Sunday, September 30, 2012

From the Beach to the Mountains

Well, good afternoon and come on in Through My Back Door. It seems like forever since you visited. I am absolutely happy as punch to see you. Guess what? The pumpkin spice is on!
That is what is in this cup. I made a pot, just in case you came. I am so sorry, there is nothing sweet. In case you haven't noticed,lol, I have been on vacation. Again. Just got home this afternoon and there is no food. Sorry. This boy was happy to be home.
He ran and jumped in the car, when we came out of Laura's house.
On the 21st Michael, Deb and I drove down to SeaGrove Beach, Fla. for a week. Beth flew down on Monday and stayed the rest of the week with us. The weather was perfect. We had so much fun and really got to rest a lot. We have taken other family trips this summer as you know, but this one was just the most restful trip ever. We slept late, stayed up late, ate sea food every day at our favorite places, and played games every night. I read 4 books also. We went to the beach every morning, which was almost private, and to the pool in the afternoon, which was also private.
Here are the four of us at SeaSide.
Isn't Beth a cutie? She sure doesn't look like a doctor does she?
The view from Dewey Destins, one of our 3 favorite places to eat.
Beth and I at Deweys. We absolutely love eating here.
Beth, Deb and Michael. You order, go sit down and they yell your name when the food is ready. I wish I had taken a picture of the size of the shrimp. I will do that next year.
In the condo playing games. Beth, is just like me and always throws something over her when she is sitting.
We saw this in Panama City and I think the worlds best son in law, would like one for Christmas. It was a beautiful car.
This was taken at the Back Porch, the night before we left. Beth had never been to any of these places so it was fun to share them with her. One of the places I didn't get any pictures, that we love, is Stinkys Fish Camp. It isn't anything like it sounds. The chefs are superb and the valet parking makes it easy. They have the BEST key lime pie, you ever ate. We are always too full from our meal, and so we get our pie to go. We always get it, though. They are on the beach road from Sea Grove into Destin. I don't remember which beach it is. If you go to Destin, google it and go visit. I promise you won't be disappointed.
I hope I haven't bored you with "Family" again, but wanted to share our good times with you. Heaven knows I shared the bad this past year.
We got home late Friday evening and I was to meet friends in Pigeon Forge early Saturday morning. The four of us have been doing this weekend for six years. We go over to Townsend to the craft show, then back to PF and spend the night at the Inn at Christmas Time. This year one of the girls was sick and couldn't go. I couldn't make it to the craft show, couldn't get up and around that early, lol, but made it up to PF by 12:30. We met for lunch, went to the outlet mall, back to the Inn and then out again for dinner. We went back and did the art tour at the Inn, had coffee and went to our rooms and visited. They serve a delicious breakfast there, so of course we ate, then I left to go get Dasko and come home.
We have been friends for almost thirty years. I laugh and say between these friends and my family, they keep me young. Linda, the one on the left, is always saying, she will NOT let me act
She, Deb, Beth, and Amanda laugh and say they will make my sure my blush isn't too bright. With friends like that, I need no enemies!lol
Well, I have so enjoyed sharing our wonderful week with you all. I love it when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I will have to share our week of hunting for pink cowgirl boots and a pink cowgirl hat next blog. I think you will enjoy it.
PSS: My house is still on the market and I have had a couple of serious bites. One is considering it. Will you pray that if it Gods will, it sells and I get settled before winter?
PSSS: BTW, I am home for awhile. Dasko and Boo are sooooo happy. I am having company from Ohio this week to visit, so I am excited about that. I have got to get to cooking!lol


  1. Sounds like a fun vacation. Again. Go while you can and while you are able. Enjoy hearing about your family. Happy Autumn!

  2. Aww sound like a happy fun time :)
    I love fall too xxx

  3. Afternoon Friend
    How blessed we are to have wonderful families to make new cherished memories with.
    I think you, Deb and Beth all look alike. Beautiful :)
    HUGS & JOY

  4. Oooh my such yumminess in this post,Pumpkin Spice Coffee,fresh seafood and key lime pie.The vacaction sounds wonderful.I miss florida and the beach.Sending up a little prayer you'll be settled by winter.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  5. Welcome back! You have been one busy lady! Sounds like such fun trips. Hope we can head that way soon and visit!

  6. I sure do love coming through your back door and seeing what all you've been up to. Prayers for the sale of your home!

    Hugs to you!

  7. Sounds and looks like you had a great vacation!! Saying prayers for that your house will sell. Have a great time with your company from Ohio. This Ohio gal is wanting to make a trip to Tennessee to see family and those beautiful mountains sometime in October.

  8. Betty, sounds like a fun vacation. Resting and relaxing and enjoying time with family-you can't beat it. Enjoy your company.


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