Sunday, September 9, 2012

200th Post Who'd a Thunk it?

Welcome this afternoon Through My Back Door. Get a cup of coffee and come visit with me on my 200th post. Who'd a thunk it? lol Not me. I know I promised a field trip and it will start tomorrow, but I wanted to do some reflection on my 200th. Okay. If you started with me 2 years ago, I had this ugly old header. That was before I was blessed with my blog fairy.Have I told you how much I love my blog fairy? She is awesome and I am so blessed to have her.
This scene changed with the seasons. I love the one I have now. I had nothing on my sidebar, because I didn't know how. I remember my first post. I didn't craft, I don't sew, I didn't create, so what would I blog about? I didn't know. I still don't until I sit down with the computer and start typing. I think I told you one time I fly by the seat of my pants. Anyway I actually got a few followers(I prefer to call them read a longers) and by November I had 50! I started in October and couldn't believe I would ever have that many. I had my one and only give away. Andrew drew a name out and it was my friend Sandi Stevens(who wasn't a friend then). I do remember in my first post promising I would never make anything to sell or give away, so you could
I introduced this boy to you and he was an instant hit. Still is, except now he has his own Love Dasko button.(thanks to BF)
BTW, he  has a couple of Rottie blogs, he
I shared my churn collection, my basket collections, my pewter, my lighting, but most of all I have shared my life, my family, my happy times and my sad. Most importantly I hope I have shared my faith and love of God. I have cried with people who have lost their loved ones, been diagnosed with illnesses, I have rejoiced in promotions, births, graduations, awards, and healing. You were with me through the dark days of Amanda's diagnosis, and following treatments. You offered prayers and they were heard. I have become close friends with so many of you and have entertained you in my home. Who would have thought that 199 posts ago? Not me. So to all of you who are still with me 200 posts later I say a huge thank you! To each of you who have read my meandering words, who have commented and who have accepted me into the world of blogging, I am humbled and grateful. You have been an inspiration to me in so many ways. I have formed prayer partners, (the cyber world is not all bad) and have made as I said earlier some life long friends. I consider it a privilege to pray for you, laugh with you, and cry with you. 200 post! Who'd a Thunk it?
Well, I must say I would never have known what a blog was, until I saw in Country Sampler,where Linda Rudman had a blog, Behind My Red Door, and I started reading it. Then through, Linda's I think, I found Karen Martinsen's My Colonial Home.Karen had a whole bunch of blogs on her sidebar, so Hee Haw! Up until that point I had never HEARD of a blog! So thanks you two for opening this world of blogging up to me.
Thanks to each of you who come Through My Back Door where life is good. I am honored.
PS: Our coffee today is thanks to my church friend, Judy Lewis. Or maybe to her husband Tom. She bought decaf K cups and Tom won't drink decaf, so she gave it to me! Thanks Judy. Or Tom. lol
PSS: Dale is pretty much the same. Please continue to pray for him and the family. Lindsey was to start a new job in Nashville tomorrow, but can't. She should be having fun decorating her apartment, choosing wedding pictures, not having to endure this pain. So please continue to pray.I will share this with you. This is a family of great faith and a love for God. They are prayers and believe in the power of prayer.
PSSS: The field trip to Debs is on for tomorrow. I didn't want to share my 200th. Not true. She hasn't sent me all of her pictures yet!lol She is just like her Mother!!!!!!!


  1. Happy 200th, my friend! I have enjoyed every one!

  2. Congratulations, Betty! You are one of the sweetest bloggers that I know! Happy 200th!

  3. Congrats! I am so happy to have found your blog thru my mom and to have met you and formed a friendship. Can't wait to read 200 more!

  4. Congratulations on your 200th blog post, Betty! I am so happy to have met you and so lucky to live close enough to get to visit with you from time to time!


  5. I am a relatively new "read alonger" but I have enjoyed each of my visits with you! This is an awesome community and you are an awesome part of it. Thank you for sharing!
    Be blessed!

  6. Congratulations on 200 posts, Betty! I count you as one of my best blogging friends! I know I can count on you to pray and you are a very sweet lady! I love my visits over here and if you fly by the seat of your pants, well then you fly by the seat of your pants very well, my dear! :)


  7. I am so happy I found your blog. Happy 200th to you. It has been our great pleasure knowing you.


  8. Betty, yes over this time you blog has made some changes but thank goodness you are the same sweet YOU! So glad I found your blog, though I can't remember where now. I first started with Linda and Karen and then snatched alot of blogs from sidebars.

  9. Congratulations on the number 200, now on to 500 and 1,000. As always coffee is on and coffee is good, hope coffee holds out for all your future blogs and blog readers.

  10. I am so glad you took up blogging and you are so good at it. I know I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your pictures. Thanks for sharing a little bit of Betty with us all. xxx

  11. This was so much better than a field trip!

  12. hello dear, congratulations for the 200th,,i am so happy that i found you.
    happy monday..
    love and hugs xx

  13. Congratulations on 200 posts!
    I feel as so many blessed to call you friend.
    I so enjoy visiting you through your back door.
    And the coffee is always so wonderful.
    Still praying.
    Love & HUGS

  14. LoL Yep who'd a thunk? I enjoy your ramblings and sharing.Such a wonderful community to lift you in the good and bad times.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  15. Congratulations on your 200th post! I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing what is new through your back door!
    Have a happy week, Betty!

  16. Congrats on 200 posts Betty. Blogging is such a joy and the friendships that can span across miles and ages is amazing. Thanks for your inspiration and friendship. -Steph-

  17. Congrats on 200! So glad that I have found your blog. Blessings for many more posts! ~Sara

  18. Congrats 200 !
    I love your blog and I always want a cup of cofee after I read it

  19. Congrats on your 200th post!! So glad you decided 2 years ago to start a blog...I love coming by to visit you.

  20. Thanks Betty for your wonderful blog. I do so enjoy it and no I don't mind that you mention us in the blog. Enjoy the coffee. What a wonderful inspiration you are.

  21. Congrats on your 200 post! That is an accomplishment. I am so glad that you blog. I love reading it and seeing your pretty home in the pictures... and of course your cute dog.

    I will remember Dale in my prayers. I hope that he is doing well after his surgery. I would appreciate your prayers too. This kidney stone is still in my kidney. However, I'm in less pain than I was. Maybe it will settle down and I won't have to pass it.... wishful thinking I guess.

    Have a good week. Here is to 200 more posts. Hugs, Lura

  22. Happy 200th Blog Post! Here's to another 200! from Tinkerbell! xxx


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