Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Special Tribute To A Special Father

I am so happy you stopped by on this beautiful evening. It is perfect outside, so we can have a cup of coffee and sit on the porch if you like. It isn't decorated with hanging plants this year, as I have been gone so much and more trips looming on the However the grass is mowed and the other things are blooming, so it looks pretty and peaceful out there. It always makes me happy when you visit and when you leave a comment telling me you were here.
Fathers Day is this Sunday and my Daddy has been gone for many years and I still miss him. However this post is not about him.
Most of you have traveled the journey of Amanda's breast cancer diagnosis, the mastectomies, and the chemo with my family this past year. You have prayed, Gina made her a hat and some other goodies, so I feel you have been with us through it all. I always wanted you to see her picture so you could put a face with who you were praying for. God heard your prayers and ours and she is doing wonderfully now. During this you have seen a picture here and there of her family, including her husband Clay. Well this tribute is to Clay. In my opinion he is Father of the Year. He is a good Christian man and a doting husband and father. He would get up get things done before work, Deb would go and then later I would and one of us would stay until he came home from work. If friends hadn't brought dinner, he would see to that. If any medical procedures had to be performed he did it. He gave baths to the children, as well as helping Amanda with hers. Every night she was in the hospital he spent the night too. He never complained. When we would brag on him, his answer was always the same,"I'm doing what I am supposed to do." He has taken Andrew to birthday parties and has done all the things he could to keep their lives as normal as can be, during this trying time. SO, do you see why I feel this a special tribute to a special Daddy? He will be so embarrassed when Amanda tells him this, but so be it. His family is so proud of him and we have every right to be.
Here are a few pictures of this young man I am proud to call my Grandson in law.
He and Andrew making pizza on clays birthday. He buzzed his hair for Amanda.
Their family Christmas picture.

At her Chemo is Over Celebration party.
At my nieces wedding a week before she was diagnosed.
Fishing with Andrew at the beach a couple of weeks ago
showing off Christmas presents with Curt, Ryan and
Anyway I just wanted to share with you my grandson in law, who in my opinion deserves a special tribute. Yes, he did what he was supposed to do, but he did it with love and without ever complaining.
I can't end this special tribute with out including his whole family. They are all wonderful and love Amanda so much. So I say thank you Joe and Dawn for raising such a fine young man.
See that precious little girl on the left. That is Clays sisters baby and she calls me Mamaw Betty ,too. Love her. Aren't they a beautiful family?
Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I only wish Clay's Nannie and Poppy knew what a fine young man their grandson became. Somehow I think they do.
PSS: One more thing about Clay. He came up last night after work, took my car to his house and detailed it for me. It looks like a brand new one. See, one more reason I love this
PSSS: Please continue to pray for our fellow bloggers who are still doing chemo


  1. Betty, What a wonderful post! Hugs, Eve

  2. What a sweet post. He sounds like a great man/husband/father and I know your family is proud of him!

  3. Hi Betty--Clay is an honorable man because he was raised with values. As an honorable man, he married a woman he truly loves. Life doesn't get better than that!! I think Clay is a lucky man married to a lucky woman. :)--Jan

  4. I usually take just milk in my there are a few tears. You and your family are blessed to have a "Dad" like Clay around! Happy Father's Day, Clay!

  5. Oh Betty, this brings tears to my eyes. I definatey agree, Clay deserves Father of the Year! What a beautiful family. Amanda is a lucky girl to have so many people that love her so much! I'm so glad she's doing so well!

  6. There should be more men like Clay in this world! He's a great guy.Lovely post Betty.

  7. A wonderful post Betty! Clay is indeed a very special man!

  8. You know, so many women say there are just not very many good men out there. Hmmm, I believe there are plenty just like your Grandson-in-law Clay. What a good and caring man! Sending prayers y'alls way and well wishes.

  9. Hi Betty! What a great and loving post....about a great and loving man!! He certainly deserves the title, "Father of the Year!"

  10. This post brought tears to my eyes. Thanks Mom, we are all so thankful God has blessed Amanda with such a caring husband.

  11. what a beautiful tribute to your grandson in law..and what a beautiful family..have a wonderful weekend celebrating them.;)

  12. I love it! I am very blessed! Happy Father's Day, Clay and Dad!

  13. Just a very touching~ wonderful post~
    Beautifully done~

  14. Such a special dad and a blessing to your entire family!

  15. Betty,
    What a special post about a special young man!!
    Beautifully said!!

  16. Betty, What a beautiful tribute! ~Ann

  17. Betty,

    I have a big lump in my throat and tears in my eyes! This is a beautiful post to a beautiful person! He really is a Godly young man! I pray this family gets an extra dose of blessings this year! The entire family is beautiful!

    And detailing your car.....Amanda knew how to pick her fella, didn't she?


  18. The love of Jesus just shines in him!
    Happy Fathers Day!

  19. Wonderful tribute, Betty - I agree, he so deserves the award and he has my vote. I think he did quite a bit more than "what he was supposed to do" - and it is so apparent he did it out of love. Those kind are few and far between. He's what we call in these parts a "keeper." Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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