Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Hello and welcome Through My Back Door. It is always good to have you, but we are back to DD coffee. Yes, the last of the good stuff is gone.lol  I may pay $10.00 for a pound but never $20.00.lol While we are talking about coffee, while we are enjoying our coffee, lets reflect a bit. I started this blog almost 4 years ago. My life was completely different. I had the keeper of the back door.
He was always standing guard. Yes, I still miss him. He was always where I was and in almost every picture.
Curtis was in a Nursing Home and I kept very quiet about that, as I wanted this blog to be a happy place to visit. He is no longer with us.
I have been blessed with four great grandchildren since then. I only had Andrew at the time.

My outdoorsman, Gabe. I don't think it can get any cuter than this!
 Amelia at Easter. She is growing so fast and you would never know she had such a rocky start.
This is Taylor. She is the youngest for now.
Beth and Ryan have moved back from Illinois, Ryan has joined an Orthopedic practice. Beth is pregnant again and isn't going to practice for a while. Seth is in Chicago. Curt got married and finished pharmacy school and has a job. He and Linz have moved back and are remodeling a house. Olivia went to England then came home and served an internship at the Capital. Dodd ran for county commissioner and won. Amanda survived a battle with cancer. Doug survived a heat attack. Yes, a lot has happened since I started blogging.  I read somewhere where life is what happens while you are planning what to do with it. I have been blessed. I have made so many friends through Blog Land. We have prayed for one another, cried with one another, laughed with one another, and rejoiced with one another. We care about one anothers families, pets, decorating and all the other stuff.  A lot of you have actually came Through My Back Door, and I through yours. We have lost some wonderful bloggers(who have stopped by choice) and I miss them. We have gained some new ones and I enjoy their blogs as well.
Reflecting makes you want more coffee. Coffee is a relaxer when you are visiting with friends and strangers, in my opinion. Maybe I am just looking for a reason to have a cup. Here are a few places I have enjoyed having a cup of coffee.
At Sandi's
with friends
At Carla's (old house)

In the old black recliner with my feet up. Or in the red chair.
even at my own table.
with blogging friends at a first meeting

At the Hen, when it was there.

At Debs, Christmas and other times.
Yes nothing like sharing coffee with friends and nothing like sharing it with you Coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: The Longest Yard Sale is on! Yeah
PSS:Spend some time today having a second cup of coffee and reflecting. When you do I hope your memories are sweet ones
PSSS: Please continue to pray for our blogging friends. Pray especially for Lori, BlackCrow, and the decisions they are having to make right now.


  1. What a beautiful reflective post Betty. I can't wait for the 127 sale and have already mapped out my route. I have reminded Mark that I'll be out of touch for those 4 days so he's on his own for meals. LOL! This sale was on my bucket list so I'm thrilled that I finally get to mark that one off.

  2. Hi Betty, I so enjoyed your "look back" post. I remember most of it so we go back a long way too. Except for Taylor....who clains this little beauty? Have a great week and get lots of bargains.

  3. Hi, Betty, I really enjoyed this thoughtful post. Yes, life changes and moves on...it is wonderful that you are blessed with those adorable grandchildren. I hope you will consider in the future adopting a new furry friend to guard your backdoor!

  4. I've been enjoying my coffee iced been so hot. Amazing how life twist and turns no matter how hard we try to make it our way. We are all blessed sometimes we just have to look a little harder. I'm so thankful for my blog friends as well. Enjoyed our coffee reflection today! Amy

  5. Hello dear,it's a very sweet post..I love it so much...
    Sending you big hugs deary..
    Sweet hugs x

  6. Times change and people and best friends (dogs) come and go through our lives and blogs. WE have to enjoy each day:)

  7. What a wonderful touching post my friend.
    Coffee with you is always wonderful.
    Thank you for always sharing your heart and love with us all.
    Blessings to you my prayer Buddy :)

  8. Hugs to you friend!
    Keep your blog posts coming.

  9. Another wonderful post from you! Very reflective...if we could only slow down enough to enjoy each day...wouldn't that be wonderful. Always read your posts...such inspiration you give..

  10. I really enjoyed this post Betty. It really makes you reflect back on a lot of things. There are a lot of great people in blogland and it is so nice that we are able to share a part of our lives with each other!


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