple...and joy! Hearing my big boys say I love you Mom. Watching Seth last weekend being the best man at his friends wedding..hearing him give his speech..and being so proud I thought my heart would burst right out of my chest! Having him come and get me for a Mother and Son dance...NONE of my big boys had ever danced with me before that! Oh yes dear sweet friend...You have brought tears to my eyes...tears of joy! Simple Joy...thank you! Katie

  18. A lovely post Betty. You are a joy to all who know you.

  19. Hello, Betty! Thank you for visiting me today from Tammy's (Country Girl at Home), and for becoming a follower! I didn't realize it until now that you are the Betty of "The Primitive Pantry." I have been following you on that blog for a while now! :) Now I am following you on this one, too. I look forward to getting to know you even better! Have a wonderful day! Karen

  20. We just don't take the time it seems to enjoy these things...well, I don't I guess. I get so wrapped up in daily things that need to be done ( I guess I think they need to be done) that the little things just get overlooked.
    Thanks for the nice enlightening post to wake me up!

  21. I SO enjoy your blog! Isn't it nice that so many of us love the same things? I swear I think we are kindred sisters....I have been meaning to ask if you went to the TN show? I wasn't feeling well and didn't go. I hear it was wonderful. Warm wishes to you and have a wonderful evening..

  22. It was a "simple joy" reading your blog today for the first time...I'm your new follower...Pam

  23. It was a "simple joy" reading your blog today for the first time...I'm your new follower...Pam


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