Friday, December 3, 2010

A Whole Lot of Nothing and A Little Bit of Something

Welcome Through My Back Door. What a beautiful day we have had here in East Tn. I have been out and about, enjoying every moment. Now its time to turn on the Christmas music, light up all the trees, and enjoy a cup of Christmas Tradition  Coffee. Would you have a cup with me? I don't have any cookies to offer, but if you come back next week I will. Tuesday night is my annual cookie swap. We have so much fun and eat cookies until we pop. When everyone leaves they have several dozen assorted cookies to take with them. We have been doing this for years. Then on Wednesday I will cook dried apples to make Old Fashion Apple Stack Cake. My little  grandmother made them for years, then my aunt made them, and now it is me. I am not a baker, nor do I like to bake, so who woulda thunk it????lol
Today I went to my son's house to pick up a beautiful wreath my daughter-in-law ordered for me. It is the one you see at my back door now. It is so pretty. I love fresh greenery and  it made the entrance to my back door look much more festive. She also had me a poinsettia.

I thought that was so sweet. She is a wonderful daughter in law. I am so blessed with good in laws. Anyway as nice as this was, I had another surprise. My sweet granddaughter Olivia made me lunch. As we ate we reminisced about Christmases past. We made orange clove pommeanders one year, we made candy, and one year we made Christmas cookies and I swept sprinkles up for days!!!
That is Olivia, (we all know who that is on her left), but on the right is her brother Seth, and Andrews daddy Clay beside him. Olivia is a freshman at UT this year. She not only can fix lunch for her grandmother, she can really sing.
There are lots of family members I want you to meet, and you will. This is the only picture I had stored of Olivia.(The others were a bonus) I don't want them thinking about the title.( That they are the whole lot of nothing and Olivia is the little bit of something!!!!!)lol
You have been coming Through My Back Door for about two months now. I certainly enjoy you coming to visit. I thought you might like to see I do have a front door too! My grandson lives next door and he is the only one who uses it.

When Douglas comes in the front door it really upsets this sweet rottie.

He knows Douglas better than anyone except me, but he gets upset when he comes in that door. I think he thinks it is his door, since he goes in and out of it.
I am going to show you a few more Christmas pictures and when I come back next week I will have lots to share. A lot of things going on Through My Back Door.

 I hope I am not repeating myself, but if I am, oh well such is life.
 I have had this candle santa for years. The canning jar was a great aunts.

Before you go I want to share a little Random Act of Kindness with you. There is a young couple in Debbie and Michaels Sunday School Class that have been so sweet to me. I LOVE honey. I love it in my hot tea and I love it on a biscuit with butter. Well Ken didn't have a lot of honey this year, but guess who got a jar!!!You got it.

Doesn't  that look yummy! I love them!
Next week will be full of pictures and then it won't be long until I can share something wonderful with you. I'll give you a little hint, we'll be  going on a field trip!!!
Thanks for taking time to come Through My Back Door where life is good.


  1. Hi Betty! Glad you're staying warm! We're in the midst of getting about 8 more inches of snow!
    I like your wreath, it's very pretty!
    And your "baby" looks so sweet! They do get set in their ways too, don't they? LOL! I miss our Lucky, he was a Golden Retreiver.
    I really like all your lights! I have a "slight" light obsession! LOL!
    I look foward to hearing about the upcoming field trip! Thank you for being so kind~ you know, I was looking back through CS, where your home was featured, this was before I put two and two together! I knew you were a special person then, being a special ed teacher! That you brought your students to your home, I recalled you speaking of the Autistic boy who liked your spinning wheel! Brought tears to my eyes, it is a blessing to parents to have people like you care for their children. I know you are retired now, but those children were blessed!
    You have a big heart for so many, I am glad to call you a friend! Thank you for always being encouraging and just being you!
    Have a great weekend.
    God bless,

  2. Betty, your new wreath is beautiful! What a sweet DIL! I'm sure she feels just as blessed to have you as a MIL! I'd love to hear more about this Apple Cake. Is it a secret recipe? Your Christmas displays are beautiful, as well as your grandchildren. Enjoy that cookie swap! Can't wait to hear your news. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Betty,
    Your home is just so inviting!
    The wreath & poinsetta are beautiful! Oh, everything just looks so festive!
    I so love how your grandaughter makes you lunch, so kind & sweet!
    Nice looking photo of the family!

    Rottie is adorable!

    Old fashion Apple Stack Cake, you really need to share the recipe!

    So enjoyed the post thanks for sharing,

  4. Betty,
    Your home looks wonderful! Does the wreath smell good? You have such a sweet family. You are such a special person. I can see where they get their sweetness from. Hey, save me a cookie!!


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