Monday, October 17, 2011

Me A-Z!!!!! Too Much Information????

Good Monday morning and come on in. I should be doing laundry and vacuumning up dog hair, but I wanted to visit with you all a while. The coffee is on and DD is the flavor today. While drinking my coffee and reading blogs I came across Tammys and Renees.They were both doing this A-Z thing and I thought that might be fun, as  I have never participated in anything like this before. So grab a cup of coffee and I'll share with you. Okay?
A- Age-72 (A woman who will tell her age?????)
B- Bed-1835 Handmade Walnut bed, converted to a queen. It was converted by a machinist and no changes made to the structure. New parts were made identical to the ones taken off. Can be put back to3/4 size.
C-Chore you hate- Washing Windows
D-Dog- Rottwieller, Dasko
E-Essential Start to the Day- Coffee, Bible reading, and Prayer
F-Fav Color-Red
G-Gold or Silver- BOTH
Instruments I Play-A little piano. I wanted to play the guitar and yodel, but my Dad made me take piano
J-Job Title-Retired Special Education
L-Live in-East Tn
M-Make of Car- Toyota Avalon
N-Nicknames-Sp Ed kids called me "Crowe" or"Crowie"
O-Overnight Hospital stay-yes
P-Pet Peeves-People chewing gum really "hard" in public
Q- Quote from movie- Cannot think of a favorite
R-Rt or left handed-Left
S- Siblings- None
T-TV shows- Castle, Harry's Law, &NCIS, are the current ones. Loved the Waltons, I Love Lucy
U-Underwear- Of Course!!!
V-Veg you hate- None
W-What Makes You Late-the dog
X-X-Rays- Yes
Y-Yummy Food I Make-Homemade pizza, potato salad, and homemade apple butter
Z-Zoo Animals-Monkeys and Chimpanzees
This was fun. I hope you don't think it was too much info!lol
Thanks Tammy and Renee for doing this. I couldn't think of a movie quote and I love movies.
I have yet to find time to go see "The Help", but I will.
I have been de-cluttering again. This time closets and drawers. I will make a goodwill run today. I feel better after it is all done.
The leaves are really starting to turn here. I saw this out my window.
They will soon be brilliant as it is supposed to get cold this week. I am having special company the last weekend in October, so I hope the leaves stay on the trees until then. You will recognize them when I tell you who is coming.
I love this picture. Don't ask me why, because I can't tell you. I just do.
Okay we all have a comfortable chair in our house, that we don't always "share." I have a black wing leather recliner. If I have overnight guests only one of us can sit with our feet up, unless one wants to sit over in the reading nook. Alone!lol No more. I now have this wonderful ottoman.
 I love having it and have wanted one for a long time. Yes, it came from The Speckled Hen. Speaking of the Speckled Hen, she is getting ready for the Christmas open house, Nov 4&5. I want to show you this beautiful table, with hand forged nails, that is for sale.
If you are close enough to Clinton don't miss the open house. I'll show you more later. Another exciting bit of news from the Hen, is she is going to carry, Rick Hamelin,the pied potter's, red ware. It is due in this week! Look him up online.He is awesome and has been featured in EAL.
I am getting ready for some big re-arranging. I'll show you pictures soon.
Bittersweet from Catskills in New York.
New fall silks. I thought they were so realistic.
I thought I would share some of the fall on the cupboards. I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: If there is someone you care about that you haven't talked to in a while, give them a call on this beautiful day, and tell them what they mean to you.  I am.


  1. Good morning Betty, Enjoyed this post very much. I love your new ottomam as well as the chair. THe red chair in your last picture is to die for. Love your fall display on the cupboard. You have amazing furniture. It's hard to believe it's almost time for Christmas open houses. But I love the holidays so I am ready for the activities to begin. Our weather forcast says possibility of our first frost before the weekend. I love cold weather so I am excited. Mr. P. is cleaning the chimney after work today. Always love the first fire in the fireplace. Have a great week

  2. Love, Love your home. It looks warm, cozy and stunning. I loved Pied potter pieces, I have two of theman d are my favorite redware pieces. His work is amazing.I enjoyed this post so much, thanks for sharing more about you in the A to Z Challenge.

  3. Betty your home is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing your A-Z's
    have a wonderful day~

  4. Betty,
    I love your A-Z! LOL! I don't know why ladies get hung up on their ages! Honestly, I don't! LOL!
    You are a leftie too! WOW!
    I love your home and it's probably a good thing I don't live near the Speckled Hen! LOL!
    Beautiful pieces you have gotten over the years!
    I hope that you have a great day!

  5. It's fun to get to know a little more about the people you blog with!!! I drive an Avalon too. -Steph-

  6. Hi Betty,
    Loved your A-Z!
    Yes, Harry's Law and NCIS are in my favorite list.
    What can I say... I love my TV!! :)

    Wonderful chair and ottoman!

    I always enjoy seeing pictures of your gorgeous decor.
    Have a great week,

  7. Great pics... I, too, love the chair and ottoman! Your house is so lovely....
    I have been enjoying reading everyone's A to Z list! I'm a lefty, too. Out of seven siblings, four of us are lefties. Strong gene, I guess!

  8. Great post Betty, loved your A to Z and nice pictures.

  9. Loved the unique A-Z post.

    Betty, please tell us who is coming through your back door?

  10. Thanks so much for sharing your A-Z', never TMI!!! There truly wasn't anything on there that surprised me or I hadn't read somewhere along the line...'cept I didn't know you were a lefty (and won't hold it against you...) ;o) Love your new ottoman - and the chair it goes with! Wish I could be an overnight guest....sounds like you treat them right! Your fall decor is yummy - everything is always so warm and cozy...You do it up right friend. Wishing you a week filled with blessings....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  11. Hi,
    Nice to know you from A_Z! Love, love, love, you home!! It is so warm and inviting. I think I could get a blankie and tap a nap in the living room area! Can't wait to see what you do in the rearranging!

  12. Betty: Loved your post. And your A - Z's. And your house is incredible! Even got an idea (just what I need) LOL. for a color to paint one of my cabinets! Thank you! Can't wait to see your "re-arrangements" as I am sure they will be awesome. Shanks for sharing all the eye-candy.

  13. Hi Betty,
    Love your pics as usual...Also love the chair..
    Thanks for sharing.....

  14. I love your place. Everything is so perfectly prim. All your fall touches are done just so. I want to visit you!


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