Saturday, October 4, 2014

This Is What Is Happening

Good evening and welcome Through My Back Door. The coffee is on and there is no sweets, as I just got home from vacation. If you have been coming Through My Back Door very long you know I love the beach. I have been blessed to go to several, not out of the country, but in the US and I have none I like as well as Seagrove Beach in the Panhandle of Florida. It is just the most beautiful,peaceful place I know. When I walk in the door of my friend Carol's condo, it just gives you a peaceful feeling. This was the first time it was cool enough a couple of mornings to have coffee on the balcony.
The water this past week certainly made it live up to it's name of the Emerald Coast.
Seagrove is not as commercialized as a lot of beaches. No franchise places, just nice places to eat and not a lot of shops. You have  to go to a nearby beach or into Destin if you want to shop. We just like to do a bit of shopping and a lot of
I took this picture at the Back Porch I think. We like to eat there too.
Anyway we had a good time, I read books, we played cards and just visited. Deb and Michael needed a rest and they got it. Of course we ate at Dewey Destins.(more than once)
We also hit Stinkys and Nicks. We antiqued but didn't find a thing. I am not looking for anything but some pieces of my red ware, which I am beginning to collect. Didn't find a piece.
It is Safe Harbor, by Royal Staffordshire. Again if you have been coming Through My Back Door very long, you know I love all things New England, especially Cape Cod and Barr Harbor, Me. When we were looking at red and white transfer ware and when I saw this I got so excited. It reminds me so much of NE,  Well I think I have made a mistake, as you can't find it, but am not willing to give up I love the ships and hopefully will be able to add some pieces along. I will enjoy the hunt anyway.
Just before we went on vacation I took my car through a car wash. I have been told not to, but I did. Well it malfunctioned and put a huge dent in my trunk. It shook so bad I thought we were having an earth quake.
Now isn't that pretty? I will have to say the insurance company has been very nice and are paying to fix it. I hate to have my car banged up, don't you? I won't be going through any more of them, I will tell you that. Oh well, live and learn.
Fall has come to East Tn. It is really cool today and supposed to be cold tonight. I met Dodd, Renda, and my beautiful granddaughter Olivia tonight for dinner. We ate at a Thai restaurant and it was delicious. I was telling my FB friend Nina Meachum I am not much for the ethnic foods but would love that again.
Well this is what is happening Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I will show a bit more fall next post
PSS: Please continue to pray for our friends and our country
PSSS: I want to show you my favorite football player. My little buddy is growing up too fast. This is as you know Andrew. He is following in the footsteps of his Daddy, who was an awesome football player. I just keep thinking how happy Curtis would be to see him playing, as he too played, as well as both our boys.


  1. So glad you had a good time at the beach, also glad you are home safe and sound! The Internet is too quiet without you! Hope to see you soon!

  2. So glad you are home safe and sound.. The beach looks so beautiful.. I could use a week or two on the beach. I know it was just what Deb and Michael needed...I love the red dishes.. Of course, I love any type of dishes.. no matter what color or design... Have a great weekend.. Blessings!

  3. It's so much fun :)
    Sending you big hugs xx

  4. Andrew is so cute. They grow up too fast. I'm glad you had a lively trip. I love the beach too. Come to so. Cali and we will go together my friend. Hugs, Lura

  5. I meant lovely not lively.... Hugs

  6. Beautiful vacation snaps! So glad you enjoyed yourself. Andrew is a handsome young man. Nice to have you back blogging.
    Hugs Marg.

  7. Hi Betty, lovely vacation photos, such a wonderful time at the beach. Such a good looking young man in uniform. , Blessings Francine.

  8. Hi Betty,
    I know where Sea Grove Beach is!!! I have been there several times with my sister. It is a beautiful beach and not in a crowded area.
    In fact when I go down this winter I am looking in that area to stay for a few months. Beautiful sunsets!
    As always love reading your posts.

  9. Betty- I always loved being by the sea as well. Ouch that is a big dent. The transfer is a pretty pattern. I have been looking for some with the bee skep, bunny, and cabbage it's brown but no luck finding any yet. Your gradson is quite the handsome young man. Warm Blessings! Amy

  10. Beautiful photos and new treasured memories sweet friend.
    I love those dishes and of course the hunt for a new treasure.
    Oh my your grandson is really growing. How handsome is he.
    Happy Fall. I sure have missed you.
    Woolie Blessings


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