Friday, November 26, 2010

A Little Christmas Joy

Welcome Through My Back Door. I am having a cup of peppermint tea, because its cold here tonight. Why don't you join me and I'll tell you a little of what brings me Christmas Joy. It is the small traditions, not the big ones that
sometimes bring you the most joy. One of my favorite things is childrens books. I love to read them over and over, a tradition that started with my children and followed with my grandchildren. One of our favorites of course is The Night Before Christmas. I am showing you my favorite ones by their illustrations.

The one on the left is a Tasha Tudor. Every one loves her books and illustrations. Her St Nick is different and of course there is always a Corgi. The second one is a Susan Winget and is just beautiful. The children are just adorable. The third one is by Scott Gustafson and was given to me in 1987 by my two oldest granddaughters. It is sentimental. The last one is my favorite, by Will Moses. Oh my goodness, it is just wonderful. If you don't have any of his books you must get some. His illustrations are the best. Another of his that I love is, Silent Night. I hope you'll try to get at least one these.

In our family this one is considered a classic. The Polar Express, by Chris Van Allsburg. We love this book and I have bought every child I know a copy. You can see how tattered this one is. I have worn it out reading it to my grandchildren. I have an old sleigh bell they hold while we are reading it. One year I talked my then 12 yr old granddaughter Olivia into going on the Polar Express train ride with me. She was a good sport and said she fun.

This is another one I have given to children. It is about about a little lamb who is crippled and can't do what the other sheep do. He is made fun of and called names. His best friend is an old cow named Abigail. One day he wants to go over to the next valley and isn't allowed to go. He stays home and something special happens that night. We all know what that was don't we? This is such a sweet book.

I love this book, its not a childrens book, but it is a wonderful book, by Tom Hegg. If  you have an older person in your life, you'll run to visit them after reading this. I am all set up for a cup of Christmas Tea.
I hope you have enjoyed my Christmas Joy. We all have these special little things that mean a lot to us. That's what it is all about.
Here is just a little more Christmas, Through My Back Door.

This is one of my oldest santas, but I still like him. (The lantern is like the one in my give away)

This is just simplicity. I am a simple person and love these simple decorations.

This tree has all the applesauce cinnamon ornaments on it and it smells so good. Next time I'll show you more simple decorations and some pictures of some of my family. Until next time I leave you with a simple phrase from the Polar Express, "May you ALWAYS hear the bell". I do.
Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.


  1. Betty I love many of the same books! Mr red Doors family always had Corgi's so Tasha Tuodr's books were a must in our home. Lili will be getting a copy of the Polar Express when she is three. I read it to the kiddos at my school every year and gave them all a bell.

    I love your simple decor and I agree, it is the simple traditions that are the best!!

    Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs!!

  2. Another great post, Betty! I just read The Night Before Christmas to the boys the other night. I never get tired of that one. I have read A Cup of Christmas Tea, but don't have the book. It is such a sweet story. I love your simple decorations and you have so many interesting pieces. Love visiting you and hearing your stories. Looking forward to your next post. Have a great weekend!

  3. Betty,

    I love this post. Your pictures and decor are simply beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your love of books and grandchildren. I do the same thing! We have stacks of books for all year long but Christmas is so special with us all in our flannel, some hot cocoa and good book. My favorite story to read them is found in Luke 2 about the birth of the Savior.

    Blessings to you.

  4. A Cup of Christmas Tea is my favorite of all. Every year, my 2 best gal pals have a Christmas get together and one of us reads it aloud. It's hard to make it all the way through without tearing up...we all love it! I have the little ornament sized copy as well.

    Your decorations look just right to me...I plan on cutting down a bit this year as least as much as 7 and 9 year olds will allow Grammie to get away with anyway..



  5. Betty~ Lovely Post! I'm buying the polar express for my nieces to read to them christmas.I'm also going to pick up the crippled lamb book as my one neice has cerebral palsy and this would be good for her.Thanks for sharing.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Betty,
    EVEYTHING looks amazing. I wish I lived closer I would have joined you for some peppermint tea,I do have some here at home it is one of my favorites.
    We always pile in the car even thought we have a 19 yr old son Dec6th and a 16 yr old son Dec.19th of this year, where did the time go...but they now every year to go to this Shrine and it was ove 3 to 4MILLION light and wee sip hot chocolate and see everything, they LOVEit. We did this even when they were little in the carriage. Then we go out for a BIG dinner, steak, ribs, whatever you whatand with afull belly Hubby takes the back roads home to see everyone decroations and we have hhe music on and Betty you know me of course sing everyone of them of the songs!

    Prim Blessings my friend,

  7. Betty,
    I have enjoyed hearing some of your traditions. We have The Crippled Little Lamb book at our home too, both of our sons' are in the Autism spectrum, so this was a gift from one of the Grandparents. It's a wonderful story! I like your tree too! Everything looks beautiful! I am sure your grandchildren will have fond memories of you reading with them! We also read the Arch books, they are a favorite for my Brandon because the words are simple, and they rhyme!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    God bless,

  8. Your home looks wonderful! I can smell the peppermint tea. Your books and traditions are so nice. Max Lucado is my favorite Christian author.

  9. Your home with all its christmas decor looks so warm and inviting...I noticed you had a collection of "The Night Before Christmas" have you seen the one that lets you record your voice so you can give it to your grandchildren and they can treasure it forever! It's at the Hallmark Stores, you can view them on line with a few other good reads!

  10. Betty I also noticed you live in East Tennessee...I live in Rogersville, we could be neighbors! LOL!

  11. I just found your blog and I had to read all your posts! I signed on to follow, also. I am having a give away, if you would like to stop by and
    sign up for it.

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  12. Betty I LOVE coming through your back door, lol! It all looks amazing and I love it! I'm guessing Deb did the door trimmings? I really get inspiration looking at all your displays.
    Hugs Libby

  13. Betty... I read to my Grandchildren also & we have many of the same books. They love to read too.I Love the red on your back door.Christmas is for memories; you have many & are making them too. LoVe coming through your back door.
    Warm hugs...Marg


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