Saturday, November 1, 2014

What I Love About November

Good afternoon and hurry in the door. It is a good day to come Through My Back Door and have coffee, hot tea, or hot chocolate. Which ever you prefer. It is cold out there today, but so nice in here.
Boo is as contented as she can be. So am I. I have made a pot of chili and it tasted so good. November is here and I love this month. It is the beginning of so much. To me November is full of surprises. You don't know what she will bring. Here in East Tn  you can still have a few warm days, where you don't have to dress really warm, but on the other hand you can get a surprise snow. The leaves are leaving the tree and you will see a tree with a leaf just hanging on. Makes me think of the childrens book about dealing with death, called the Fall of Freddie the Leaf, by Leo Buscaglia. November brings more surprises than snow, she may bring a spur of the moment trip. For me there is the long weekend with my card group in November.  We have been doing this for 28 years.There are lots of Christmas open houses and special events. There are pots of hot mulled cider, drank in pewter mugs.
There is the smell of pots of homemade soups and stews. You cannot beat the smell of a fresh pot of homemade vegetable soup simmering in a pot. Oh the surprises of November! I love her. Do you?
Also November brings Thanksgiving! I love the Thanksgiving holidays. Of course we over indulge in food, but its okay for one day, one meal. Nothing like seeing a turkey and dressing with all the trimmings on your table, and your family there to share it.
I love having friends in for soup when November rolls around. I like serving soup in my pewter bowls and using my soup tureens.
It is so nice to sit around a table and just visit with friends, after having a meal of soup. I have never met a soup I didn't Brewing a fresh pot of coffee and just being. November brings contentment to me.
Also November means I can do this.
Decorate for Christmas! I just love November and plan on enjoying everyone of her 30 days. I just love having you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Please continue prayers for little Livvy Glenn
PSS: Thank you Audrey Adams for this wonderful little pumpkin, you made from wool as well as the candy corn.
PSSS: I am going to find something to be Thankful for everyday between now and Thanksgiving on my FB page, will you join me? I have lots to be thankful for as we have birthdays in November. Mollie will be 4 tomorrow. Happy Birthday Mollie.


  1. Boo has the right idea but then cats always know when to stay in. I am itching to decorate for Christmas but Mr.Grumpy has told me "No!!" so I'll wait a few weeks..or days!! :)

  2. I agree Betty, love November. Time to stay in and cozy up the house, Boo has the right idea. Your home is so warm and welcoming.Hugs Francine.

  3. I just love November as well! So many things you named are my favorites too! Maggie

  4. Yes November is already a great change. We got rain, yes real rain, love your little sheep.

  5. Yes, I love the surprises of November, except an early snow storm, of course. I could start decorating for Christmas right now but folks would know I am REALLY nuts! Ha! Love your positive attitude all the time Betty, you are the poster child for "happy." {{HUGS}} Joy

  6. Oh my I do love this time of year.
    It is good to always be thankful.
    Real good medicine for the soul.
    I boy do I love a big pot of soup.
    Woolie a Warm Hugs

  7. I too love November! It is the beginning of such a special time of year. I also love it for the reasons you wrote. Thank you for the chance to visit!
    Be blessed,

  8. I also love November. It is so cozy in the house and the smells of a big pot of soup simmering on the stove and home made bread baking in the oven. A great time to spend with your loved ones.

  9. I love this time of year. I commented to DH the other day how lovely the leaves were and the next day there was one tree with a few leaves left on. Not ready for winter.Brrrrr!

  10. I started Christmas decorating was snowing here in Michigan both Friday and Saturday and got me in the mood. Love your tree..and Boo looks compfy! Janice


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