Sunday, June 17, 2012

"For Your Age"

Good evening to each of you and I am so glad to see you. Of course help yourself to the coffee. Don't you love the choices? Kona or DD? I do I have one of each every day. Is that gluttonous? I don't think so, I call it wonderful. This has been such a good Fathers Day. I spent it with Deb, Michael, Clay, Amanda and the kids. Andrew was so excited with the gift he made his daddy at Sunday School. I wish I had taken a picture, but I didn't.It was a "I love my Daddy because" paper. His teacher had filled in the lines with his own words. You all will be surprised to learn the man I posted the tribute to for Fathers Day is only 2 feet tall and weighs 16 pounds! In his sons eyes. lol He finished the last line, which was I love my Daddy because, with because he loves me! I promise Clay is well over the height and weight that Andrew described. This is the age when everything is special and I was so happy they included me.
Have any of you over a certain age,(have no clue what age that is) ever had someone pay you a compliment and just when you are feeling so puffy, they add "for your age?"  Instant deflation!!!! A friend of mine and I were having this same conversation earlier. The doctor says to me,"Boy you are in good health. ------for your age".
My beautician says, "WOW, you have great hair!---- for your age."
My grandson Seth, who is stylish and dapper,(he'll laugh at that description) says to me one day. "Mamaw you are one of the best dressed women I know." Man am I feeling good. Puffed up a little. My 23 year old Grandson thinks I dress well!!!!! Yeah, you got it. Then he adds,"for your age". Now I have you wondering, don't I? How many times have you heard this? Last week end my Grandson in law, Ryan, the orthopod, says to me, "You know you have really good posture." I waited and waited. He never said it. Not at all. I Love him.
Well I have been working in the house. Actually, I had to work in the house. It was a total mess. I was hosting dominoes Thursday and they all have good eyes, (for their age)lol so I had to clean and cook. don't know what happened, but I got motivated. I have eye surgery again this week, so I had to get it done. I did my porch. I even tweaked a bit.
Don't pay any attention to my shoes.Deb swears I have been a bad influence on Curt. He kicks his shoes off everywhere too. Right now typing this, I see three pair by this chair! Oh my goodness.
I got this pot of flowers for my birthday and I love them.
I have enjoyed sitting out here so much. I couldn't do it until I got it cleaned up.
I love geraniums in a white basket. It says summer to me. The boards hadn't dried well when I took this picture. It really is
 My rosemary is thriving. So is my lavender. I went out the other day and the lavender was covered with honey bees. Curtis  would have loved that because he always worried their weren't many honeybees.
By the time I got my camera there were only 2 or 3 left . I was going after the bees not the bush. I am going to get out there and cut some.
I even did some tweaking in the house. I love my new floor cloth. It makes me want an even larger one. Sandi(Daybreak Place) and I were going to make a large one. She came over we were going to work on them, but that was when we got the results of Amanda's biopsy and we didn't touch them. We both still have the canvas and may one weekend this late fall we will start on them.
My friend Carol brought me this onion bottle from Williamsburg.

I like this bowl setting in this wreath. I KNOW it looks Christmasy, but I LIKE it. Well I e-mailed Sandi a picture, and when she replied I got the message. No, she didn't say, "it looks too Christmasy," instead she very tactfully replied, "Have you thought about putting the wreath IN the bowl!" Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out,  so I have now changed the tavern table to this.
 I love this book, entitled, "An Old Sweetheart of Mine," by James Whitcomb Riley. This particular copy is copyrighted in 1903. In the fly page it is inscribed. Well, I'll show you.
I think this old book is holding up well. For its age.
Thank you for coming Through My Back Door, where life is good.
PS: I have to say to my friend Pandy. This post is for you. I think you look really good-----For Your Age!!!!!!!(She is the friend I was referring to having the discussion with.) (She does look good.)
PSS:I also want to do a shout out to my friends Jim and Judy Robertson who celebrated their 50th anniversary on Friday.My whole family loves them and say Jim, our retired pastor, marries us and buries us! Happy Anniversary you two.
PSSS: Next post I have a special picture to show you. I can't wait!


  1. Hey, Betty!
    You are too funny! You do look great, no matter your age! Love stopping by and having coffee with you! Sounds like you had a wonderful Father's Day celebration. Have a wonderful week!


  2. Another great post, Betty! You are such a good blogger, for your age. ;) Your porch looks great! You should see my house, right now! We've had the boys since Friday. Love the onion bottle! Why is it that everyone wrote so pretty years ago? I love seeing the writing in these old books. It must have been the fountain pens. Good luck with your next eye surgery. Hope it is as easy on you as the first one.

  3. I love reading your posts..and I do find myself saying that from time to I need to not say I love giving compliments..not deflecting them...I love your new header and love how it writes the words out..very neat your porch too..I need to make mine more inviting..but we just don't sit out there..but on the back your talking..have a great week ahead.:)

  4. Praying for good surgical results. I love the floorcloth, too. I still have the patterns we cut for you and Sandi.

    Well, for my age, I am feeling pretty good!

    With love,

  5. Hello,love sitting on your porch and enjoying a coffee with you, mmmmmm good Kona. The floorcloth is wonderful.Blesssings Francine.

  6. I love your porch and think it looks great. I used to have a lot of old books and the inscriptions always got my throat! Thinking of where this little girl (so tenderly addressed) lived and with whom she grew up and probably had her own family....etc! Hope the eye surgery goes well. Joan

  7. Love visiting you and sipping DD!
    My fav. Will be thinking and saying little prayer for you sweet Friend.

  8. You are so funny and do have great posts....good luck with your surgery today-will be thinking of you today!

  9. Betty~ Enjoy your game night with the girls.Sounds like so much fun.Nothing better than sitting on the porch in the early summer evenings listening to all the sounds.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  10. Another great post! I always enjoyed your posts. Hugs, Eve

  11. A very enjoyable post Betty : ) I haven't heard the "for your age" thing yet but when I was talking to a pharmacist once & telling him I wished I could find some help to give me back some of what I lost after going through menopause, his response was "that ship has sailed." He never saw me again : )

  12. Wonderful post Betty. I love the saying,"If you didn't know your age, how old would you be?" Your porch looks so welcoming And so does your table, with or without the wreath. That looks like a really neat book. I just love books, old, new, worn, and tattered. Nothing better. Hoping your surgery goes well. Take care.

  13. Great post!! No one has used the "for your age" thing on me yet, but I do hear a lot of comments about my white hair. would look younger if you dyed it. That's not happening...I like my white hair and I'm a grandma and aren't we suspose to have white hair. LOL... Your porch looks great and so inviting. Hope your eye surgery goes well.

  14. Betty: Yes, I hear that a lot...especially "Oh, you still work?" When I say: "Yes" eyebrows go up, and when I mention I do color consulting they are really they think I am blind or something???? LOL
    Great post Betty and take care with all those eye drops, etc. and the next surgery. You will love it, they do such great things with eyes now. I don't even have to wear glasses if I don't want to! Yea! {{HUGS}} Joy

  15. Hi Betty, OH WHAT A CUTE POST! Yes I hear this and it is rather insulting isn't it? DARNIT! We are just a group of "older teenagers" don't you think? You write the cutest stuff and it always great to read even "at your age". Ha! I send you warm wishes and smiles....

  16. You're a hoot Betty (no "for your age" coming....) I am still trying to get over "Ma'am"....Yikes! When did I become a "Ma'am"??? !!!! I love the look of floorcoths, but have always wondered if I'd actually like the feel and such on the floor.....And with 2 dogs and 2 cats, I wonder how I'd keep that clean without ruining it. Hmmmm....perhaps another excuse "not" to clean??? You got me thinking now.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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