Monday, October 13, 2014

Ahhhh October

Good morning and come on Through My Back Door. It is raining but not to worry, Pumpkin Spice coffee is waiting on you.  It is not going to be a pretty day, but know what? I don't mind. I love these days, especially when it is cooler and you can make a pot of soup, have friends in and visit. That is exactly what is happening here tonight. It seemed like my leaves were never going to turn, this year, but they did.
Not a lot on the ridge yet, but in a day or two they will be popping. I love to sit on my porch with hot chocolate or mulled cider in the fall and look over at the ridge. My house sets down in a little valley with ridges all around. The color is just gorgeous and I say I have a fall and Christmas house. Somehow those two seasons just fit my little house. 
Like so many of you fall is my favorite season. I love preparing for the winter months and then snuggling in to read, watch TV(which I don't do much of) and just be. Of course the dominoes and card groups continue on, there is always family activities, and church, but we have the sense of nesting. I like to cook more in the fall and winter, making fudge is such a pleasure, and ah the cups of mulled cider. Fall is just perfect and I love the month. I love pumpkin squares and my Mother's caramel icing, these are guilty I have another thing I love and that is to hear the call of the geese in the morning and evening when they go directly over my house.  There is nothing like that sound and it always makes me smile.
If you have been coming Through My Back Door very long, you know I love to reread Gladys Taber books in the fall through January/February. Why?Because they are so uplifting and encouraging. I also adore Susan Branch. I enjoy all of her books and I love her illustrations. Her book Autumn is out now.
Something about old friends that make it home. These books are old friends and I enjoy them over and over. That is not the only Gladys Taber book I reread. I am also reading the Country Wife, and it is good, written back in the 40's. It was recommended by a FB friend.
Aahhh October, don't you love it? I love you coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Oh my please, blogging friends pray for litttle Livvy Glen, 10 years old and battling cancer. Her aunt said they were treating it aggressively, so that means chemo is strong. Please pray for her whole family. God has put this little girl into my heart for some reason.If you read my last post you know the story.
PSS: The Clinton Festival was Saturday. I put some of Barbie goods booth on my FB page. She knows how to do fall
PSSS: I am home for the winter except for one more trip. The card group always does a get away in the fall. What fun awaits us!


  1. Hi Betty - well I think like you do about my is not a fru-fru springy house but full of warm mellow colors that represent the Fall and Winter months.
    I love this time of year too but not so much Winter - oh I can imagine the snow on the hills there behind you. How pretty it must be.
    I will send up prayers for Livvy Glen - how this must hurt her parents to see her have to go through this. I pray it all works.


  2. Beautiful pics! Praying for Livvy. Enjoy the soup and company this evening!

  3. Morning Betty, that coffee smells wonderful :) Enjoy the cozy month of October, looks wonderful in your home. I love the books too, sending prayers for Livvy. Blessings Francine.

  4. Always look forward to coming through your back door Betty. I too love fall here at the home place. Leaves are falling and storms are approaching but there is peace in my heart and a coziness in the home. I am blessed. Have a great week.

  5. Fall does sound wonderful at your house! I am also reading a Gladys Taber book. It is a lot like reading your blog!

  6. You wrote my feelings and observations and love for Autumn perfectly. I, too, think Winter and Fall are the seasons of my house. Beautiful post and prayers sent to Livvy. Maggie

  7. Love love love October..
    More than any other month..
    Then December :)
    Praying for you dear lil friend.
    Nothing is too difficult for our GOD!
    Woolie Blessings

  8. Hello house is fall bent too. Those are just my colors! I haven't done much decorating I'm afraid this year. But I do enjoy the changing colors on the trees. Continued prayers for your dear little Livvy. Wishing her family the best.


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