Thursday, December 15, 2011

Prim Friends Are The Best

And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. It is so good to have you visit this evening. I have White Christmas coffee on and we will have some Christmas cookies with it. Come in and lets talk, okay? The reason we have cookies is this special little boy came yesterday and we made cookies. I have done this with all of my grandchildren over the years.
This is the finished batch. He just wanted sprinkles, no icing. That took too
BTW, his shirt says, Life of the Party! We ate cookies, drank hot chocolate with marshmallows, and snuggled on the couch and read books. He loves The Crippled Lamb. He looked at me with those big eyes and said, "Mamaw, we can do this every Christmas if you want to." My heart overflowed with joy. I do love that little boy.
Well all of you know about Amanda and her breast cancer, but yesterday they found a suspicious spot during Beth's MRI. It is all too much I can't comprehend it. We are praying it is nothing.Will you pray too?
Well I had a Christmas luncheon today and when I came home, there was a box on my porch. I couldn't imagine what it was. Well it was from a blogging buddy,Shirlee at
Farmhouse Ponderings.
It was full of the most wonderful goodies. Well with the week we have had here, Amanda starting chemo Tuesday, Beths MRI, you have no idea what a blessing this was. I was stunned, as well as deeply touched. Thank you Shirlee. Below are the pictures. Is that pin keep not just beautiful?
Good smelling melts. Oh my.
See those pretty candles. They are
so pretty and look so real. I am in awe.
Wooden candy canes.
Here is the bag they were in on the  tree.
 Then if all of this wasn't enough she sent me this beautiful tile
It says it all doesn't it? I have to show you the beautiful card too.
I love cards. Shirlee there aren't enough words to express my thanks. There just aren't.
Now if this wasn't enough, my friend Carla Herron, who lives in Il sent me this today too. I am just overwhelmed! Wouldn't you be? I am so not deserving of these beautiful gifts, but I am grateful.
My beautiful pinkeep from Carla.
Carla and I met on a forum. She doesn't live too far from Beth and we met there one time and have met a couple more times since then. I consider her one of my Isn't is amazing how many of us the prim world has brought together? I never knew what blessing lay ahead when I joined a forum and started blogging. In addition to that I received some beautiful Christmas cards from some blogging friends today too. I haven't even sent mine. I am so far behind. I will get it all done though, I promise. I just had to share my goodies from Shirlee. They are so wonderful. Shirlee lives in Ky and wants to move where it is cold and has a lot of snow. She is such a kind, generous person I am praying if that is Gods will for her, it all works out.
Well thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Life is short, so I hope each of you take some time to slow down, and enjoy time with those you love during this special time.


  1. Hi Betty,
    I couldnt agree more!!!
    There are alot of negative things about the internet, but this is Not one of them.
    I consider it such a blessing!!

    To be able to meet so many wonderful ladies and a few men that love the same things I do.

    To be able to share this love and our lives with each other. Yes, it is a blessing.

    And even though I may never meet these amazing people in person, they are still True Friends to me. And I do cherish them. Yes, I do consider you, Sweet Betty, in that statement!! :)

    What a wonderful tradition to share with your grandkids.
    Love the shirt!

    Of course I will remember Amanda in my prayers and send her only positive thoughts.

    Love all your surprise gifts.
    How wonderfully sweet of Shirlee and Carla.


  2. My - what a handsome little cookie elf you have there Sweet Betty - and those cookies look more than good enough to gobble up!! What a wonderful package of goodies from Shirlee - she is a dearheart and then some. That pin keep is GORGEOUS!!! Hmmmm....I wonder if that was one of her many finishes on her "to do" list for the week! ;o) And a very sweet pinkeep from Carla as well - yikes, pretty soon we'll have to call you the Pinkeep Queen! So sorry to hear of the MRI results for Beth - certainly, she will be in my prayers now together with Amanda - and praying that it is innocuous....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Oh, Betty.... I will pray hard for Beth's MRI to come back okay.... I can imagine that this has you just beside yourself. Of course, I will continue to pray for Amanda as well. Your family certainly has been through a lot recently, and I pray for each one of you.

    Your gifts from your blogging buds are just wonderful!!! There are so many lovely people out there, aren't there?! It was so nice of them to think of you -- and for the gifts to arrive just when you needed a little pick-me-up!

    Your little grandson is so cute! And it's so sweet that he wants to continue the tradition of cookie-baking with you each year! I just LOVE holiday traditions!!!

    Blessings to you, Betty,

  4. Betty,
    You are such a special person! It is not surprising that you have some pretty amazing friends!

    I am still praying for Amanda! I saw her name on the prayer list for our church. The whole church is praying for her!

  5. Good evening Betty, Let me say I agree with you. Darbee Rae and Andrew would make a great couple. He could bake the cookies and she would add tons of sprinkles. She will eat anything as long as it has sprinkles on it. He is so handsome. I can imagine how much fun you had with him. Just what you needed. Snuggles are just the best. I am blown away with you news about Beth. I am so praying everything will be okay. Hoping Amanda is okay also. God sure know how to get our attention sometimes , huh?
    Love all your goodies you have recieved. Shirlee is such a giving person. Love the pinkeep from Carla also. Hope you have a great weekend

  6. Betty your grandson is adorable! My heart melted at his sweet little grin.So shocked to read about Beth,will be praying for her and the rest of the family.Shirlee is a sweetheart ,she sure sent you some great goodies!That pin keep from Carla is gorgeous too.Prim friends are a true blessing!Big hugs,Jen

  7. I will be praying for Amanda and Beth too. Hard times for our family this season. Hope everything goes well soon. Love all your goodies.

  8. Oh Betty, I don't know what to say. Will surely be praying for Beth and for your family. Love all of your goodies! Had to show Darbee Rae the pictures of Andrew. She wanted to know if he took those cookies out of the oven. LOL! I know you two had so much fun. Take care!

  9. I always say prim friends are the best! So glad you were showered with some wonderful gifts. I know how much they cheered up your day and that makes me so happy for you. Loved the pics of you and your grand son too.

  10. Oh Friend!
    God is so GOOD!
    Andrew is so handsome and what a treasured memory with his MAMAW!
    I will keep praying for Amanda.
    Sending you a giant hug friend.
    Christmas Love to you

  11. Wonderful time spent with your gradson.I have so many found memories with my grandma.Although I won't have grandkids I enjoy making the memories with my neices and nephews.Keeping Amanda and your family in prayer,will add Beth as well.So many things happening good you are keeping joy in your heart as well.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  12. Love that Andrew and his Memaw! Wonderful memories were made

    You sure got some wonderful treasures from prim friends and they came at the right moment you needed an uplifting!

    Praying for Amanda and will include Beth as well.

    Blessings, Jody

  13. Grandchildren are the best!! So glad that you can spend time together!! No one can take away our memories with our grandparents or parents. Hopefully we are passing along some nice traditions to our families.Especially the reason for the season. Praying all is well and for your peace this Christmas. Wishing you a wonderful season of memory making with your family and friends. ~Sara
    ps- blogging friends can be the best!! Such a treat for you.

  14. Oh, Betty ~ your PS is so true~ wonderful post~
    blessing my friend~

  15. Dearest Betty: You have had a rough week and I hope by now it is straightening out. I am praying every night for your Amanda and now Beth, that this, too will pass and all will be right again. In fact, I keep a list of those who need prayers right by my bed so I don't forget! And for you, too. life does sem to come crashing down on us at times, but we get through it. You all will too!
    I finally posted sort of a silly post but it was all I could come up with tonight. We will stay in touch and I will try to hit the forum this week before I leave on Fri. Biggest {{HUGS}} to you, Joy

  16. Morning Betty....goodness there is just so much to pray about but you know what...He listens and He will take care of Beth too...I will pray so hard for her and all of you.
    What fun making cookies with grandchildren. I miss doing this. I did it for years with my sister. She would come over here for 3 days and we had a bake off...FUN!!!!
    What an adorable smile on your grandson's face - like he's just waiting for the picture to be finished so he can dig into the


  17. Oh Betty, my heart is heavy for you as you wait on the results of Beth's MRI. As I continue to pray for Amanda I will add Beth to my prayers. I'm so glad you got to spend some time with your "special little boy" - I'm sure he is a joy to you during this difficult time.


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