Monday, October 18, 2010

Through My Back Door

When people enter my house they always enter through the back door. I think back door guests are best, so come on in. Lets get acquainted, who knows we may even become friends. I live in beautiful East Tn on a creek. I love it here and on a day like today, words can't describe its beauty. Every where you look is color. The leaves are turning and it is a perfect day. I wish I could put it in a bottle and keep it for the cold dreary days of January.I guess I will just enjoy today.
I am not a crafter  nor creator of beautiful things. I don't even do makeovers, I don't sew nor quilt. What do I do? I appreciate all the beautiful things other people create. Hey, creators have to have appreciators.Right?
 I do love primitive decorating and antique hunting.  I love looking for just the right little pantry box or the perfect item to go on a shelf. My passion right now is old boxes. I will post pictures one day soon, as soon as I learn how,lol. I love old ferriers boxes and anything it looks like a horse nibbled on.
There is a sweet rottwieller, who lives Through My Back Door. He is the keeper of the property and protector of the back door. (The front too as  he gets upset when anyone comes to that door)lol.
Life is good Through My Back Door. I hope you will come and visit again.


  1. Betty! I am SO glad you started a blog!! Everyone has something to blog about and I can't wait for more posts from you! It will be wonderful to see photos of your beautiful home. Your rottweiler looks like such a sweet "protective" guy! That last picture you shared is great, those tabacco baskets are hard to come by, I have never found one! I am now a follower! Take care. ~Sarah~

  2. This back door lets you in to one of the warmest, most welcoming homes you could ever experience. Betty and Dosco, the adorable clown rottie make you feel like a family member. Betty, keep up the good blog! Everyone needs to feel the warmth of you and your cozy, happy home!

  3. aww betty this is wonderful i love it !!! someday maybe i can come throw your back door have a coffie and just sit and enjoy the company of some one who i have met
    grown to admire and charish as a friend .
    and ofcorse i would love to meet max ! he is my kind of guy and sarah is right but i can't blog i just am no good at it lol besides i would have nothing to blog about ,
    with love to you my dear friend great job
    mother lol

  4. Hurray, you have entered the wonderful world of blogging!

    I'm so happy you joined us and NO you don't have to be a creator of crafts or any of the things you mentioned...but I do know you are a create a beautiful home. Beautiful enough even to be in Country Sampler. So yes my dear you can create.
    You create beauty for the eye and comfort and love in your home. Need I say more????

    Now get those fingers typing and posting photos for all to see.

    Hugs, Karen

  6. Whoooo Hooo! I am sooo glad you started a are gonna be a hit I know it!

    Karen is are an "eye candy" creator! Correction...."bossy eye candy" creator! And I say this with much love!! lol

    You do so many things and know so much about all the prim things we all love so much so this blog will be full of it!!! Full of info I mean! haha

    Can't wait to see what you blog about next.......

    hugs to you girlfriend!

  7. Looking forward to hearing more from you! I have always enjoyed your posts on the forum. Love this posts about boxes...I love em too. Great job! Keep those pics coming!


  8. Congrats Miss Betty for starting a blog!!!! I can't wait to see all the pictures of your gorgeous home!!!

    Fall Blessings,

  9. I am happy to see you've become a blogger and so happy to add you to a short list I visit about every other day. Looking forward to all you have to say and your photos, too.


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