Sunday, June 10, 2012

So Much Going On

I am so happy to see you coming Through My Back Door this evening. There is so much going on I just have to share with all of you. First things first. Coffee! We can have Kona or DD coffee in the Kureig.does that make you as happy as it does me? I hope so. My friend Linda Rudman, Behind My Red Door, found Kona and sent me some. I was so happy, as I hadn't had time to get on line and hunt it. Right after Mothers Day, when I got the Kureig, we left for the Florida vacation. Came home on Friday and on Monday morning I had cataract surgery. ( Yes, I thought only "OLD" people had Then on Thursday I left for Springfield, Il. But wait, I am getting ahead of myself. Get you a cup and choose your brand. Not only do we have Kona, but I found DD in Springfield at the hospital where my granddaughter will be practicing. Again, whoa! I am getting way ahead of myself. Coffee does that to me, you know.You have no idea how excited I was to get the Kona. I tore into the package and had a cup immediately.
I did major damage to the box!lol
Then when we went to Springfield and went to DD I found this.
Beth, my granddaughter who reads my blog, had gotten me some already, but I bought more.
So here in East Tn is a very happy coffee drinker.
I have had an easy time with my surgery. I can see so well.(out of one eye) I have said, repeatedly, I feel imbalanced. That is NOT to be confused with
I can't wear my glasses, so the readers are only good for a while. I will be happy when the other eye is done next Monday and I have two good eyes again.
I went to Il this past week with Deb and Michael because my granddaughter had completed her residency in internal medicine. She has worked very hard and has been working toward this goal for many years. Counting her four years of premed, about 11. She spent lots of weekends studying and not doing the things she wanted and it has paid off.
This is her Friday evening before the banquet with her handsome husband Ryan. Ryan is finishing his residency in Orthopedic Surgery, so he has two more years, plus a fellowship. They were married four years ago and are so supportive of one another. Can you tell I am a proud Grandmother? Of both of them?
The three generations on Friday evening.
I will share a story as I know she looks so young. She went into a patients room and introduced herself one morning. He took one look at her and said,"My goodness. I have socks older than you!" I love that story.
We antiqued on the way up Thursday and Deb and Michael found several goodies. I bought a box. Don't know what I will eventually use it for, but I really liked it. Any suggestions?
I thought it could hang on the wall.
I am not a gardener. Angela Phillips is always saying she sits on the porch and tells Mr. P what to do. That is my idea of gardening too. The one exception is I love daylillies. I have several scattered all over the place. I also love my rosemary and lavendar. Here are a few of my daylillies.
Here is one of my two huge butterfly bushes. The hummers, as well as the butterflies love this bush.
Well, I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I think you all know I am addicted to ice cream. Well most of the rest of my family is too. While in Fla, Dodd, Olivia, and I had a dish every evening. Deb, Beth,Ryan,Andrew, and Clay love it too. Amanda and Curt can take it or  leave it. It looks like the next generation is going to continue the tradition. This is Mollie enjoying a cup of ice cream on a hot Sunday afternoon.
She had her bathing suit on, so she went straight into her "little"
PSS: I will share some more little prim faux flowers in a post soon. I love them, but don't have them in place yet.
PSSS:I will quit talking about my family soon. I have one more "family" post I want to share. I promise to get some neat prim decor on here soon. There has just been so much going on.


  1. So glad your surgery went well. Always enjoy your posts! Glad you found your special coffee for your Keurig...all is well now. So proud of your grand daughter...what a special family you have.

    Have a great week!


  2. Well Betty, looks like you are stocked up on coffee for a while. I am going to look for Kona in the k cups. I have never tried it before. We can get DD at our Walmart or the DD shop here in town. Holly's hubby loves it. So proud for your grandaughter. Such a cute couple. Love the picture of the 3 of you. Priceless. Funny, I love day lillies also. Mr. P. has some planted for me coming up the driveaway so I can see them. Ohterwise if I couldn't sit on the porch and see them,,,, anywhere else in the yard I wouldn't know they were there. (giggle) He just informed me that we have a butterfly bush also. Don't ask me where!!! Glad your surgery went well.Now you can look in the mirror and see what a beautiful woman you are , inside and out. Rest up and enjoy your week. Oh, Mollie is precious. She and Darbee Rae would get along just fine. She LOVES ice cream also.

    1. Please never stop talking about your family, Betty! We all love our "homes and decor", but without family, they are just "houses and things". Our family lost a dear member last weekend, and she will be missed by so many. Of course we want to see your prims, but keep the family, too! :-) Your butterfly bush is awesome. I just planted my first one last year, and I can't wait for it to bloom.

      ♥♥, Lynne

  3. Hi Betty,
    So glad that your surgery went well.
    I love hearing about your family and about your prims too.
    Have a great week.

  4. What a beautiful Family!
    You must be so proud.
    So happy your surgery went well.
    I always love all your sharing and the yummy Coffee.
    We have been enjoying vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberry sauce..Oh My!

  5. I wish you the best with your upcoming surgery, glad the first went well. You'll be back to normal soon! I too love hearing about your family as well as your decorating, just write what you feel! You are very good at it. Take Care Betty!

  6. Hi Betty! Glad your catarct surgery went well-hopefully the other will be done very soon. I just love hearing about your family--the love for them that you have is so evident!! Your DR. granddaughter is so pretty and smart-and what a lovely couple she and her handsome and smart husband make. You are so blessed!!-hugs, Jan
    ( Oh, and I think Mollie is the cutest little button!!)

  7. Sweet Betty I know I for one love seeing and hearing about your family.Think that's why prim lovers love prims the history and that begins with a wonderful week!~Amy

  8. Such a fun post Betty ... you sound so happy : ) A big CONGRATULATIONS to your granddaughter! Your daylilies are beautiful! John & I went to a nursery yesterday & came home with several new ones. I have been planting them in the little foundation garden off the back porch but I see they are going to overtake that area in a few years ... lol! That's okay though ... I love 'em : )

  9. Good morning, Betty! Congrats to your grand0daughter!
    Love your flowers and new box! Good luck with the Good luck with the surgery!

  10. What an awesome accomplishment! I know you are one proud grandmother! So glad your surgery went well and hoping the next one goes just as smooth! Love the daylilies. They are very pretty! Mollie is just a doll. Darbee Rae would join you in your addiction to ice cream! She would eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner!

  11. What a good picture of you, Deb and Beth! She does look young and that is a good thing! It must run in the family. I sure hope the next trip to IL, you have some time to head my way! Hope you can get rested up before your next trip. Congratulations to Beth!

  12. Family is very important. You can always show family Betty. Love all your pictures. Kudos to your granddaughter.


  13. Congratulations to Beth on her achievements!! I love the pictures and stories you share of your family. So happy that the 1st surgery was so successful & will pray the next one is, too.

    Hugs, Marla

  14. How wonderful that you could celebrate this outstanding accomplishment of your beautiful grand daughter. She is as pretty as she is smart. No wonder you are so proud. I would be too! All of my kids graduated from college. 2 of the 4 went on to get their masters... but none of us went on for a doctorate. After getting my masters, I realized that the university was never going to hire me full time. They liked not having to give me benefits or an office or prep time. Because of that, I had to keep teaching high school full time. I was able to teach at the college part time with only a masters so I never went on for my PHD. I really admire those who do go on. It is certainly not easy. I wish your grand daughter the very best. Congratulations.

    Have a great week. I am glad that your eye surgery went well. Good luck on the next one. Hugs, Lura

  15. You must be bursting with pride. I am so happy for you:) How nice to be able to see well again (from one eye at least). I hope the next surgery goes as well as the first. Your flowers are pretty. That box is neat. I have one similar. I turned in upside down and use it as a place for a display. Have a great evening. -Steph-

  16. Another jam-packed post.... ;o) But, aha!! I figured out it WAS cataract surgery. LOL....I remember saying the same thing to the eye dr when he told me I had one - "I thought only old people got those." He (wisely) didn't say anything in response.....But I have since learned that they can also form as a result of some medications and from sun exposure....So I think I'm going with one of those. ;o HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you beautiful granddaughter!! I toyed with the idea of med school, but never wanted to practice - I thought genetic research would be fun - or forensics.....but didn't decide that until after law school and was tired of student loans. Love the three generations photo - beauty and youth runs deep in your family genes me thinks.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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