Thursday, November 11, 2010

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (Inside)

Welcome Through My Back Door where its beginning to look a lot like Christmas-------INSIDE. Outside will be decorated next week. This is the last time this year you will enter Through  My Back Door with fall decorations. The inside halls have been decked and I am enjoying looking at the lights and listening to Christmas music. Some of you think I have lost my mind I suppose,(oh my I hope not) but I love Christmas and just couldn't wait to decorate this year. Judy Condons new book, Simply Greens, Simply Country, as well as the APP magazine and Country Sampler, just pushed me right into the decorating mode.  I must admit I didn't have to be pushed very hard.
I am not going to overwhelm you with pictures this early, but thought I would show you a  few of my favorite Nativity sets.

This is my favorite. One of my friends, Linda A, who is so NOT prim, had my name in our card group last Christmas.  Even though she is not prim, she knows I love it, so she made this for me. I was over joyed. (her family wasn't as they had to smell it baking in the oven) I thought what a wonderful thing for her to do for me. don't you agree? I'm not telling her, but I am making her an old fashioned apple stack cake this year. It is her favorite. sssshhhh don't tell her.
This is not a Nativity of course, but it is special, not the Byers Carolers so much as the Bible and the glasses. They were my Dads and every year we open to Luke 2 and put his glasses on the Bible. We did this long before he passed away with another Bible and glasses, but after his death we have used his for over 30 years. The Bible is absolutely falling apart, but I won't have it rebound.

This little set I bought in Pigeon Forge, Tn this fall. It isn't as clear as I would like but these are children doing the Nativity. The wise men are carrying a block, a train, and a truck. I just loved it when I found it.The angel is wearing a pinafore!

This is just a Jim Shore set, but I like the vibrant colors he uses. I always like to put the donkey next to Mary, because he must have been so pleased he carried her there, and I visualize him as being protective.
This the Nativity I have in the kitchen. It is children too. It is so simple I just had to have it. I keep a Nativity in every room and the living room has two. None of these are spectacular to anyone but me, but they are ones I like most.  Its the simple things in life that are loved Through My Back Door. Nothing fancy around here.

I can't let you leave without showing you at least one of my son in laws wonderful santas. You know of course he is a pharmacist by profession but a master woodcarver by hobby. He carves as I have told you before and my daughter Debbie paints. They make a good team and are very generous. YEAH ME! I will show you more but this is the one for tonight
This is one they designed when their children were small. He is a two-faced santa. This is his happy face and the other side is his mad face. If the kids misbehaved, santa was wearing the frowny face, if they were behaving, this was the face they saw. I don't know if you can see it well enough, but he does have a twinkle in his eye. I will try to show the mad face before Christmas. I promise I will show you more santas.
Well I hope you enjoyed our visit tonight. I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.

I guess you see I am only 3 followers away from a give away. If it happens before Christmas it will be a Christmas one. I am humbled by those of you have chosen to follow, as I never expected anyone to be interested in what I had to say!


  1. What wonderful nativity sets you have Betty! I enjoyed seeing them all. Your SIL is sure a talented carver and I love how Deb paints. How cute to have a glad and mad Santa for the kids, can't wait to see the mad side of Santa. Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Betty
    Your touches of christmas are beautiful!!
    Gosh your son-in-law and Debb are just too talented!! Love the idea of a santa with two faces.....naughty and nice!

    I am sure you are pushing alot of gals on the verge "over the edge" into decorating....very inspiring!

    I think I will go home and see what kind of "christmas" trouble I can get in to!

    hugs to you my friend!

  3. how beautiful , i am just getting started on christmas and have a long way to go i love the tree up before thanks giveing but not this year.
    so i will enjoy all the beautiful pictures of your and the other girls for now love christmas
    and the sweet touches are so indearing to ones heart

  4. Betty, I love all of your Nativity sets - I have several and can't wait to get them out and in place. I also love the open Bible with the glasses - we have my husband's grandmother's Bible and I keep it displayed year round with a pair of glasses on the open pages - for Christmas of course Luke 2 and for year round Jeremiah 29:11. Love all of your ideas.


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