Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy Hearts To You

good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. The coffee is on and yes,it is Cracker Barrel, and there is apple pie. A lot has been going on Through My Back Door and a lot more is going to go on. We have sure enjoyed Debs birthday. I think I gained weight on her celebrations. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. She loved it.
As you know I play dominoes every week and last week was my week to host. We had brunch, which some probably liked and others didn't. I actually won one game that day.lol I truly enjoy playing dominoes and would play more often if I had someone to play with.
On Friday I had my friends  Dennis and Susie to supper. I don't get to see them much anymore and it was nice to sit and visit and just catch up. Yes, where Susie is there is always some laughs. I don't have to put on aires for them, so it is just nice to eat and visit.
Saturday was a birthday party for little Blake Woods. Blakes mama and Clay are brother and sister and her children feel like my grands too. Maleia always has the best ideas and does the cutest things. She has an ETSY shop and one day I will get her link on here. You will love her work.
Sunday we did Deb's birthday dinner at Beth and Ryan's.
Last night my cousin Dale was here from Michigan. So Gina, his sister, invited us to meet them for dinner at one of our favorite places, Littons.  All of Gina's children, Deb, Michael and I went. Gina's husband Allen couldn't make it, but we all had a great time. Dale is so funny and we laughed so much, I wondered if people were either going to ask us to leave or want to join us. When Gina, Deb and I are together it is just constant laughs. What fun we had. Dale has a blog, Dale Peterson . Gina is the cousin who hosted the Aunts Birthday back in September, if you remember me sharing that.
So you see I have been busy. Well Saturday is Valentine Day and I want to share a few hearts. I know you have seen them before but some new readers may not.
This little "Outside my backdoor" was supposed to say Through My Back Door, but my friend Fran got confused.lol I like it anyway.

Well Happy Hearts to you and it makes my heart happy when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Remember this picture
Well things are going to change in a couple of weeks Through My Back Door. It will be interesting to see, huh?
PSS: Remember all our NE friends. They are bombarded with snow. Please you all stay safe
PSSS:A question. Is blogging fading away?


  1. Morning Betty, lovely heart post, so many wonderful heart displays around your cozy home. Thanks for sharing and enjoyed the cup of coffee. Hugs Francine.

  2. Betty, I so enjoy your posts and pics. They are one of the highlights of my weeks.

  3. Well well well you are a busy little bee aren't you? I am surprised you ever get a blog post written! I love all of your hearts!
    Is blogging fading away? I am going to sadly have to say yes and I am so bummed about it! I truly miss so many of the people that used to blog but now haven't for so long. I feel like I have lost some old friends. Even though I feel it is fading away I am still trying to post some things but people don't even come and comment either. Well it is a good way for me to have my memories written down.
    Have a great week!
    Be blessed,

  4. Can't wait to see what changes you are planning.

  5. Betty, I so hope blogging isn't fading away...but I think it is, sadly.. I know I don't have the extra time and so enjoy it when I can. Happy belated B-day to DEB!!!!! I am sure ti was a wonderful day!!!! Off and running... need to do a little shopping for dad, and off to the shop to check in too! HUGS! OLM

  6. Hi Betty...I hope blogging doesn't fade away. I really enjoy reading everyone's posts. I am trying to do a little more myself too. By the way, great cup of coffee today. Cracker Barrel you say mmmmm. I LoVe all your sweet hearts. Are you planning to do something different at your " back door?" Have a great week..hugs Marg


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