Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Only Creature Stirring,Was This Little Mouse

Good Saturday morning y'all and welcome Through My Back Door. It is so cold this morning, I am glad you dropped by. The coffee is on, DD, but guess what? We are drinking from a brand new pot. So come get your mug and I'll tell you about the new coffee pot. I have always had a Bunn, but 3 Christmases ago Beth and Ryan gave me a Gevalia. It has made a lot of coffee and was slowly going to the big coffee pot resting place.
Thursday morning I knew the time had come to be merciful, so I pulled the plug. Well that day Deb, Amanda and I had planned a
girls day out. We were all excited, but shortly after our first stop, Mothers day Out called and Andrew was sick. We all went to get him, Mollie as well, and he was sick. Poor little fellow. Anyway Deb and I got lunch took it to Amanda's then we left to do what we had to do. While we were at Kohls, I said, "Deb I am going to look at coffee pots." She gave me this look. You know what I am talking about. The look that says I am not believing what I am hearing look. She said, "Well look, but don't buy!" I have NO coffee pot I am thinking. So, I pulled the Mother rank, and said,"Does someone have me a coffee pot for Christmas?" Again I got the look. I said ,"If they do they better give it to me now or I'll be drinking, heavens forbid, instant coffee until Christmas!" So she confessed and that is how we now have this.
It really does make good coffee and all is well that ends
The title of my blog probably makes you all think I have put something in my coffee. Not the case at all. I just love this little guy. Libby,at Rusty Shed Prims, brought him to me when she visited this summer.
Is he not cute? I have seen these, but he is new to me. So now you know the rest of the I love mice. Especially at Christmas. Not the real ones obviously, but the cute little Christmas ones.
Do you see him in the holly? Sharon gave him to me years ago and I keep him out year round.
Speaking of Sharon and the Speckled Hen, there will be no more of these taken in front of this sign, we all have come to recognize.
Angela, Thru Nana's Window, Holly, Darbee Rae and I had our pictures taken here too.
Well the Speckled Hen is moving to downtown Clinton in January. The new shop is beautiful and pictures will come. The old sign however is going to really be missed.
I have enjoyed spending this cold Saturday morning with you all.I am going to make some candy today. I hope I don't eat too much of it, but no promises. I love Christmas! I love the hustle, bustle, the sights, the smells, the sounds. I just love it all.  I hope you do too and I love you Coming Through My Back Door, where life is good.
PS: Please continue the prayers for Amanda. Her chemo, and it is a harsh one, we've been told, starts Tuesday. I have received e-mails from so many saying you are praying, and I know you are. Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts. Here is a face to go with your prayers, if some of you haven't read my blog before.


  1. Hi Betty,
    I am glad that you have that kind of a mouse and not a real one! LOL! I like your coffee maker, it looks like a good one!
    I hope that you have a nice weekend.

  2. Hi Betty. You know I am praying for Amanda. I hope her treatments are not as bad as predicted. I love that picture! Your mouse is so cute and Libby is such a sweet friend. I'm looking forward to seeing Sharon's new store. I'm sure it will be beautiful. Enjoy your day and new coffee pot. I have a Bunn, too.

  3. Betty~
    Wonderful visit~ giggles love the mouse~ looking forward to pics of Sharon's new store~
    Prayers for Amanda~

  4. Congrats on the new coffee maker - Mine, too, I fear is on its last legs...I've had three of the same kind and they have all suffered the same affliction (shutting off mid-brew and no resurrecting!) so you think I would have learned something. (Well, I got the second thinking the first was just a fluke. When the second died, I vowed not to get that brand again - however, hubby got me the same exact one as a gift, not realizing how frustrated the first two made me!) Your little mice are as cute as can be. And, yes, you know my prayers for Amanda and family will continue until you tell me she's well again. Wishing you a great rest of the weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. I have a bunn too. I love it. I am glad you did not have to go for days without your coffee..... We have made candy and cookies all day with the Grandkids. Blessings!

  6. Oh the Coffee is just wonderful in your new pot.
    So happy for you.No instant. :)Lovin the little mouse too.
    Praying for your dear Amanda and singing "Nothing nothing absolutely nothing is too difficult for thee..
    Blessings Trace

  7. Hi Betty,

    First of all I send prayers for Amanda bless her heart....SO glad you got a coffeee pot today! I couldn't go with out my coffee..Food NO! Saw where you stopped by today and yes the pottery is from VA. I don't know why but I so love it...Take care and Merry Christmas to you and your family....

  8. Beautiful Amanda, and her beautiful family. May God Bless her through this trying time. I love how moms can pull rank and find things out, even about Christmas presents. Over the years I've had many Bunn coffee makers, but quit them when I realized they didn't last any longer than those 1/4 of their price. They all make good coffee. Glad you got a new pot for Christmas. Blessings.

  9. Good luck to Amanda!!!! Wow, a new coffee pot. Glad it makes it good. I love the little mouse. -Steph-

  10. Good Sunday evening Betty. I am so glad Deb decided to gift you with the coffee maker now instead of making you drink instant coffee until Christmas. I would have had to bring my own when I visit or drink hot chocolate. I can not stand instant coffee. (LOL) Don't it feel great to get a gift you really need and enjoy? Hope Andrew is feeling better. That is such a sweet family picture of Amanda and her family. She is and will remain in my heart and in my prayers as she moves right along in her battle. Thanks for sharing it will us.
    I am so glad I got to visit at the Speckled Hen there at this shop, but will look forward to visiting at the new location as well. That will always be a special day to remember. Such Fun! Oh and I love the mouse. So cute.
    We have a busy week as I am sure most do from now until the holiday. Take care

  11. I am praying for Amanda every day. I am so sorry that she is having to go through all of this. However, I know from experience that there is great power in prayer. I felt so much support all those months I was down after our accident... and I still do. I am sending my prayers and very best wishes to Amanda and to you. Hugs, Lura

  12. Hi Betty... love your little mouse... and I too am a Bunn lover! I can't imagine a morning without coffee in 3 minutes or less! :-) Praying for Amanda and the whole family!
    Hugs, Laura


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