Monday, August 11, 2014

May There Be More Kindness

Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. Get some coffee and a cookie, so sorry there is nothing else sweet, but remember those 6 pounds I gained last winter? Well they have  now become 7. So I am serious as I can be, exercise, is in my future. Walking is to become a daily thing, like tooth brushing. There I have gone public, so maybe I will follow through. Dodd and Renda are always encouraging me and pushing me, and though I hate to admit it, I think they are right. I HAVE to exercise and that for me will be walking. I did wake up in the night with the crud, (as my family calls it) but am going to do my best to will it away. I am glad to see you this morning and would like to hear your input on the lack of kindness in the world. There is so much sadness, why on earth would we choose not to be kind? I see it on FB a lot. Especially on the decorating pages I belong to. I have actually, many times, started to remove myself from these groups. I love to get new ideas and enjoy looking at others decor. But a lot of the people are downright rude. Have you seen it? If a young person starts a collection, don't put her down because  she can't spend the money, you can. What happened to kindness and encouragement? Anyway this has bothered me and I wonder how you all feel about it. Maybe if each of us on these sites would vow to be kind and encourage, then others would follow.  Wonder what would happen if we called their unkindness to their attention. I don't think they mean to be unkind, I think they want to show how much better theirs is. What do you think?Will you join me in trying? Am I out of line here? If so tell me.
Enough of my rant. I went on the Longest Yard Sale with Deb, Michael, and Michael's Aunt Sis. We had such a good time and laughed a lot. We had good snack,s and a good dinner at my place, Cracker Barrel. My son teases me because CB is my place of choice. I know you are wondering if I bought anything. Well, yes, I did. Had no plans too, but I couldn't pass up this little North Carolina bucket bench. It really looks like a dry sink, but it is a bucket bench.
Then I had to move the bench that was here, over to here.
This poor bench has had so many homes, but this is probably where it will stay.
This little candle table is the one my Mr Whitaker made for me many years ago and I love it. Of course the light came from The Hen. So many people have said they really miss the Hen. She has a booth in Lenoir City, at Kinfolks I believe, (behind Hardees) so visit her there.
I also bought a long handled gourd and that was it for me. Deb and Michael bought a beautiful lift top school desk and it was from Nashville. We had a good day and saw only 3 booths that had something I liked. I am talking about furniture. I always like going, even if it was so hot Thursday.
It won't be long until Fall decorating begins. My favorite season next to Christmas.
 I would like some of those really long handled gourds but never see them, See the bench is here then and my baby was lying near the door. He is in so many pictures, I just can't cut him out. Anyway I look forward to getting the fall out. Does anyone know where you can order those Japanese lanterns? You never see them here. Are they North  or a NE plant? Well I hope you will all practice kindness this week and I will start it Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: A friend of mine's daughter is gravely ill, will you send up prayers for Lisa Morris' daughter Marianne. A lot of you know Lisa
PSS: Also my friend Janet's son, Kenny is in the hospital awaiting test results. Will you pray that the results are good? I thank you my blogging friends in advance.
PSSS: yesterday was Deb and Michaels wedding anniversary, as well as Amanda and Clays. We had a fun Luau at Beth and Ryan's last night.


  1. Happy Monday Sweet Friend
    I so pray for kindness.
    Everyone deserves it..
    Life is so hard and things would be so much easier if all were just kind.
    I agree Fb can be a mean sad place.
    A fun one too.
    I am sticking to exercising too. Oh my have I gained.
    I've lost some too but boy I do miss my
    Love your new treasure.
    Woolie hugs

  2. Hi Betty! I so agree with you...I believe most of us started out with at least a few rejects from our parents home, I know I did! Most of the fun of decorating is the gradual upgrading of what we have to get closer to the vision we have in our mind for our home! Let's give the young ones a break! Love your bucket bench...and sending prayers! ...Jan

  3. Still having a bear of a time posting on your actual blog...trying again and trying to see what it is I am doing differently than before...hmmm!

  4. I so agree Ms Betty! i think so many today are just downright rude and unkind.. As a believer...kindness is a fruit of the Spirit mentioned in Gal 5:22. I believe the power of the Holy Spirit enables us to bear out that fruit. Maybe they are just not enabled?...They need the Holy Spirit. I have made it a theme this year to "Speak Life" especially in social pages like Facebook.. So many are just looking for someone to be nice..encourage them.. I went on the 127 on Thursday too. It was hot but I guess we beat the rain.. I am sure this year was a rain out around here.. I love the bucket bench...I love the color... How precious to look back at pictures and see Dasko.. I know he will always be very special to you.. I hope you feel better soon.. Praying with you! Blessings!

  5. Thanks so much for your thoughts, prayers and friendship, Betty! You mean the world to me. I hope you feel on top of the world come morning. :)

  6. Betty,
    I need to lose weight too.. I gained 15 this pasted winter sigh.. but I sit here typing and eating a cookie... shame on me...I walk with Knuckles... But I really need to go a 2nd time without him... I let him stop where ever he wants to sniff and such... I just gave him a piece of my cookie
    Oh FB... I call it the meanest place on earth... anyone can say what they want and get away with it... If my business wasn't tied to it all, I would of left many times... I have been called a racist... something I am NOT!!! And the decorating... everyone forgets... we like the same thing...not in the same way or can afford all expensive stuff...sigh... that is why I haven't been on the sites as much... I love looking at the pictures, I stopped reading the comments... hugs my friend.... mentioned coming to get the sigh...LOL... I did ask ed how far for a weekend trip... So want too... This summer just was consumed with helping Steven getting his home fixed up to live in... I think my baby will be flying the coop soon...ok, I wrote a book! hugs ! OLM

  7. I agree we all need to be kinder! I take time away from face book a least two or three or more days a week. People can just be too mean and I don't want to be a part of that. I do not think you are out of line at all. A good reminder to us all. I have always tried to treat others the way I would want to be treated so I do try to be nice. I hope you have a great week!

  8. Love your posts--always kind and thoughtful. Don't know if these are the kind you want but Oriental Trading has paper lanterns. Have a joyful!

  9. I've stayed off facebook due to the drama, but I'm thinking of signing up this fall..Not sure yet..Meaness is everywhere though I've been very taking aback by it lately especially with people in the real world not necessarily directed at me but I'm sure my mouth has dropped a few times. When dad was going through the cancer I even had some nasty comments on blog. I think in internet world people feel they are "hidden" and sometimes their true nature shines through. Love your new bucket bench. The lanterns are easy to grow but I'm sure anywhere that sells drieds would have them. Warm Blessings! Amy

  10. Sending out prayers for both Marianne and Kenny. Love your bucket bench. Hoopefully next year hubby and I can do that trail. Sounds like fun! Janice

  11. Hi Betty~ Just checking in with the blogs. I haven't been around here much. I have been on Facebook and have noticed the "nasty" comments. I try to be light in this world in a gentle way. With my business sometimes it really gets bad and I bite my tongue a lot! (It is sad but I have even noticed it in the church lately. I have been praying hard about what to do there. You expect it from the world but not so much the church.) I wish you all the best with the exercising, it is an endless battle for me. This time of year it is so hot that it is hard to be outside for long. Hopefully fall will help us all- mentally, physically and spiritually. Hope you are feeling better.Blessings~Sara

  12. Hi Betty! I commented about this on your FB page. I wanted to invite you to visit my new blog. This is Carolyn, who had the Longing 4 Simple FB group. Please visit me and add me to your lists. Wordpress is a little different, but Blogger won't help me with the issues on my old blog. After months of dealing with them, I just gave up and started fresh. Have a nice evening!


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