Sunday, February 15, 2015

Remembering the Hen

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. Help yourself to some coffee, still Cracker Barrel, and I am sorry there is nothing sweet. Yesterday I felt I needed, uhmmm, wanted something sweet so I baked a couple of biscuits and had some apple butter on them. I am glad to see you today. It is so cold, I stayed in and didn't go to church. Sometimes you just have to do that.
As I sat here this morning and looked around my little house, I had an overwhelming nostalgia for the Speckled Hen. Sharon ran that shop for years and carried the most wonderful things. I have so much that came from there.All of my FHW things(and there are a lot of them), all my upholstered pieces. and so many of my decorative things. I will share a few. All of my lighting
There are many more little "lights". I got most of my redware there.
My favorite farriers box.

Aren't these just the most delightful things? I miss the Hen, but I guess it is good I can't buy anything else, because there is just no room. Well I have had a delightful time remembering the Hen today. I will share more. More you say, how can there be anymore, well there I miss you too when you don't come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: You can find her on FB and she is in a few malls.
PSS: I hope and pray we all stay warm and safe as this appears to be a very cold week ahead
PSSS: Continue to watch for the goings on Through My Back Door, as the weather permits


  1. Happy Sunday Betty. I too have a special place in my heart for The Speckled Hen. It was such a special day when we first met you at The Hen's old location. What a wonderful friendship has come from that first meeting. Love all your purchases from the store. Sharon is so nice. Always visit her booth at Country Kinfolk. You have a blessed week and stay warm.

  2. I miss The Speckled Hen too! We need to have a "Hen" reunion!

  3. I just had to come over and visit after reading your facebook post. I remember my visit to the Speckled Hen...I so enjoyed it and so did my sister, who came with me. You have some beautiful things from there.. As always it is a joy to visit with you.. Stay warm and keep safe.. They are giving 8-12 inches for us here in Winchester.. Blessings!

  4. Oh my what wonderful treasures you have...I'd be sad too if there were no more Speckled Hen...The wind is gusting and the temperature has dipped deep into the negative digits...Stay warm, and thank you for stopping by my blog...Greetings from Maine...Julie

  5. Always enjoy coming in through your back door for a visit.

  6. Hi Betty: Enjoyed your posts as usual. What??No more "Dunkin Donut" Coffee??
    Are you mad at them? Just kidding! Loved all your lighting and can't wait to see your other purchases over the years. Sounds like a great prim. store!
    {{HUGS}} Joy (Check my blog...finally posted!)

  7. Hi Betty, such wonderful lighting, always so cozy looking in your home. Love the decorating you do, Blessings Francine.

  8. Betty,

    Oh my!!!! I so love all your lighting... Oh so cold here today and tomorrow... record breaking cold...poor knuckles is out getting his bath... Stay warm! Hugs! OLM

  9. Hi,
    What a lovely home you have. Thank you for sharing. I do love your posts.
    Just wondering where you purchased the lollipop box?
    Thank you so much.


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