Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hello everybody, come on in. I have the coffee on, Pumpkin Spice by Door County again. A good cup of coffee brings me joy. Having friends to share it with, brings even more joy. I, like a lot of you, do a morning devotion. My friend Carol gave me this wonderful little book by Sarah Young, Jesus Calling. It is a wonderful devotional guide. No cute stories, just good teaching. Today's was on Joy, and it has stuck with me all day. So many things bring me joy. Not necessarily big things either. One of the things that bring me joy is the changing seasons. Fall is coming to E. Tn, the leaves are beginning to turn, and the weather is cooler. Fall is the door way to the coming holidays, that bring me joy. Don't you just get giddy thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas? Talk about joy. Wow.
This gives me joy too.
Seeing my friend Carols corner cupboard with her  pumpkin soup tureen and bowls. Thinking about the happy moments we have shared eating from them.
Shopping at my friend Sharons wonderful prim shop. That is another joy bringer.
Seeing this mirror on my wall that always hung in my grandparents home.
Seeing this water gourd made by my friends, Frank and Pam.
Another joy bringer is spending the day with good friends. Today Carol, Deb, and I had a girls day out. We visited a prim shop, ate lunch at our favorite tearoom, and chatted up a storm. I am glad my daughter and I are friends as well as mother/daughter. That brings me joy.
Another thing that brings me joy is smelling the apple pie that is baking for lunch tomorrow. The domino girls are coming.
Another thing that brings me joy is winning a give away. Rachel, at Somewhere in the Middle had a give away and I won. Now when you see what I won you'll know why it brought me joy!
The bowl, the tea light, the rose hips, and the bowl fillers. Don't you love them? I really do. That is not all. She really does a wonderful job.She also sent some more bowl fillers. Can you believe it?
I absolutely love these sheep. They and the stars are going to be part of Christmas. Aren't they cute? I think they are all cute, but since my last name is Crowe, I have never collected crows. These bowl fillers, this beautiful pinkeep made by my good friend Marla,
and this little crow angel that Amanda and Beth gave me years ago, are all special to me. they bring me joy.
Another thing that brings me joy in the fall, is bittersweet. This came  from New York.
What brings you joy? A lot of you left comments about fall last time. I would like to know what brings you joy.
Last but not least of my joy bringers is my family. It brings me joy to pick up the phone and hear ,"Hi Mom, what are you doing?" Or hear a grandchild call and say, "I just wanted to call and say I love you."Good friends bring so much joy to our lives and I am blessed to have each of you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
ps: I almost forgot, something special is going to go on Through My Back Door, the last of October. I will share it soon.I am so excited! I will give you a hint. My friend Sandi, Day Break Place is involved.It will bring Joy too!
PSS: By the way, this Saturday is the fall festival in the town of Clinton. Talk about fun. the streets will be filled with vendors, lots of antiques, good food and fun. If you can you should take it in. You won't be disappointed. If you do be sure and come by Corner Antiques and say hi! Make it to the Speckled Hen too. Sharon will have a booth on the street also.


  1. Hi Betty,

    What an uplifting blog! Yes as you and I know the simple things can bring us so much joy.You girls have a fun weekend..Can't wait to see what you and Sandi are up to!? Would love to meet you both sometime.....

  2. Hey Betty
    I'm haing a giveaway soon. My family and Tennessee Lady Vols bring me much Joy Joy Joy down in my heart:)

  3. Hi Betty -- another lovely post!

    So many things give me joy, but I guess the best is when all of my girls and their husbands/significant others are with us -- and we share a fun-filled day together. It also makes me happy to look back on their childhoods, and remember how much joy they gave me from the minute they were born!

    The changing seasons always brings me joy, too. I love something about each season, even the cold, snowy winters and the hot, humid summers! Fall is especially nice -- a warm, cozy season with lots of pretty sights, smells and activities.

    I get joy out of cross-stitching (especially on a rainy day!), being with friends/family, antiquing, and going out for an ice cream. And Christmas -- oh, how joyful is Christmas!!

    And our biggest joy right now is the upcoming marriage of our daughter on Oct. 15!!!

    Life gives us so much to enjoy.....

    Have a pleasant evening, Betty!

  4. A wonderful post Betty. Beautiful pictures. I find the most joy in such simple things in life. Waking each morning to the sound of the alarm clock and hearing my hubby breathing next to me in bed. I have joy that God spared us thru the night and we are able to view the morning light. Our home that was built with love and shelters us thru the seasons. My coffee pot and the fact that my mister is blessed with a job so that we might fill the kitchen with food and coffee. You know coffee is a must for us ladies early in the morning and in the evening as well. For my family who love and care for each other and myself, as well as the loving church family we have known and grown to love now for many years. Then the material things that we have such as my prims, Mr. P and his man toys, my little craft room where I find peace and joy playing with my material and craft supplies. The desire I have in my heart to "play" house and make things pretty and welcoming to all my friends who enter, and the joy I have sharing and communicating with all my blogger family. You are some of the nicest people in the universe Yes , joy is everywhere. All we have to do is realize how blessed we are and be content with our surroundings. Have a blessed evening

  5. Wonderful post Betty! There is much to be joyful for in life if we only take the time to see it.Hugs,Jen

  6. Hi Betty! Carol's cupboard looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing it with us. She has such a beautiful home! I get joy from the same things as you do. My family always makes me smile. It's the little things in life! I'm glad you girls had a nice day out. You are blessed with a wonderful daughter/friend and she with you! You and Sandi are going to have fun. Can't wait to hear all about it. Of course, we want lots of pictures, too! Enjoy the festival. Wish we could be there. Coming through your back door always brings me joy!

  7. Betty,

    When we take a moment to reflect of the day, most generally its the simplest of things that bring us the most joy...


  8. Ahhh...Joy - that somewhat and sometimes illusive little sprite - is most everywhere if you take the time to look. She's the warmth of Autumn's sun on my face, the first fire of the season in the fireplace, the whispering of the dried corn in the field before harvest, the hush of winter's snow and the peaceful sleep it brings - and so, so, much more....But you don't want me to go on and on I suppose....She's a quick one though - and can dart before your eyes faster than a dragonfly on the summer catch her when you can....hold her close and bottle her up - and take her out like the treasure she is when you need to and polish her up.....Loved your post Miss Betty. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  9. Hi Betty > This is so neat. I looked up Clinton, Tennessee and found that it is in Anderson County. My ancestors Benjamin and Hannah Harless Wilson lived in Anderson County until 1807 when they moved to Madison County, Alabama, then to Shelby County, Alabama in 1816 and built the house I live in now.
    Also, I want you to know that you have me trained. I can't read your blog without getting a cup of coffee first. Reading your blog gives me a peaceful easy feeling.
    Marshel at

  10. Betty: What can I say! First you title your post with my name, then you mention it all throughout your lovely post. I thought that only happened at Christmas. Well, another amazing post from you and I am only kidding about my name. A lot of those same things you mentioned bring me "joy" too and I am so fortunate to be enjoying my senior life. Loved your pics, too.

  11. Morning Friend
    This time of year just brings out the JOY!
    I love it..My number one joy is FAMILY and Friends! And oh coffee..Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings Trace

  12. Great post Betty and it gave me Joy seeing and feeling part of yours. You really do have a joyous life and I know you are blessed. Loved your pictures as always.

  13. Beautiful post!
    Joy is a wonderful thing! I am glad you all had a good time with your girls' day out! I will look forward to seeing what you and Sandy have planned too! I hope that you have a great day!

  14. hi, Betty~ wonderful post ~thanks for sharing your Joy~

    Joy, for me is ~
    The farm, animals, landscape~ my Family~ Decorating~The smells, sights, and temps of the changing temps~ so many things I could go on & on~
    hugs to you ~

  15. Yes, fall brings lots of joy to me, cooler weather, beautiful colors! Just wished it lasted longer!

  16. Hi Betty! I'm glad my giveaway added to your joy. :O) Your post was beautiful ~I can tell you have so much love & joy in your life. My life is filled with joy from my family especially my son. Everyday he does something so special & unique ~he brings me so much joy! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  17. A lovely post Betty.I enjoyed the photographs too.

  18. One thing that brings me great joy is "hearing" your voice when I read your blog. You are such a blessing to me!!


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